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What the cool people are wearing this summer!

Introducing the new. redesigned “Just Ask!” t-shirt in charcoal gray. Just in time for fun, summer swear! Perfect for the beach, boating, mountain climbing, bowling, you name it! Available in medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL. To purchase your very own new. redesigned “Just Ask!” t-shirt in charcoal gray, click here!

13 thoughts on “What the cool people are wearing this summer!

  1. Looks like my head is too big for my body. Must be all those brains.

  2. I really do like the back of the shirt!

  3. Looks great!! I gotta get one for myself!

    1. Hi Rene,

      Thank you for you post. Please feel free to write anytime. I will reply.

  4. mira la luna,
    mira el sol,
    god for you,
    god for me,
    tu are happy,
    wonderful 100 + love,
    canada + u.s.a
    forever amigo forever.

    1. Thank you Alexei,

  5. find out about you from medical anomalies on discovery channel..

    be a tough guy okay !

  6. Just wanted to say I saw the show on Reggie and have never heard of NF before then, I am sorry they are hard to have removed….I have a blind sister so I know what it’s like for people to stare. I will buy some T-shirts to help with getting the information out there….I pray Reggie and anyone else with the diease a successful normal life without rude people…….

    1. Thank you Delores, I’m happy you saw the program. Thank you for your encouraging message. I’m here most everyday. I would be happy to answer anytime you want to write.

  7. mi jefe jesus buen profeta,
    mi armonia una gloria bonita,
    siempre ser amigo,
    siempre ser hermano,,
    oh esa estrella dulce como azucar,
    un mundo fantastico del arte,
    por mi nombre,
    por mi aura de humano,
    mi pintar un arcoiri tierno como soy.

  8. oh amigo estoy muy triste persona de miami new york new mexico,
    me traisionaron me mataron a mi amiga yulie nieto ademas querian,
    matarme a mi yo lo reporte al f.b.i i ellos no dieron ninguna razon,
    igualmente lo reporte al interpor me jugaron una tranpa,
    cuando llegue el juisio final con dios moise jesus maria i abram,
    yo acusare al traidor,
    bueno ay jente mala en u.s.a,
    yo no perdono a nadie mejor que perdone dios.

  9. un virgo por historia,
    mi amor gigante soy,
    tengo paz,
    mi dignidad ser especial,
    mi hermano tu,
    mi hermana ella,
    desde un reir para mi,
    mi fuerza del vivir,
    esa musica o tesoro,
    para mi alma que tanto adoro.

  10. un mundo o arte por amor a mujer,
    bella un reir cuando bella por amor,
    a – a = love,
    mi vida,
    por muchos amigo u amiga,
    por armonia ser dignidad,
    por tiempo o hora,
    viva reggie,
    viva el hermano que esta triste,
    vivir siempre muy feliz.

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