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Well, we are talking rodeo again. Kick off is today, I believe. I’m excited and expecting this will be a good year. I don’t know if I will be able to go, but who knows. The schedule has a great list of country entertainers and other great entertainers for all of you who are not country music fans. I would like to hear from all of the fans who plan to see someone from our home town–Clay Walker. And I know my good friend here would love to here about it. After all, he will get me a picture of ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. He is such a cool guy. Right Lou?

8 thoughts on “TIME TO RODEO

  1. Quit hinting, Reggie, it ain’t going to happen!!! I don’t even like you. : > )

  2. So you want to play hard ball? My supporters may want to comment on this. Well should my best friend in the whole world hook me up with a photo?. Keep sending messages until he breaks. After all I was the guy on FOX26 NEWS.

  3. Well, I could probably share some embarrassing inside information on adgiant if he doesn’t hook you up with a photo. I know a lot of your vast audience has seen him in his Princess outfit, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!!!

  4. Hum….I like it. That could work.

  5. Hey, hey, hey…play nice or I’ll bring out the photos from CAMP CAMP!!! And for your information it was a ballerina costume!

  6. Now, That I think about it, it was what you said it was. My best friend in the world. Now we can just lose those little old pictures, Can’t

  7. I’ll claim my pictures from CAMPCAMP. I don’t remember any alcohol being served, so I think I’m safe. And I STILL have additional pictures of the princess/ballerina/____________!
    Cough up the AATW-pics, adgiant!

  8. Speaking of photos, here are some photos of Reggie with some celebrities from the rodeo and elsewhere.

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