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the-movies360-crop.jpgI have a question and I’m adding to my new blog. Lets talk movies. What was your favorite movie of all time? And if you where going to the movie this weekend what movie would you pay to see?

Remember let’s keep this blog on movies. Maybe we can get some ideas of the best movies in our own option. a friend of mine told me I should see the movie 300. I’m not sure if this is a new movie. Have any of you seen the movie. I enjoy going to the movies. Just want to know what are the best ones to see. One of the radio stations ask that question and I think its a good one.

The movie you watched when you were younger, would you say you still like it as much?


  1. My favorite movie of all time is “Fried Green Tomatoes”, I still cry when I watch and I also say say “Way to go”

  2. I remember that movie. I haven’t seen the entire movie. I really loved the movie Pure Country. Now that was a good movie. I could name a few more.

  3. My favorite movie of all time is “Garden State.” I am fairly certain it came out a year or two ago. It stars Natalie Portman and Zach Braf (sp?). It is definitely worth your time!

  4. I will have to check that one out.

  5. exposedfelicity,

    I don’t recall seeing your name before. Tell us about yourself and welcome to the blog!


  6. Hi, exposedfelicity, welcome to site, hope to see you pop in more often

  7. Hi Exposedfelicity,

    Thank you for your visit to my site. Welcome and I hope to see you here again.

  8. I love the Sound of Music

  9. Isn’t that a long movie?

  10. Yes Reggie

  11. Don’t want to ruin the ending but Julie Andrews dies in the end. oops.

  12. Thanks a lot. Now there’s no need for me to go see it.

  13. Hey Lou go eat your olives

  14. Thanks, Shelley, that’s a great idea…marinated in some vodka.

  15. Hey Movies here. vodka anywhere else. lol 🙂

  16. Since this being December 7, I watch Tora Tora Tora, Pearl Harbor and From Here to Enternity (the orginal version).

  17. I really don’t remember Julie Andrews dieing, but I could be wrong you might still want to watch it anyway, Reggie

    I got good news, I did not have a mini stroke, it was my meds after all, my new neuro, changed my meds. I dont need to stay on a low sodium diet, can throw away my plavix on the way home I stop off and got a bag of fritos and a diet coke um um. I did I say the side affacts of my new med, may cause me to loose weight, lose my taste for sweets and sodas, darn 😛 : ) oh well lets get back to the movies. I also like Wild Hogs because I can relate ha ha, yall take care I am so happy right now

  18. Well alright Patricia, Cool. A large coke and popcorn and a movie. We have to have the sweets too.

    I also heard Pearl Harbor was a good one too. Thanks Patricia and John.

  19. Not to offend anyone in the movie or anyone who loved the movie. But I’m not in a hurry to see that one. I watch part of 300 and I’m not sure how I will like that one. I will let you know.

  20. No vodka Lou lol

  21. I did not say they were my favorite movies (Tora Tora Tora and Pearl Harbor), they not, just a little history buff. One of my favorite musicals, South Pacific. I like Forest Gump.

  22. One of my friends here in Houston told me it was his favorite movie. I wasn’t saying it was your favorite movie. I was thanking you John and Patricia for commenting.

  23. hey yall my favorite movie would have to be Urban Cowboy as it was filmed in Pasadena Texas and was also very famous because of Gilley’s night club which was in Pasadena Texas at the time Gilley’s was the worlds largest honky tonk so therefore Urban Cowboy is my favorite I also have it on DVD

  24. I like that movie too Brian

  25. Yea that was a good movie. It also was when all of the country music was good.

  26. I have the soundtrack to Urban Cowboy, Saturday Night Fever and Grease

  27. omg, talking about alot of theese movies are making me feel “old”, I was young when Urban Cowboy came out, I was so in love with John Travalto (Vinne Barboron spl, Welcome back Carter) I must have saw that movin a dozen times, I was so silly, Pure Country is another movie, although I was a bit older when that came out, but that is when I fell in love with George Straight. Right now I am watching Santa Clause II, with Tim Allan, Speaking of Christmas movies, I still get a bang out of the Home Alone movies, especially the first, I still laught even tho I know what is coming.

  28. Now one of my most favorite lines in a movie is in “Pretty Woman”, when Julia Roberts walks back into the botique that treated her so rudely, with an armful walks up to the lady that would not wait on her and tells her “Big Mistake”, I would love to be able to do that, does anyone else have fav. one liners.

  29. Remember this one. A Christmas Carol. Is that what it was called or was it a Christmas Story. Rusty wanted a bee bee gun? You’ll shoot your eye out. I just have to get me one of those Leg Lamps. Save the pink bunny suit for Lou.

  30. just remember about Urbam Cowboy is I Love you Sissy I love you to Bud yeah Urban Cowbooy was a old movie but thanks to Gilley’s its very popular you know Gilley’s burnt down but I tell you what if Gilley’s was still open and around all the other clubs would probably be out of business I know I would hang out there but there is a Gilley’s in Ft.Worth I beleive

  31. lol. yea. Did that cut ever heal on John’s lip?

  32. I saw Flashdance when it came out I was in The Netherlands

  33. that was a good one too. See this spoof about the movie.

  34. Reggie What of sweets for the movies

  35. Sweets for the movies. I think everyone like the chocolate covered almonds.

  36. i like hot tameles, except i stop at wallmart and pay less then a dollar for a whole lot more they charge for 3

  37. The last movie I saw at the movies was Prince of Eygpt that was 1999

  38. The last one I saw at the movies was Super Man

  39. Lou do you like movies ?

  40. Comment to #38
    Liar. Liar. Pants on fire!

    Comment to #39
    Yes I do. I like escapist movies like Lord of the Rings (The Trilogy) and any of The Bourne Conspiracy movies.

    Lately, though, actually for the last 8 years, I’ve been taking my daughter on Saturdays to watch “kid flicks”. Some were actually quite good like


    “The Incredibles”


  41. Ok, I watched most of the movie 300. It seem to be a ok movie. I will watch the second half today or tomorrow. I don’t want to say anything about the movie. It will say that it dates many years back.

  42. LOL Reggie

  43. I bought Ratatouile, I like some kid flicks, Game Plan was very funny

  44. Patricia Did you see Lou’s pic on the movie cover?

  45. lol, you know we love you lou, was that the Rat, Yea I did, and it is a very cute Rat lol : – )

  46. Did I miss something? What yall talking about?

  47. I love Beauty and the Beast , Snow White and Cinderella

  48. I remember the TV series Beauty and the Beast. I think that was a good show.

  49. That was a good show

  50. yea it wasa great show.

  51. They dont make shows good anymore

  52. I just watched National Lampoons Loaded Weapon 1. It was a funny movie. I’m not saying you will like it. I did, but not everyone laughs at what I think is funny.

  53. The best movie of all time is ”
    It’s a Wonderful Life.” I’ve seen that movie at least 20 times and it still makes me feel great.

  54. I love that movie too. I like the part when the lady answer the phone. She has the receiver turned the wrong way.

  55. That movie makes me cry!!!! 🙁 but it is a good movie

  56. Maybe that was in the movie Miracle on thirty forth st. Sorry my three is not working. Will change key boards tomorrow.

  57. A large coke large popcorn and a good movie my idea to spend time with a good group of friends like yall my idea of a good time

  58. Hey Patricia I finished my afghan

  59. comment 59 That sounds like it would be fun comment 60 afghan. My mom has one. she love’s it.

  60. I for got to tell y’all. I talk to Jerry the other day. He told me about the movie that movie. my three is not working but it’s called three hundred. He is watching so send Jerry a hello.

  61. I going to find another movie to watch. I can do that, because I just remembered I have something sweet. I have a snickers candy bar. I’m goin to find out how to fry them just like the Oreo cookies. I heard you can them too. yum!

  62. Reggie I sent you recipes check your email please

  63. hey shelley what recipes did you send Reggie I am always willing to try something new heck when you cant have wheat you try things that you can have but most gluten free things taste nasty if you ask me although my mom makes me some gluten free pancakes that rock

  64. Brian I sent Reggie some recipes on fried sweets

  65. Brian would you send Reggie the recipe on the pancakes

  66. Pancakes? Is that a movie? lol kidding. I would like to have that recipe. What kind it is?

  67. Hey there guess what im drinking

  68. Reggie the pancakes are made with a flour that has no wheat in it its gluten free flour I will get my mom to email you and tell you how they are made hey Shelley I drank Starbucks this morning

  69. I just drank some Starbucks Brian

  70. I’m about to leave to go have a big, stinkin martini.

  71. no no no! don’t do it! I just polished off a pink of Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream. Now I’m going for the cookies. Milk chocolate covered mint oreo sandwich cookies. Omg, the only way to live. Nothing else to do. Eat and sleep, and live off the fat of the land.

  72. Lou how many olives did you eat today

  73. I like the movie Jane Eyre too

  74. 3 olives is perfect. A 4th would take up valuable space meant for vodka. One less and I wouldn’t receive my daily recommended source of nutrients.

  75. I never knew that you Lou was a health fanatic. I should start getting health tips from you.

  76. Hey Reggie You and Lou can be a comndey team

  77. Well thank you. I taught Lou every funny word or words he types. right Lou.

  78. Ok friends TGIF.let’s talk movies. What the latest movie out now. Who is going to the movie this weekend and what are you going to see?

  79. I just watched The Bourne Ultimatum. Excellent.

  80. I have to see that movie. I have heard from a lot of people that was a good movie.

  81. My favorites one are the 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but tonight’s the Academy Awards but I haven’t seen any of the Nominated Movies.

  82. i love you so much

  83. Dansosan My best to you and I hope you will visit often. Love you also,

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