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The Many Faces of The Texas Renaissance Festival, 11/28/08.

To the many new friends that I met at the Texas Renaissance Festival on Friday I’d just like to say, thank you for making it one of the most fun days in my life.

There are so many new people that I’ve met that I don’t remember your names but you can definitely see your photo below. Special thanks to Taarna the Ice Queen Faerie for the beautiful handmade pin that I’ll treasure forever, Queen Bonnie and her Realm for making me a Knight (Don’t worry, I will smash the wicked peeps at every opportunity!).

Thank you Arsene Dupin – Juggler, Magician, Comedian, Mime Extraordinaire, Louis and Matt – The Fabulous Other Brothers, Blair the Beer Mistress, The Kissing Lady that was so sweet, the guy from the Houston Roller Derby with the beard and kilt, my special friends from Goodwill, the English couple in black leather that I had my picture taken with last year and this year, and finally to all the hundreds and hundreds of people at the Texas Renaissance Festival who make me feel like a King.

Thank you all and I’ll see you next year! MORE PHOTOS HERE!

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26 thoughts on “The Many Faces of The Texas Renaissance Festival, 11/28/08.

  1. This wsa a wonderful expereance yesterday. I enjpyed meeting everyone. thank you all for aking a photo with me. I hope you are enjoying the photos as much as I’am.

  2. *grinning widely* Oh, Reggie, thank you so much for posting the pictures so quickly. It looks like you and my Fairemily had a marvelous time.

  3. Escarlata,

    My pleasure. I did have a great time meeing Fairemily. It was a blast.:)

  4. Escarlata, your friends were great. We got to the Prince of Wales pub a little before noon and asked this guy with his son if we could share his table. He said sure then asked Reggie, “Are you Reggie?” Apparently you had told him about Reggie’s videos on YouTube and he had checked it out. Turns out he was JP, the “Ice Queen’s” husband. After the parade, the rest of your family arrived and we introduced ourselves. Reggie was made a knight. Peeps were trash-talked. The weather was perfect for beer drinking. All in all, a great day! Thank you so much for setting this up, Escarlata, it was a tremendous amount of fun and Reggie had a blast! The “Ice Queen” was wonderful and you could tell was very moved by Reggie and gave him one of her “charms.” A very wonderful and beautiful person she is! NOW, LET’S GO SMASH SOME PEEPS!!!

  5. I was just looking over the photos and was reminded of just how much fun we had. Of course, having William, Geo, Matt and Lewis along didn’t hurt a bit.

  6. That’s funny you said that now. I was just geting ready to send Geo a message to say it ws great having him around. Of course Willias’s sister Sarah added a lot of fun as well. Matt,Louis and William added just as much fun.

  7. I forgot about Sarah! It was like having a female William around!

  8. Oh Lou, I’m not digging you out of this one.

  9. Sir Reggie, words can not express what an honor it was meeting you! You are truly an outstanding individual with an inner light that outshines the sun itself! I would love to be able to take just a smidgeon of your essence, and add it to my faerie dust, so that I could sprinkle it over the entire world, and let everyone see things as you see them, with a love that truly knows no bounds. I am so very happy to have made your aquaintance, and so very proud to know call you friend. I love you Reggie Bibbs! You have melted the Ice Queen Faerie’s heart. I’ll be looking for you next year Sir Reggie!


  10. My Friend Taarna The Ice Queen Faerie. This makes my second year at the TRF. This year was special. I was so happy to meet you and your family. I had so much fun. I felt so accepted there and I thank all of you for making me feel that way. You can bet I will be there next year as well. Now that we know how to kind each other we don’t have to wait a year to chat. Thank you again for making my day TERRIFIC! Your friend Sir Reggie,

  11. Next year, we’re dressing up! I’m going as Sir Louis the Bald, Masseuse to the Gods!

  12. Reggie, you can go as Reggio, the Nubian Love Slave!

  13. Nubian Love Slave? What does that involve? Coming for you, I don’t think its something I would want to take part in. So what I hear you saying is you want me to go as Nubian Love Slave? How does that make you feel Lou?

  14. Hey Everybody

  15. Hi Shelley. Welcome back!

  16. Thanks Mr Lou

  17. I be weary or cautious what Lou suggest what you go as. Might want to google it to see what that is…lol

  18. Thanks for the clue John. I did google it when I read it. I would never take Lou’s advice. He’s a crazy man. Neven heard of that until he post it.LOL

  19. From the days of Julius Caesar, a nubian was a black person from Africa who was generally a slave. The male were eunichs, the females were used as the master wished, some as slaves used for sex.

  20. I read about the eunichs a few months ago.

  21. {{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}} HI

  22. hey guys im back just had back surgery I had 5 tumors removed from my lower back im ok everything went well just really really sore right now it hurts to even move but i am ok hey Lou and hey Phil I hope you guys are all doing well I really miss all u guys and hey shelley hugs back to u I will try to visit the site more just got to heal but Reggie say hi to ur mom and sister for me and email me at [email protected] oh and tell wee lou I said hi as well hope to hear from you soon

  23. Hello Brian,

    I’m happy to see you back. We miss you. I will say hello to everyone for you. I’m sure JP will be happy to know your back as well. I hope you are feeling well.

  24. Hey, welcome back Brian!!! We missed you!!! Hope your back surgery went well and that the pain meds are kicking in. We were thinking about you at the Renaissance Festival. Maybe next year you’ll be available to come with us!

  25. Yea Brian glad you are back. It’s going to be fun with you here.

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