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Today, Lou & I went to Spanish Flowers in the Heights!

Reggie Bibbs, don't know name but real nice, Lolly, the best waitress and person in the world, and I don't know this guys name either but will get it next time. What a great place, they made me feel very welcome!

Something happen today, Something I never expect. Lou, my friend called me on my cell phone.  Lou took me to lunch.  Seem like ages, sense we spent as much time as we did today. With Lou, being swamped with work in all, it hasn’t  been time for a visit.  I’m very happy it happen.   It was nice to hear  about the projects Lou has been working on.  And I was happy to talk to Lou about my work as well. Never thought,  the two of us would get too busy to keep up with each other.  Job security is what I call it.

Everyone was really nice at the Spanish Flowers, where we had lunch, and I enjoyed the friendly smiles. I place, I would choose to dine any day.  A big thank you to Lolly and the staff. Thank you for the photo opt as well.

11 thoughts on “Today, Lou & I went to Spanish Flowers in the Heights!

  1. That was a lot of fun! Spanish Flowers is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. The best salsa bar none!!!! Usually, I eat so many chips with the salsa, that I have no more appetite for the meal. Happens every time.

  2. I enjoyed, even though, Lou was there. LOL. Sorry Lou but you had it coming. The staff at the Spanish Flowers are great. I’m sure I will spend more time there.

  3. Hi Reggie

    If Spanish Flowers wasnt so far away I would stop over for lunch, too. But I guess I would not make it untill dinner 😉
    I know that it is no matter of course to go to a restaurant and just enjoy yourself.
    Often the behavior of the other guests makes me feel uncomfortabele. Sometimes even the behavior of the servants makes me feel unwanted.
    Once I was in a restaurant with a friend of mine who is sitting in a wheelchair. There were just a few other guests and enough servants- but none of them had the slightest idea of comming to our table. I guess they were hoping we would leave sooner or later. After I walked up to the bar and asked for the menu the game started all over. I new the menu by heart already.
    When I was in the train to Hamburg I wanted to get a cup of coffee. The servant was just polishing glasses. She took a quick look and kept on polishing. Many polished glasses further she managed to say „just a moment“. Was she waiting for me to leave? Was she hoping for another servant to come and serve me? When there was no glasses left she kept keeping herself busy with peeking into cupboards.
    I definitely would have left- but in a train there is no other choise. You cant even have a sip from the water-tap.
    It was my luck that another guest walked up to the counter….

  4. Gaby, thank you for your message, and your post here. I spent most of the day at MD Anderson. I will reply to your email tonight. I do understand what you spoke of in your message. Talk to you later.

  5. Gaby, In the cases you described, one can only hope that there was a different reason for the wait staff to not attend to your needs. Nevertheless, it is incredibly rude, unprofessional and incomprehensible that an employee of a service oriented business would stand by, without doing anything or saying anything, while a customer was awaiting service, especially one with special needs like your wheelchair friend. Personally, I would have killed them on the spot. Unfortunately, I am a warm, caring and compassionate person and probably would have just thrown them of the train…while it was moving. Affectionately, Lou

  6. See Gaby, Now you may understand why I enjoy going places with adgiant. And I thought I was the one clearing out a room because I have nf, and it was adgiant that caused it. threatening bodily harm to others.

  7. I get scared just looking at him…so that can be a good thing.

  8. Some friend he turned out to be. He has a refrigerator in his garage. A refrigerator that I think would look great in my office, or some place in my home. He said I can’t have it. He wants to use it for beer. A kidney or Liver is willing to give up for me. But not his beer refrigerator. Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t blame it. Never mind.

  9. The most important thing is not to hide myself at home. I also noticed that it is better to go places with friends- I feel that I am more respected. Others are not that barefaced when there is someone else on your side who would notice. A bodyguard like Lou 😉 or friends like Sugar Ray can be very helpful.

    When I was in the train restaurant awaiting service I first thought that the servant probably was working on an order from a table of 10 businesmen. But soon I found out that this was not the case. Then I thought that there will be a crew change at the next stop and she doesnt want to leave a mess behind.

    When staff is inattentive I dont blame it on the way I look right away. They just need some more training. But sometimes it is obvious.

    In the states they set a higher value on service. Staff is more cooperative when you move away chairs to make room for a wheelchair. Even pregnant women are alowed to go straight to the counter and dont have to queue up at the post office.

  10. Hi Lou- is it root beer you keep in your refrigerator? Have you tried german Starkbier already? 😀

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