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This is a PSA I did for the Texas NF Foundation

Neurofibromatosis poster with Reggie BibbsI can’t remember the year we shot this but I do remember that it won a national award in the Public Service category at the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Award in Las Vegas. Gordon Jump, the Maytag repairman in commercials and Mr. Carlson fom WKRP in Cincinnati fame gave out the award that year. Lou had worked with him before and says he was the nicest guy in the world. He was a Mormon and died several years ago.

7 thoughts on “This is a PSA I did for the Texas NF Foundation

  1. I like this picture

  2. Thank you Shelley. If you put your mouse pointer on the photo, it will enlarge. Then you may be able to read the whats on my picture.

  3. COOL

  4. How old were you when you did the photo?

  5. I think that was in 1995.

  6. I remember seeing those, back in the days with Bob Hopkins.

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