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Tumornators Search for Cure with Rock 4 Research Concertatosis

jeffThe Tumornators and Jeff Francoeur of the Atlanta Braves present the 2nd Annual Rock4Research benefit concert on Nov. 28 at Wild Bill’s. The concert features Matt Moore opening for headliner Rhett Akins.81ba489f-2ae5-4d2f-ba93-c855cbc2b7d4

Akins is known for country hits including “What They’re Talking About,” “That Ain’t My Truck” and the No. 1 hit “Don’t Get Me Started.”

Francoeur, Matt Stinchcomb of the NFL, Morten Anderson and other sports stars will spend time with guests at a VIP party beforehand. VIPs will also be able to enjoy catered food sponsored by Kroger, Chick-Fil-A and Chili’s. VIPs will also have the opportunity to bid in a silent auction featuring signed sports memorabilia and other exclusive items; VIPs are guaranteed to receive signed picture of Francoeur.r4rpics

All funds raised by The Tumornators are directly donated to The Children’s Tumor Foundation.  The foundation is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the painful illnesses Neurofibromatosis and Schwannomatosis.

mattFrancoeur has supported The Tumornators since their beginnings in 2007, and has donated $500 to the Children’s Tumor Foundation™ on behalf of The Tumornators for every home run he hit in his 2007 season with the Atlanta Braves.
Rock4Research tickets will be available at the door and online, costing $20 for the VIP party and $10 general admission. The VIP party begins at 8:00 p.m., and doors open for general admission at 7:00 p.m.

The first 50 guests will receive a Rock4Research T-shirt signed by Francoeur.

For more information, please visit or .

Contact: Chad Leathers [email protected]     706.366.7321

Contact: Brittany Raines [email protected]     678-522-6534

29 thoughts on “Tumornators Search for Cure with Rock 4 Research Concertatosis

  1. This is going to be a great event. Would be a great event to be a part of.

  2. Hey Reggie!! I’m Drew’s mom. He has the rare form of NF, Schwannomatosis. You look like a sweetheart! Please know that we Tumornators are fighting for ALL of you who deal with NF!!!
    Take care,

  3. Dear Reggie
    I wish you a good luck for this event. It’s always a great pleasure to read your blog. Kind regards for you and people suffering from NF
    Francis “the naughty little toad”

  4. Thanks Francis, I’m happy that you visit my blog again. I’m sure the event will be a success. This is a event from someone who I think of as my friend. I was happy to post for them.

  5. I’m still reading about this great event. Not taking credit for it, I just made the post. What a terrific idea. rock4research. Should be a big turn out. I know there are lots of fans of rock music. Way to go Tumornators.

  6. I like country music

  7. So do I. I think there will be some of both.

  8. Good Morning to all. I’m here for anyone that would like to blog.

  9. Just checking in, waiting for Sams to open so I can head out. Need to buy some stuff for Thanksgiving Day. I probably will be heading out Thursday morning driving out west to Palo Pinto area, never been there. I think its 2 hrs west of Fort Worth. Hope all is makng it through this period of time. I heard that even Santa is looking for a bail out. Gee- I hope not, I have a list for him.

  10. Hi John,

    Looks like no one is on chat at the same time. I guess we will make it there at the some time sooner or later. All is well here. I think we have everything we need for Thanksgiving. Of course it is always that last thing you need. I could use a bail out. You think we can get one?

  11. I like the turkey record album cover up above…just in time for Thanksgiving!

  12. Im having company for Thanksgiving

  13. Nice looking turkey. I will cook all of thanksgiving dinner.

    We will have company over as well.

  14. Reggie are you gonna fix a german chocolate cake ?

  15. Oh Yes. For sure I will make one of those. I’m sure it will be more then one.

  16. Mr Lou are you and Elena gonna go to Reggie’s for Thanksgiving ?

  17. Hell no! We’re going some place that has decent food – grandmas!!! Who’s coming to visit you, Shelley?

  18. Im having a apt full of people at Thanksgiving

  19. Shelley you should tell some of your friends about Lou. He doesn’t have any.

  20. I have told somebody about Mr Lou Reggie

  21. Reggie your right about something Lou does need a date

  22. Hey, I don’t need a date. I have all the women money can buy! Uh…wait, that didn’t sound right.

  23. Coming from you, it sound right.

  24. Amen Reggie

  25. The turkey in the above photo and the one ones of the farm has hard days ahead. So glad I’m not a turkey. Can’t say the same for someone on this blog.(Lou) 😉

  26. Reggie why is Lou a turkey ?


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