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gb.jpeghr.jpegThis is interesting to me. I saw a PSA for neurofibromatosis, with Harold Ramis. Harold Ramis is a comedian who was in Ghostbusters. I would like to know, doese he have nf ? does a family member have nf ? Or did he feel the need to help with making people aware of neurofibromatosis. It’s great that someone as famous as he, has join in that battle against nf. If you have not seen the psa, click HERE.


  1. Phil Hartman was one of the first celebrities I ever heard talking about NF, it was on the Arsenio Hall Show. Gillian Anderson also does a lot of work for NF, I think her brother has NF.

    I don’t know how Harold Ramis got into the cause, but I’m glad he does it.

  2. Yea, I remember that. Its been s long time. I think we will see more people talking about nf now.

  3. I think Harold Ramis knows somone at the foundation. They made PSA when the foundation changed its name from National Neurofibromatosis Foundation to Childerns Tumor Foundation.

  4. Wow! I didn’t know that is how the Childerns Tumor Foundation came about. The great thing is that, the mission is still about helping to find a cure, and help for children with neurofibromatosis.

  5. Harold Ramis has been on the Board of Directors for NNFF (now the CTF). I don’t know why or what connection he has to NF, but I agree, we’re lucky to have him. I think the PSA is great.

  6. Yes its good we have Harold Ramis. Maybe we will have more from Hollywood that will help with nf awearness.

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