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You can be in the next Reggie Bibbs Video!!!

This is a special message to all of Reggie’s friends!

Our friend, Scott Dickson is creating a video in honor of Reggie Bibbs. Scott has asked me to spread the word about this video because he needs your help to finish it.Scott would like all of Reggie’s friends who have purchased Just Ask! tshirts to send him photos of yourself in the shirt. His email is Scott Dickson [email protected]

If you watch the video, you’ll see a little flying saucer flying around. Scott needs similar doodles to insert into the video. They can be of anything: stick figures of people, drawings, etc.

But hurry, to be included in video, Scott must receive by November 9th.

Take a look at the video. It is really cool and it will be even cooler with your help!

Go to
The password is Reggie1


Reggie Project – Open Invitation
A Note from Scott: “I hope to include lots of people in this… but I need your photos (or doodles/illustrations) no later November 9th! (the sooner the better) If you don’t have a “Just Ask!” t-shirt you can order one here: E-mail me at [email protected] for more instructions. [Please be sure to include “Reggie” in the subject line!] I’ll be making a “music video” with all this by the end of the year. I HOPE to eventually make something like this as well: (it depends on what kind of response I get.)”