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Tuesday Night at Beavers! 7/22/08

William Hughes, Michelle Reed and Lou Congelio meet new friends at Beavers, Sawyer at Washington in the Heights. SEE ALL THE PHOTOS!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Night at Beavers! 7/22/08

  1. Wow! how cool is this.I see my friend Brigitte. Thank you Brigitte for the kindness. Seems like I missed out on a fun evening. Thank you all for wearing my shirt. I hope to meet you all at the next gathering.

  2. It was great seeing Bridgett again! It’s a small world! Her friend from South Africa (the blonde girl) was very nice as well. I think the waiter (Bill) is going to need a little help fitting into his “Just Ask! tshirt. (Note to self: Order more 3xs)

  3. Looks like Im gonna have to come to a NF gathering

  4. I love the picture/s of Michelle! the purple background is too cool. Looks like you all had a great time!

  5. Hi Meredyth good to see here. Say hello to the kids for me. Hope you are doing well.

  6. The kids sure look great, Meredyth. You’ve done good.

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