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Watch ABC/Channel 13 tonight for my interview with Christi Myers!!!!

1832058392_4cc394534e.jpgThat’s right! Tonight on channel 13 my interview with Christi Myers will air. It should be around 6:30pm and 6:45. The interview want very well. We filmed in my bed room, as I was working on my website. I’m looking forward to your comments on the story.



148 thoughts on “Watch ABC/Channel 13 tonight for my interview with Christi Myers!!!!

  1. Let me know if there is a link to it online, I’d love to see it!

  2. We will see it we can lave a link added.

  3. Thats great, but I doubt it will be aired in Dallas

  4. I would like to see that too Reggie

  5. They should be posting it on their website tonight.

  6. I’m sure it will be on the website later tonight.


  8. I’m having a martini in a sleazy bar with no TV. How was the interview? Did anyone see it?

  9. Lou the interveiw was really great I saw it and was very proud of Reggie but see that is why he needs to get out more everybody loves him

  10. I don’t!

  11. {{{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  12. whats up Shelley

  13. Nuttin here Brian waiting to harrass Lou is all

  14. now you tell me, i missed it but hopefully i can catch it on the website

  15. omg, saw it it was great just awsome, we saw lou too. what a trip

  16. Reggie – I just saw it, you did great!! You are a natural in front of the camera too!

    LOL Wasnt expecting to see Lou too haha!

    Great job guys!

  17. Thank you, as you can see you didn’t miss anything seeing Lou.

  18. Thank you Patrica Christi made it easy for me.

  19. yeah I just cant believe that we all saw Lou it was really cool now we can say we have seen Lou in person

  20. That and five bucks will get you a triple venti latte at Starbucks.

  21. whats up Lou how are you doing

  22. Hey Everybody

  23. hey Shelley whats up I went and looked at a boxer puppy today and she was really really cute we might get her Monday I will let you know what happens we will see Monday and if I get her I will take a pic and get it to you some how

  24. That would be cool Brian have Reggie send me the pic

  25. A FYI everybody better start stocking up on coffee prices on it gonna go up

  26. You know, all you guys talking about coffee finally made me give in and drink some! Mmm Starbucks White Mocha Latte.. yummmmmmy! The Dr said no more than 3 cups a day but I can stick to that.. YAY coffee!!

  27. 3 cups 4 cups who keeps tract. I always use the motto if I don’t count the cups I drink I know I haven’t reach my limit.

  28. Reggie, I thought you did a really good job yesterday at the interview. You are a great spokesperson for the Texas NF Foundation and for everyone who is challenged by NF. You are getting the message out, Reggie! The more people who know about neurofibromatosis, the easier it will be to raise funds for research for its eventual cure. But maybe even more importantly, the more you go out and challenge people to be the decent people we know they are, the easier it will be for anyone who is different to be treated with dignity and respect. I think Sherry Smith from Second Baptist said it best, “You are an inspiration.”
    Ok, that’s enough flattery, just don’t let it go to your head! : > ) Lou

  29. thats funny Lou but you know Reggie is a inspiration and he is very strong I am very very proud of Reggie and yes you are right he does a great job keep it up Reggie

  30. Thank you Brian. Lou flattering will get you no where. 🙂

    Remind me Lou to do that recording I was suppose to do earlier today.

  31. Reggie, do that recording you were supposed to do today!!!

  32. Reggie how man bowls of olives can Lou eat ?

  33. whats up Shelley how are you today

  34. Im good nuttin much here Brian

  35. not much here either Shelley just bored and tired

  36. AW poor Brian

  37. For comment 32. I would say 4 to starters.

  38. Reggie your story really touched me in a way that is well there are no words to say. I do hope that you find a cure and that you live a long a happy life. I pray that they find a cure, quick fast and in a hurry for you. I would love to have one of your t-shirts but we cant afford the extra 20.00 but when we can I will buy one so that I can be a part of trying to find a cure for you and many others. GOD BLESS YOU!

  39. Hi Judy,

    Thank you so very much for your kind comment. Are you from Houston? Email mail me direct at [email protected] Thanks Judy

  40. Everybody Im on a cup of coffee

  41. hey Shelley whats up hows everything I will be drinking a cup of coffee tomorrow since I cant have nothing to eat or drink tomorrow after midnight because I am having another surgery Wednesday

  42. Hey Judy,
    Welcome to the Blog! It’s always nice to have a kind-hearted person such as yourself join the group. I hope you can come back soon and often and give us your opinion on the issues that affect our lives — whether they are related to neurofibromatosis or not! You are also allowed to say bad things about Reggie whenever possible!!! : > )
    All the best, Lou (adgiant)

  43. Oh Brian Im good here You know I would drink a pot a of coffee for you

  44. HI Judy You can give Lou/ Adgaint hard time Reggie is a cool guy

  45. OK yall, its time for you know what. COFFEE! I have to make a run to get more. I will be back. I may have a few minutes to spend here. We are packing for the weekend. The workers will be here this week.

  46. Hi Judy, hope to see you post more.

  47. hey everybody I am going in for surgery tomorrow I will be ok and be back as soon as I can

  48. Good Luck Brian. I will be praying for you.

  49. thanks Reggie

  50. Good luck. I have a lab test (Blood – cholestrol, etc) on Wednesday. Too late to study or prepare, sure my cholestrol level (the bad and good levels) not where it should be. Then on Friday will be having my MRI to search for my brain.

  51. good luck with your MRI John keep us posted on everything good luck

  52. Good luck to both Brian and John, my prayers are with the both of yall

  53. thanks Patricia

  54. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for sticking around.

  55. (___)? (___)?(____)? Starbucks time

  56. hey yall I am back just got home from the hospital from surgery everything went well I am feeling pretty good I am back

  57. Cool Brian cool glad to hear that

  58. thanks Shelley its good to be back I hope I dont have any more surgeries any time soon I am tired of them it gets pretty old I am just glad its over with

  59. {{{{{{{{{{{{BRIAN}}}}}}}}}}}}

  60. thanks Shelley right back at you I appreciate the hug I am so loved thanks

  61. Glad to hear everything went well, Brian, Hope for a speedy recovery take care

  62. thanks Patricia I am feeling pretty good so far thanks again

  63. Brian, I’ve found that certain brands of tequila can work miracles in many medicinal cases. Patron seems to work most effectively. Last night I felt no pain. Hope this helps! Lou

    PS – Hope they didn’t remove anything you might want to use later.

  64. Lou you need to stick to your olives

  65. hey Lou my mom wants the Patron bottles she collects them she has 2 and wants more

  66. Hey Brian how are ya feeling ? I drank a pot of Folgers for ya

  67. thanks Shelley I am feeling pretty good but my throat is still a little scratchy from when I had the tube down my throat for my surgery but all together I am feeling pretty good thanks for asking and thanks for drinking the Folgers for me

  68. Hi Reggie. Just watched your interview on the link you provided. Very good indeed but wish I’d seen it live. Keep up the good work and stay out of trouble.

  69. Brian You get your puppy yet

  70. no not yet we are still looking but to be honest I am tired of waiting I want one bad and want one now


  72. thanks Shelley you are so sweet that is very sweet of you

  73. hey Reg, did you know that there is a link to your webpage from this you sure do get around.

  74. Hey Guyes, I need yall help, my daughter is 7 weeks pregant. She has already had two miscarriages. I am not really happy about her living condtions right now, but life is so precious. I am really scared for her. I don’t know if she will be able to handle another miscarriage, espically this time of year, you see, 12 years ago on Thanksgiving I lost my oldest daughter, the two of them were very close she took it so hard she was only 9. She is looking forwad to having this baby, she already has a name picked out if it is a girl, Gennieve after her sister, my daughter, I am so afraid for her. I know yall believe in God. So please keep her in your prayes, her name is Vanessa.
    On a lighter note, I need a name. Gramma just not for me. Granny sounds too too old. and NaNa was my Grandmother on my mother’s side that name is sacred to me. There will never be another NaNa she was the best. I hope this don’t sound too depressing of a post, but please pray for Vanessa she is everything to me, and if anything else happens to her it will just kill me. Thanks

  75. I was thinking, since you now have some conections or influence with the media, I think it would be great if they can come out and do report on the NF Family Camp in 2008. Just a thought.
    Had my MRI this morning. I slept through most of it. If I do not get any phone calls in the next week, I will assume no news is good news.

  76. hey John I hope that your MRI is good though I really hate getting bad news I hope its all good take care

  77. hey Patricia I will keep her in my prayers I hope everything works out good keep me posted on Vanessa and let me know how it goes I will be praying for her

  78. Hey Lou are you gonna go ballet dance this weekend or eat olives ?

  79. hey Shelley whats going on I am not feeling good I got a bad headache and my throat is still scratchy from the breathing tube from my surgery I hope it goes away soon its really aggrivating

  80. Im sorry to hear that Brian

  81. Hey Brian Guess what I did im stocking up on coffee and stuff my mom heard that everything is gonna start to go up

  82. yeah I hate it everything we need to live is going up pretty soon nobody will be able to afford to drive to work because gas is so expensive if it keeps getting worse how are we going to afford to live

  83. Reggie asked me to say hi to all his friends on the blog. I told him that wouldn’t take very long because he doesn’t have any friends. He’ll be off the site for a few days while his house is being renovated by his church. We’ll be posting before and after photos when they’re all done. Reggie is pretty excited. The church is putting the family in a hotel during construction. Kudos to Second Baptist in Houston for all they’re doing! I’ve taken the liberty of giving them my home address. : )

  84. Hi Reggie HI Lou

  85. Lou I thought Reggie said He was YOUR only friend

  86. hey everybody hope everybody is ok I am doing good

  87. Im doing good Brian was wondering if you was drinking coffee

  88. Hey Lou how come you arent helping with the remodeling

  89. Hey maybe the news station will air it, would’nt that be neat, what would really be neat if extreme home make over done it, just think of the publishity that would bring, that is awsome that the church is doing that for him and his family,
    Hope you are starting to feel better Brian, the second to last surgery I had, my throught was so scratchy and sore, I ended up quitting smokeing which is a good thing, about a week after the surgery, I took a hit off the cigerette, it felt like some took a knife stuck in hot coals and sliced the back of my throught, I have not smoke one hit since then, and don’t even want to try, well good luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  90. I’m helping by staying the hell out of the way.

  91. Patricia I am proud of you for quiting smoking I used to smoke my self one after another and I quit cold turkey just left them alone and I have not smoked in ages and I feel so much better since I quit

  92. nope Shelley I have not drank any coffee lately but I will probably drink some soon

  93. My church have done that to some of its members, extreme home make over. Where the members of the church volunteers to do the make over, of course they are experience on what they do.

  94. Anybody have any grandchildren????????? 🙂

  95. no kids or grandkids here

  96. whats up everybody I am feeling much better today but getting ready to take a nap and snooze a little bit

  97. YO Everybody

  98. hey Shelley whats up

  99. Drinking coffee here Brian

  100. Oh Brian do you like flavored coffee ?

  101. I have never had flavored coffee Shelley I have just drank regular

  102. Oh Brian, you have to try flavored coffee, it is the bomb, there are just so many flavors to chose from, one of my favorite stores in the woodlands mall is home sweet home, they have just about every kind of flavor coffee you can think of.

  103. Hey Shelley what is your favorite flavor of coffee, I like cinnamon

  104. hey Patricia I guess I will have to try it sometime also how is Vanessa doing

  105. I like Chocolate Velvet from Milstone

  106. Brian, thank you so much for asking so far she is doing fine, she is probally about 8 weeks, that is the longest she has carried so far, so that is good, taking it easy as possible, she will be coming home this weekend so I get to see her. I keep praying and hoping that this one goes well, All I can do is pray and put my trust in the Lord.

  107. well I am praying for a couple people right now I am praying for Vanessa and also praying for a buddy of mine that was in a bad motorcycle accident last weekend he has a few broken ribs and some other things he is in a lot of pain but lucckly he had his helment on which is good but I am praying for Vanessa dont you worry

  108. Tomorrow will see my primary doctor and not looking forward to that. I can hear him now, lose the weight, do more exercise. Then, I am planning, to leave town for couple days, drive up to the north east corner of Oklahoma and drive to Tulsa and Oklahoma on Route 66. Last month, I did the OKC-Amarillo leg of Route 66.

  109. Hey there When is Reggie suppose to be back ?

  110. hey Shelley whats up I looked at another boxer puppy tonight

  111. Thats cool Brian hope you get your puppy

  112. thanks me to I am tired of waiting to be honest

  113. {{{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  114. thanks for the hug Shelley right back at you

  115. Thank you Brian

  116. UPDATE: I did see my primary yesterday, the 14th. Seems I did well enough on the lab tests, did not get on my case for anything. After the appointment, I went back home to pack the car and took off for the northeast corner of Oklahoma. This morning, drove 15 miles north to Kansas, then started back on Route 66. After driving, stopping, taking pictures, ended up in southside of Tulsa (100 miles). I hope it does not take that long to Oklahoma City, another 100 miles.

  117. John hope it dont take you that long hope your having a safe trip and also hope you share some of the pictures be safe and have a safe trip

  118. Shelley whats up I am going to look at another boxer puppy tomorrow

  119. Not much here Brian been wondering when Reggie be back online

  120. you know Shelley I have been wondering the same thing too I sure hope its soon

  121. Lou come play pretty please with sugar on top

  122. Shelley I am going to look at another boxer puppy and I may get this one if I like it if I do I will try to figure out some way to get a picture to you since Reggie is not available right now

  123. Hey Reggie and the other nice people here. I just wanted to say hi and Reggie I am waitin on the email reply from ya…lol Glad to make new friends here. Hope to hear from yall soon.

  124. Hey everyone, sorry I havnt been around, I emailed Reggie and told him what was going on. My son has been sick alot and was hospitalized Saturday-Tuesday and will be having an endoscopy this coming Monday. They think he may have a growth (polyp, tumor, etc) in his stomach that is causing him to stay sick so much. It has just been very hectic around here. I miss talking to you all, hope everyone is doing well, please pray for my son if you can. Thanks!!

  125. hey Emily I will pray for him and I hope everything turns out ok I will be praying for him

  126. Reggie, my dayghter and I are going to Texas Renaissance Festival today. Will post photos tonight on Flickr. The Houston Roller Derby Girls will be there as well so we’re looking forward to a great time! Will check in when we get back!

  127. Also, Reggie is due to move back into his house on Sunday so hopefully he’ll be back online soon!

  128. Thanks Brian, we can use all the prayers we can get!

  129. Prayers are never wasted

  130. 9pm…just got back from the Renaissance Festival. Had a great time! About to post photos on Reggie’s Flickr account.


  131. Hey Lou Did you drink pina colandas from a coconut

  132. hey Shelley I got me a boxer but she is 3 and she is very very sweet I am glad I finally have a boxer

  133. So happy for you Brian, Glad you FINALLY got your boxer I know you waited for a long, long time, What is her name, she already trained. Tell us more about her.

  134. yeah she goes into the crate at nite with no problems she is also potty trained she is 3 she is laying behind me as i type and she loves to ride around I absolutely adore her she is just a really great dog I could not ask for a better dog my mom took the digital camera to work as soon as i get it back I will get some pictures of her and get them to you some how Patricia and thanks the wait is finally over

  135. oh i am going to change her name as she was my cousins dog and my cousin gave her to me but her name is Mahi like the fish Mahi Mahi my first boxer was named Jo Jo and I am going to change my new boxer to Jo

  136. I had a Lab (my daughter had a lab) name Baby, we gave her to my friends son, (my daughter stopped taking her for walks and stuff) my friends son lived on a farm with his grandparents and a had 400 acres and a pond, so babby went to live with him, he changed her name to Babe. he had a hard time calling her baby being a man, he said baby was a chick name, lol, glad you got your dog

  137. thanks Patricia I really enjoy having her that is funny but I have to agree with him baby is a chick name

  138. Im very happy Brian

  139. happy for what Shelley that I got my dog I am really ahppy also

  140. Happy you got the dog Brian

  141. thanks Shelley I appreciate it I am really happy I will get a picture of her as soon as I can so you can see her hey has anybody heard from Reggie

  142. Not sure where I should post this, but I want to wish every one here in our NF Family a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travel to those who will be on the road or other modes of transportation. Make it safe and a Happy Thanksgiving.

  143. Thank you John. I hope your Thanks giving was a very nice one.

  144. Hey yall just got back and I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got back in time to take my nephew to the dentist for 2 more root canals, he still has 2 more to go. Better him than me. Yall have a great day I have to leave in a few minutes for an appointment, but wanted to come and say hi to all of yall especially Reggie since I havent heard from him in a while. TTYL.

  145. Hi Judy,

    All is well here. sorry for not staying in touch. I hope all goes well with your nephew. Keep us up dated. You know we are all sending our best wishes to you

  146. Hey Yall HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Sorry I haven’t written lately but things have been kinda bad around here. Long Story! Hubby is bein a JERK and I lost my Dachshund he was 11.5 yrs old. Just some really bad stuff I have been goin through. You can check out myspace at Leave me a message and I will reply back. Hope yall had a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

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