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What a great day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Barbeque Cook-Off!


OMG That was a blast last night. I Love CLEAR CHANNEL. The Best Team, and treated me very well. Thank you Rusty and the rest if you. I will never forget you. Cool seeing you There Dr. Marshall It’s too late to write a post but you can check out the photos from today at Flickr!

218 thoughts on “What a great day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Barbeque Cook-Off!

  1. Look like you all, indeed had a great time. Do you remember, when we were at the old camp, CAMP CAMP, there was this doctor, I think, that would come out to camp on the first day, we would bring his bbq for us to have. He only did this couple times.

  2. I had a blast today, Reggie, I’m glad you did too! Hats off to Clear Channel Outdoor for inviting us into their booth and being so nice. Rusty, that was the best damn barbeque chicken I have ever had!!!!

  3. OMG That was a blast last night. I Love CLEAR CHANNEL. The Best Team, and treated me very well. Thank you Rusty and the rest if you. I will never forget you. Cool seeing you There Dr. Marshall

  4. Hey guys, I’m a mommy.. again! lol Just got home, will update you all later!

  5. Yahoo!!! Sorry, we got a rodeo going on here in Houston and I got carried away….

    CONGRATULATIONS, EMILY!!! So how is little Morty doing? Does he look like me a little bit or is it too early to tell. Probably has the same impish grin and winning personality. You can’t mistake that!!!

  6. LOL Lou

  7. congrats Emily I hope it all went well

  8. Happy your home Emily. Congrats on being a mommy again.

  9. Hi Lou,

    I’m back from Church and I work on the photos now. I ‘m going to tag and add disruptions. So y’all bare with me.

  10. It’s bear with you Reggie, not bare with you. Do not EVEN want to go there!!!

  11. The cook off went really well. Ias so happy there. I have to say Being around over two hundred thousand people was nerve recking and I’m sure you know know what I mean. I had a comfort zone. Clear Channel Out Laws. That was worth it all. I really mean that with all my heart. I love those people. I just have to speak my heart. 🙂

  12. I am glad you had a good time Reggie and I know what you mean by nerve recking I dont like fighting all thos people that why I dont even bother going anymore I went I believe last year I think it was to see George Straight and I had to stand I did not have seats and I left early to try and beat all the people

  13. comment 10 Well excuse me!!! I guess I must have made a mistake. Why don;t you take my in the field and shoot me, why don’t you. Geese,

  14. Yea Brian I’m sore now. I feel like I had a work out at the gym. Now I know why I don’t go to the gym. Maybe it’s time I did. At the time I wasn’t feeling it until I got home. I’m going to get coffee now. Lou told me to get me a cup for today. I’m taking him up on it. Make sure you check out the pictures.

  15. Hey Reggie,i had a great time at the rodeo with you. But I’m still upset that you didn’t ride “The Speed” with us. But that’s ok. Don’t forget to show the bloggers what my Dad really looks like! Aka “The Picture!!!!” Sincerely loved, your best friend, Elena.

  16. Hi Elena,

    I wish you would have said Reggie I want you to ride. Then I think I would have got on. I was really worried about loosing my shoe. I hope that was the only thing I had to worry about.

  17. I have a photo I’m working on. I hope to get it post today. Lin his new out fit.

  18. Hi Everybody

  19. Reggie,
    You definitely lived up to your tagline and made it a TREMENDOUS day! So much fun. And how did you get to be 40 without a jello shot !!??

  20. Michelle, what was the name of that fabulous woman from Clear Channel? I’m so lousy with names and she didn’t have a card but she was so exceptionally nice and realized that I was a true advertising icon! Kelli? She’s the close up photo above.

  21. Kelly is the right name. Congrats on someone thinking you are an icon.

  22. Thanks. I’m sure everyone here feels the same, they’re just kind of shy! Right guys? Guys…?!!

  23. comment 20 Michelle I don’t know what you are talking about. Jello Shot? Wasn’t that just jello?

  24. Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Clear Channel Rules!

  25. Reggie –
    That innocent thing doesn’t work on me.
    You knew what you were doing.
    Plausible denial is Lou’s territory.

  26. Lou I went to Starbucks this evening. It helped. I think it just has starting to work. Look for emails ever hour on the hour.

  27. Ok well maybe I had some idea.

  28. Shelley my mom is doing really good I am so proud of her she gets her stitches out from where they amputated her finger tomorrow she is a tough person she has handled it very well thanks for asking

  29. Those are great photos on Flickr, Reggie. It looks like tou really had a good time. Michelle seems to be happy too! I guess you jello heads stick together.

  30. So you you like pink skirts?

  31. I need to find the power cord for my scanner.

  32. not to change the subject but I wish Emily would let us know what’s happening with little “M”!

  33. well Lou I am sure we will find out in due time I am sure she is tired

  34. Lou how are you today

  35. Hey Brian, I’m doing well, thank you for asking. I’m a little sore from walking around the cookoff and carnival yesterday. Glad I don’t have to do that every day. That place was huge!

  36. LOL yeah I have been to Reliant stadium before and I have walked around the whole thing and you are right it gets tiring if you dont do it every day you are right you will get sore my body was sore when I walked around the whole thing and my feet were hurting also

  37. Brian I really sore too. I didn’t feel it until today. Oh and after I got home.

  38. well Reggie it sounds like to me you need some ZZZZZ and then you should be ok

  39. sleep that is

  40. Wake up, everybody!

  41. I’m up Went to get coffee this morning and worked on a few photos. I’m just about done. I will watch for new comments.

  42. Lou – didnt you see what I wrote above? Look at #8!
    I am so exhausted, but he actually slept great last night, he only woke up twice to eat through the night, so we managed to get alot of rest also.

  43. Pictures? Photos?

  44. Morning Emily. Are you drinking coffee now?

  45. Hey I will be back. I have to go to MD Anderson and get my medication

  46. No coffee yet Reggie, I didnt feel like making it this morning. And I have a cold 🙁

  47. hey Emily did you have the Baby yet

  48. Great looking kiddo! Congratulations, Emily, you done well!

  49. Brian – yep, had him Friday!

    Lou, I think thats one of the first compliments you’ve ever given me, lol. Thank you 🙂

  50. Oh, you’re going to pay for it eventually!!!! Enjoy while you can.

  51. congrats Emily hes a cutie

  52. congrats Emily Lovely baby.

  53. Spittin’ image of Lou!!!

  54. Lou you are not that good looking.

  55. Cute baby Emily

  56. On comment 57 Yeah right Lou

  57. hey everybody my mom got her stitches out today from where they amputated her finger I have not seen it yet but she is doing really good

  58. Good news Brian. Is she handling the pain ok?

  59. so far Reggie she said it does not hurt but she is handling everything ok she is doing really good thanks for asking Reggie

  60. Is everybody drunk and passed out or something? Geez, the first time I’m sober in weeks and everybody is gone.

  61. I am here Lou

  62. Hey, Brian, since we’re the only ones here, let’s talk about the others. You know I really never liked Reggie.

  63. By the way, which finger did your mom lose? That must have hurt like heck!!!

  64. she lost her pointer finger on the left hand I dont know how bad it hurt because she really was not crying when it happened but now she is a little upset that its gone so now I just try to tell my mom to be strong and I also try to comfort her the best I can

  65. I am sorry Lou I really dont know how to pick on people as I try not to do it

  66. It’s easy, Brian. All you need to do is think about Reggie and the bad thoughts just come. You really don’t even have to try all that much.

  67. How did you mom hurt her finger in the first place? You had said something like she fell. That must have been one heck of a fall!

  68. Lou you need to see a head doctor.

  69. she was looking for the Saturday morning paper and she fell on the reciever hitch of my old truck and when she fell her hand slid down the tailgate to try and brake her fall and the corner of my tail gate ripped off the tip of her finger and then she went for corrective surgery and they amputated the rest of the finger

  70. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!!!! Owwwwwww!!!

  71. Oh…we have company.

  72. On comment 72 Amen Reggie Lou needs a shrink

  73. yes we do Lou it looks like my greatest friend has joined us

  74. Im giving Lou a hard time for Emily and Morty

  75. Morty’s a cute one, isn’t he?

  76. see Lou I do have friends. Do you? I DON’T THINK SO! LOL. 😉

  77. #77 Reggie’s mom must be paying you more than me if he’s your greatest friend! $10 a week makes him a luke-warm friend at best.

  78. Shelley, after all the nice things I’ve said about you behind your back and this is the thanks I get? Fine. By the way, I hate tea!!!!Well, I like ice tea but that doesn’t really count unless you have the teabags hanging out or something….

  79. Lou I do drink hot tea and I collect tea stuff

  80. {{{{{{{{{{Lou}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  81. I know, Miss Teacups!!!

  82. Tea bags. Well I’m not going to say nothing.

  83. comment 66 Lou you already know, meeting me is as good as it’s going to get for you. So be happy while I’m still your friend. No one else here gives a hoot.

  84. Why teabags Reggie

  85. #87 I’m doomed.

  86. Lou enjoys drinking ice tea with the tea bags still in the glass. How strange is that?

  87. No you are not. I will still be your friend if you are nice to me. And pay me lots of money. Being your friend takes a lot out of me. lol

  88. Reggie sounds like you had lots of fun and stuffed yourself like a pig, just Don’t let Lou take you to the taxidermist so you can become his prized trophy.

  89. Tim I never thought about that. He might want to do that. He has lots of Houston icons at his office. I would be just one more to add to his collection. Sorry I missed you today. Please try me againn tomorrow. Thanks Tim.

  90. Lou where you at? lol

  91. Reggie Lou is flirting with the ladies

  92. Hey everyone, just wanted to pop in and say hello while I have a free minute! This baby has me on a leash, lol. I cant wait til things settle down more and I can be here every day again!
    Shelley and Patricia, you guys keep Lou in line for me, lol!

  93. Emily just hang in there

  94. Shelley what ever do you mean? lol ME a flirt? You couldn’t mean me could you?

  95. Emily good to see you comment. I hope you are feeling good today. Remember each day that passes you will just get better. Remember your body needs rest. Take it easy.

  96. I know you dont flirt Reggie

  97. Oh Reggie I was telling ya Lou was flirting w/ the ladies You was wondering where he was

  98. Yea that is who it was. That Lou is a bad guy. lol Right?

  99. comment 103 Shelley did I fool you? lol. I’m a nice guy. Just ask Lou. Oh no don’t do that.

  100. not much Here Reggie just got back from taking my mom to physical therapy for her hand

  101. Say hello to your mom for me. I hope she is feeling well.

  102. Hi everyone. I got dragged here kicking and screaming from Lou. (not really, I think I was just screaming) Anyway, I have nf and so do my two children and thought I would say hi!

  103. Hey, Becky, congratulations!!! You did it. Ladies and gentlemen, and you too, Reggie, I present to you, Becky from somewhere in Canada where it’s really freaking cold!!!

  104. welcome Becky feel free to join us on the blog we have lots of fun here

  105. Reggie my mom is doing really good not having any pain so far thanks for asking and I will say hello for you

  106. Hi everyone!…………~waving from my igloo~

  107. thanks Brian. this might be a silly question but i am a blog virgin……but is this what a blog is and am i writing on a blog right now?

  108. Yes, Becky, you are officially a virgin no more. (BLUSH) I guess you are now a bloggette.

  109. By the way, this is a very friendly blog and is evidenced by this photo of Reggie and myself.

  110. What’s the weather like in Ontario?

  111. wow, that was painless but suddenly i have this urge for a cigarette, that is a great picture of you and reggie but remind me to stay on both of your good sides, i like my neck where it is. the weather is cold today and we are suppose to be getting some freezing rain tonight. but soon spring will be here and all will be good. where are you from?

  112. Reggie and I are from near-tropical, crime-free Houston, Texas. Today we have blue skies, cool air, and sunny dispositions.

  113. I was in the Houston, Kemah, Galvenston areas a few years ago. (quite a few actually… 12 years ago now)

  114. Hi Becky Welcome you will have fun here. I hope you come back later. I have to go and do the vote thing. I have a lot to catch up on. WOW! some good stuff I see here. I will comment when I get back.

  115. I have to go have a martini right now but I’ll be back later…drunk and incoherent. Kind of like the same I am now actually.

  116. Like always Lou. We all know that.

  117. Becky have we been in contact before? I thought maybe we have exchainge emails at one time.

  118. Hey Yall I have never been on a blog

  119. yeah you have Shelley you said I was a angel on the blog are you forgetting things LOL I do sometimes

  120. Reggie…..i had to sneak out and do some homework with my kids (sorry it took so long to respond)……i am not sure if we have exchanged emails or not before but it is definately a pleasure to meet you.

  121. Well of course it is. 🙂 Just kidding. I’m happy to meet you as well. It will be that much more fun with a new person on the blog. I’m here again with a fresh cup of coffee. I guess I will be up again watching TV.Wish I had a hunk of cake. Any kind. On your way home Lou stop by the house of pies and bring a pie or cake.

  122. Brian you are ok, as long as you don’t act like Lou.

  123. Reggie I could not live with myself if I acted like Lou

  124. Becky let me tell you a little about Reggie. You may have read, but I’m the youngest of six. I have two sisters and It was three of us. My brother passed away , well it will be two years in September. He was only 46. It’s been hard but we are making it. It’s been a big help for me to have all the support
    of my friends here. I tell you if you ever need support you will find people here to help.

  125. AMEN Reggie

  126. Becky are you on Facebook? How can I find you?

  127. Regge , you have friends too, cause like you I too have loss a brother , It beena little of 2 years , Yes i too have support from family and friends like you who understand , me I come from a family of 7 , unfortunately now 6, but I know where to find my support from one of my Godd Friends , Reggie Bibbs.

  128. Okay I just have to pop in and share this picture I just took of the baby, I cant help it, I’m a bragging mom, lol.

  129. Reggie hows Elena doing

  130. Emily my mom said he is beautiful

  131. Good morning everybody. Met somebody last night that is very interested in Reggie’s website and blog. Hopefully we’ll see her today. Her name is Meredyth and she’s very nice.

  132. Lou How was your night? Did you have a great time?

  133. Brian, tell your mom I said thank you 🙂 I think he’s beautiful too, but I could be a little bias! lol

  134. Michelle is majorly hungover. I’m beat! Drinking can be hard work sometimes.

  135. What a shame, you poor thing. Why not go have a beer and clear your head. LOL

  136. he is a cutie Emily

  137. Hi Reggie!

    Lou told me all about you last night and how much fun you all had at the rodeo! Boy, do the Clear Channel guys know how to throw a party.
    I’m so happy to be introduced to you! I hear so much about the good you give to the world. I love to have friends like that. Hope to see you soon and hear more wonderful stories

  138. welcome Meredyth hope to see you more on the blog its a lot of fun

  139. Thank you! I have to admit this is my very first blog! Don’t laugh. But what fun!

  140. Meredyth, thank you for the kind commend. I look forward to your visits here, and I hope to meet you as well.

    Yes we had a lot of fun with the Clear Channel group. The cook off was great.

  141. Hey, Meredyth, we converted another BLOG virgin! Becky from Canada joined yesterday so man, we’re on a roll. Do you have any deep, personal secrets that you’d like to share with us on the blog, Meredyth? We’re here to help and everything said here is probably held in the STRICTEST of confidence. No, really!!!

  142. I’m back, Congrates Emily on little Morty, he is a little cutie, I just want hold and hug him!!!! I hope you get some sleep I remember those days LOL
    Welcome Meredyth,
    I was only away for a little bit and it looks like I missed a lot,
    Brian, I am glad you mother got her stiches out.
    Have i missed anything.
    I go back to work tomorrow, I hate to see what happen there while I was out, I bet I won’t be able to see my desk. Job security. LOL

  143. YO Everybody Im a blog virgin

  144. Patricia You havent missed a thing

  145. Hi Patricia,

    Glad you are here. Hope you are doing ok. As you have read Lou is still acting bad. So things are about the same. Wve new friends here. Meredyth and Becky. They are right on the money. Really fun.

  146. Now Lou dear dont bull corn the new ladies

  147. I am doing ok, glad to be back home, nice to have new friends, Lou will always be bad, I would say Lou needs a spanking but he would probally enjoy that! LOL

  148. Yea he would like that.

  149. Whatever you do, don’t throw me into the briar patch!!!

  150. I knew a rabbit that was in the briar patch.

  151. Hello, Patricia. Welcome back.

  152. welcome back Patricia

  153. thanks guyes,

  154. Patricia Lou needs to be thrown in the lake

  155. Shelley, have you taken your medication today?!!

  156. Hey Lou how are you feeling now?

  157. Yes I have Lou

  158. Much better. Had something to eat. Drink. Winding down. Had a good day today. Great client meeting. Wrote a cool radio spot. I’m happy.

  159. Lou did you take your meds?

  160. You work ? Lou

  161. hi everyone. i hope everyone had a great day. anybody do anything fun and exciting lately??

  162. I thought all Lou does is pal around with Reggie

  163. hi shelley, i don’t think i have met you.

  164. Hi Becky

  165. Hi Becky,

  166. Becky, contrary to popular belief (#173) I don’t pal around with Reggie. He shows up at my office every day and won’t leave so I usually have to coax him into the car with a latte or something then drive him home. I have no idea how he gets to the office although I have a sneaky suspicion his mother has something to do with it. Probably tired of having him hang out at the house all day.

  167. hey Lou my mom wants to know the address of your office so she can drop me off

  168. I go to the office to see your employees, not you. They are nice. I won’t tell everyone you like to drive at night with no hands on 610 at a high rate of speed with your eyes closed. You wouldn’t want me to tell that would you?

  169. lol that is funny brian

  170. God, no!!! Whatever you do, DON’T bring that up on the blog. I do not want to promote unsafe driving hygiene to our nation’s youth!!! No, sir!!!

  171. Let’s all go over to Lou’s

  172. no one drives like you Lou. Only you. Brian got you with a good one

  173. I knew starting this blog was a mistake.

  174. I was watching the food channel. Now They are baking cakes. I love cake.

  175. No it was just the thing you needed in your life. people to pick on you.

  176. Have anyone heard from John p? I haven’t heard from him? Maybe he is working on one of the NF events in Dallas.

  177. Good morning to everyone. I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in.

  178. Rain started again and they say later to snow. Second time this week. I thought I better run out now to get some things. If I wait, do this Friday morning, the roads may be too bad to get out. For most part, I be staying inside today. Glad I do not have to work today and Friday.

  179. Hi john haven’t see in in a while. That’s too bad about the weather. I heard it was going to rain here, but I don’t think it’s going to snow. It’s going to be cold.

  180. The weather sure has changed quickly here in Houston. At 9am it was all blues skies! Now, at 10:20am, it’s overcast and ugly.

  181. It’s been a real busy day. Been on the phone networking and trying to help with National Doodle Day. You will hear more about that soon.

  182. Shortly after I posted, it turned into snow, now it is back to rain. Some area of the metroplex still snowing and getting plently of it. Be interesting to see what will happen later this evevning to tomorrow morning. Only time I hear about global warming when it gets above 90.

  183. It’s going to be in the 40s tonight. Thank goodness I don’t have to get out.

  184. hi Patricia, nice to meet you. ~waves~

    Hey Lou…so Reggie likes to drop in at your office. you must have cake there or something.

    Hi Reggie!!! ~big wave~

    John P…..We are suppose to be getting a lot of snow tonight. i hope that it passes on by, i am so sick of the snow this year.

  185. I am trying to figure out how to get a picture beside my name. Any tech. friendly people out there? you don’t even have to be friendly.

  186. LOL that was a good one Becky. You may not believe that, but I ordered KFC tonight and a small chocolate cake come with it. It has chocolate chips inside. Yum!

  187. mmmmm that sounds good. my favourite dessert type thing is apple crisp. (that’s what we call it in Canada) it might be called apple crumble or apple cobbler or something like that.

    how are you doing tonight???

  188. Becky I would like to trade places with you maybe for just one day I haave never been in snow and have always wanted to just see it and be in it just for at least one day

  189. Becky I went to the Renaissance Festival and had Apple dumpling for the first time. My goodness that was sooooooooo good. Is that like apple crumble?

  190. Brian……come on up to Ontario!! The snow is kinda fun for a while but when the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months it can be kind of a pain in the you know what. Where are you from?

  191. Brian I guess we have to visit Canada or some others up north to see a good bed of snow.

  192. #179 and Lou has the nerve to talk about my driving!!!!!!

  193. Reggie…..hmmm i am not sure if it is the same thing. So how are things with you today?

  194. Becky things are good. Just hungry as a wolf. lol Waiting for a delivery. KFC That is. The rain is not a good time for driving for me.

  195. Patricia if Lou ever talk about your driving dismiss it. Everyone in the bumper cars last weekend got off when they saw how he was driving. He was waving his hands and pointing his finger at every he didn’t know and swear to them he was going to get them here on on the road.

  196. Soon the delivery guy will be there. I don’t really like driving in the rain either, it kind of hypnotises me.

  197. Notice how fast they drive when it rain. I think they speed up when the weather is bad.

  198. Reggie…so is the food there yet??

  199. Yes I’m fixin to eat be back shortly. 🙂

  200. Becky I am from Kerrville Texas its close to San Antonio but I live in the outside of Houston Texas in a small city

  201. Becky if Lou is on tonight He can tell you how to get your photo on. Oh I know. Patricia can you help Becky with on how to add a photo.

  202. {{{{{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}}

  203. right back at you Shelley {{{{{{{Everybody}}}}}}}

  204. Becky, first you got to set-up an account with with word press, you can scrool to the very bottom of this page, underneath neufibromatosis cafe, click on, follow the instuctions. they are easy, then after you do that at the top of this page will appear your account. I am at work so I will have to finish giving instructions tonight. I have to be careful about blogging on to many places at work. sometimes they frown when we go on to many sites at work.

  205. scrool to the top of this page click on my account click on edit profile, and you should be able to download a pic from your file on you computer.

  206. i sure would like to go to germany but once i taste a piece of my uncle reggie’s germen chocolate cake i feel like im already there the cake is just so delightful and it is as fluffly as a cloud and it goes great with ice cream! or you can just heat it up in the microwave like my uncle does cause he loves to eat it warm with the ice cream i’v been lookin to make germen cholocate for almost 3 years but he’d better watch out cause i have my eye on that german chololate cake lol


  207. Jordon I will take you to your favorite place to eat and you can order you lemonade and nachos that you love so much. You know what I mean? Oh got the the last blog and comment. Every one will welcome you to the blog. Ask you mom to tell me how to make cake balls? I hope I don’t need a microwave.

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