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Thank You, Connie And Jaen Lawrence!

3002441017_c08b6e7a41_b1Some of you may have noticed my new photos that I posted today.  Thanks to my friends Connie and Jaen Lawrence, I have a huge new desk, office supplies, printers, faxes and computers. This is just prefect for all of my office needs.  My computer is really fast, and It is a Mac.  I can print, fax, and mail in high volume now of JUST ASK! products you all will 3002238891_593762a525_b1order in the up coming Holiday season. : > )  Plenty of time to order now. Come on keep me busy. I will post photos of how busy you keep me at my office.

See how much desk space I have.  Also I want to thank Lou & Michelle for the office space at StanandLou.

13 thoughts on “Thank You, Connie And Jaen Lawrence!

  1. Working in my office today. I will be here on the blog as well as the chat area.

  2. Nice office area! Very professional 😉

  3. Thank you Emily. One draw back. Lou is around. 😉

  4. Tie him up and stick him in a closet.. wait, he might like that… LOL

  5. lol. we don’t want to do anything that he would enjoy. Like anything having to do pain.

  6. I have the duct tape!

  7. Reggie I have told ya Lou needs somebody to keep him out of trouble lol

  8. It is no hope for him. I try my best it does not work.

  9. Hows Stanley Mr Lou ?

  10. I’m here if anyone would like to blog.

  11. Stanley is doing great, Shelley. We took him to play with Shiner a couple of weeks ago but all they did was pretty much check out each other’s butt!

  12. Well I guess that is one way of getting to know one another. Not a way I would suggest. Maybe it’s different with dogs.

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