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Just Ask us about an incredible day at the legendary Houston Art Car Parade! 4-11-15

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Reggie and I are so blessed to be surrounded by so many caring souls at the Houston Art Car Parade! We were fortunate to meet and greet some of the 300,000  Houstonians who turned out for this year’s event!

Oh, and just look at the vehicle that just happens to be in the background from the Houston Chronicles’s website below!


Click here to link to the Chronicle article!

See all the great photos at the Just Ask Foundation Flickr Page!

To those at the parade who asked how they could donate, just click here! It’s the official Just Ask World Tour gofundme account! Thank you for helping Reggie accomplish his mission!

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2 thoughts on “Just Ask us about an incredible day at the legendary Houston Art Car Parade! 4-11-15

  1. It was an amazing night. Everyone I met, was more then nice, willing to listen, very friendly. It was hard for me. Very hard to be out in the open. For thousands of people who may have never heard of NF. But as we slowly move alone what seem like a long drive, and waving at new faces looking at me smiling, clapping, and my friend Joanie, walking on the side of the bus, Joanie leading everyone watching the parade saying, Meet my friend Reggie has NF, Everybody Say …….Hi Reggie! And I hear new friends, repeating… Hi Reggie. The fear fads, and I try to hold back tears. It turned out better then I could have ever imagine. I’m smiling.

    1. Dear Sweet Baby Boy.
      Thank You so very much for the best weekend eva! You courage and grace leave me humbled and charmed. I can’t even wrap my head around the idea of having 350,000 people march past me , passing glances and judgement…I love you my dear and I thank you for your time patience and love . xxx Joanie King

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