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The Kiss! Brian and Mistilla “the Killa” of the Houston Roller Derby

Brian and Mistilla the Killa finally meet. (MORE PHOTOS)

16 thoughts on “The Kiss! Brian and Mistilla “the Killa” of the Houston Roller Derby

  1. Brian that is great that you finaly got to meet Mistilla the Milla from the Houston Roller Derby. Thank you Lou and Wiliam for making this happen for Brian.

  2. it was a night I will never forget she is totally awesome I hope we become really good and close Friends Mistilla is truely a very sweet person thanks Lou and William for a great night I would love to go again I will never forget last night what a blast

  3. It was a lot of fun! It’s always fun at the roller derby, derby chicks are thev warmest, nicest, hardest hitting people i know! Mistilla, carmen and heidi ruled last night! Congratulations ona great bout!

  4. Lou, Brian, How much fun did I miss? Looks to me like it was a lot of fun. I’m happy Brian went. I’m know it was a dream come true for him.

  5. Reggie you missed a great time I will tell you a little about it at the pizza party buddy it was a dream come true got a kiss from my woman oh man it could not have been better

  6. Oooo kissy kissy!!! LOL! Looks like you had fun Brian!
    Sorry I havnt been around guys, I know I always seem to come with bad news, my middle son James (not the one with NF) has been in the hospital since Friday, they think he may have Celiac disease, his intestines were completely full with impacted stool so he had to get a tube into his stomach to flush his system. Hopefully he can come home tomorrow. I have been home with Elijah and Leland, my husband hasnt been home since Friday either since the hospital is an hour away. I miss talking to everyone, and I MISS YOU LOU! 😉

  7. We’ll always have The Exorcist, Emily. They cant take that *way from us!

  8. We’ll always have The Exorcist, Emily. They cant take that away from us!

  9. its ok Emily I have Celiac and it sucks bad I want a piece of bread so bad but cant have it cant have wheat it really siucks and yeah I had a blast Emily I only wish the Kiss could have stayed it was awesome

  10. Emily,

    Sorry I have gotten behind in my replies. I’m sorry to hear the bad news. My prayers go out to you and your family. Yes I miss you. We will be here when you have time to write

  11. Hey guys, James is coming home today! He doesnt have celiac, so now we dont know what is causing this to happen to him.

    Lou.. the exorcist? Am I missing something? lol Dork.

  12. Lou thinks I’m hot LOL! Okay, well USED to be hot til I had kids!

  13. Ok, ok, don’t let it go to your head!! However, I will admit you had that retro sixties thing down great!! You were and I guess even now…smokin’! (Just don’t let anyone know I said that, ok?)

  14. Emily,

    The your pictures are GREAT! Your are a beautiful back then and even now Not everyone keep there good looks like you. Just ask Lou. Oh I forgot you have to start with some right Lou 😉

  15. lol that is funny Reggie by the way Emily you still look great and besides who cares what anybody else thinks right

  16. Aw thanks guys 🙂 Every girl needs a little self esteem boost every now and then! Ya’ll are so sweet! *HUGS*

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