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The Tarrant County College Speaking Engagement was a TREMENDOUS Success!

Last week, I had speaking engagements in Dallas and Forth Worth, Texas, thanks to my old friend Bob Hopkins, who I met when he was Executive Director of The Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation.  Bob Hopkins  is now teaching for Tarrant County College.

Before I go any further,  I want to thank every student for taking the time to come hear me speak.  It would have not been a success without their involvement. Thank you all, for your time and kindness.

At Eastfield College, my friend Patrick O’Dooley emceed the event in front of 50 students.  He stood beside me during Q and A, he and I fielding questions that the students had.

I met Patrick during one of his  motivational classes  a few years ago. Patrick was one of the first people I have met who was instrumental in making me feel good about myself and making every day a TREMENDOUS day!  I’m thankful Patrick was there for me!

In attendance at the speaking engagements were two professors of Sociology and Environmental Sciences, from Collin College.  I spoke UP CLOSE and PERSONAL.  The  President of Tarrant County South College, addressed the students and stayed for my speech there.

By my sixth speech in two days,  I’m told I was a pro and that my speaking abilities were great. Bob said I had every class in the palm of my hands!: > )  Bob said he was proud of  me.  That’s a tremendous compliment coming from someone who speaks as well as Bob Hopkins.

15 thoughts on “The Tarrant County College Speaking Engagement was a TREMENDOUS Success!

  1. Damn, Reggie, you’re ready to hit the talk show circuit.

  2. Well done Professor Bibbs !

  3. Thank you Bart. I was impressed by all of the Students. Very accepting, and wanting to learn more. Some tell me they learn something about them self. So did I.

    I shared, we don’t get to a level, and say, I’m finish, now I can teach. You are never finish. We grow and learn new things every day.

  4. Like Jack Black said in “School of Rock”, those who can’t do teach and those who can’t teach are gym teachers.

  5. What time is your Gym class. 😉

  6. I admire your perseverance! May god bless you!

  7. I watched your show on tv last night n just wanted to tell you I find you to be a true positive spirit! I do not know anyone with your condition and didn’t even realise there was such a thing. Thank you for opening my eyes to this and your a true hero!

  8. Thank you for watching Amanda.

  9. Amanda you are not alone in being unaware of NF. Although 1 person in about 3,000 people worldwide has NF, the vast majority of people have neve heard of it. And that is what Reggie is doing, raising awareness. And he is doing a darn good job. I wonder how many people know about NF thanks to Reggie. I like looking at the map he has on this website that shows where people from around the globe have visited his website. Amanda, you can help too by forwarding his website address to others you know.

  10. Thank you for noticing Bart. Visits from Brazil, have increased by the hunderes. That is just one, of the 6 countries in just a few months. I’m incouraged by this.

  11. Reggie, keep on doing what you do. You are a hero and an inspiration to many. God Bless you, I am very proud of you.

  12. Thank you Kevin, I will keep on keeping on.

  13. Have any one from the space shuttle or station ever logged on? That would be something and can say my message when gone out of this world.

    1. I’m not sure John. I don’t recall.

  14. estas son las cosas que a uno le dan mas ganas de luchar en la vida, vi el programa en discoveri junto a mis niños y aprendimos mucho , gracias por enseñarnos de que hay personas muy humanas como usted en el mundo y que nos dejan un mensaje sobre la vida , viendo como el mundo se esta desmoronando por falta de amor usted es el brillo de la esperanza!!!

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