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Texas NF Foundation to stage city-wide fundraiser at Houston’s finest restaurants

Texas NF Foundation to stage city-wide fundraiser at Houston’s best restaurants2008 Houston HighlightsLast night, Lou and I attended a special committee meeting to help plan and execute a fund-raiser to help those with NF in the Houston area. The fund-raiser will be held on Tuesday, April 22, 2008, at the Hotel Derek, in the Galleria area of Houston.

I am proud to be Honorary Chairman of this important event and I hope all of my friends can join me in this very worthy cause! Below is a letter from our Houston Highlights Chairman, Ishma Blackwell, detailing the event. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

DOWNLOAD INVITEΒ  2438_001.pdf

“Please join me in participating in the 10th Annual “Houston Highlights, Celebration of the Chefs.” We have over 25 chefs participating in the event. Becoming a sponsor or table host gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Texas children and their families who struggle with neurofibromatosis every day.

As a sponsor or table host, you will enjoy a four-course dinner for 10 at one of the area’s finest restaurants. Your meal includes an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert, with both, red and white wine.

It is my privilege to be this year’s chairperson for Houston Highlights. As a mother of a child with neurofibromatosis, I know firsthand how this disorder can affect the family. My son, Tyrese, struggles with facial tumors, a common manifestation, coupled with the fact that there is no treatment or cure, has been hard to bear. However, the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation has been a godsend in our hour of need. I cannot express my gratitude to you for making a difference in the lives of more than 8,000 patients throughout Texas who are afflicted with this disease.

By joining us as a sponsor or table host, you will be invited to attend the pre-party on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at the Hotel Derek. The night will feature silent and live auctions, samplings from a few participating chefs, entertainment and spirits. Please take this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Texas children and their families.

For further details regarding this event, please contact Carolyn Reber, Program Coordinator at 972-868-7943 or email her at [email protected].

Best regards,

Ishma Blackwell

2008 Houston Highlights Chairwoman

154 thoughts on “Texas NF Foundation to stage city-wide fundraiser at Houston’s finest restaurants

  1. It was great to be with so many passionate and compassionate people last night! Kudos to Cindy, Susan, Ishma, Elizabeth, Reggie and others behind the scenes for making this fundraiser a realty.

  2. Tis going to be a Terrific Houston Event. I’m happy to be a part of it.

  3. I wish I could go to things like that – there is absolutely nothing related to NF around here. My husband and I were talking about where we would move once he gets out of the Navy and I did mention all the wonderful resources that Texas seems to have for people with NF – maybe you’ll get a new neighbor soon, lol.
    Yes Lou, thats right, I might move next door to you, and then I could harrass you constantly, you could never escape. And I’ll make my boys harrass you too. We’d be the neighbors from hell. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Houston is just trying to get back where we use to be.

  5. where o where R you tonight? why did you leave me here all alone.
    I search the world over and thought I found true love. you met another and @#$% you where gone. πŸ˜‰

  6. Emily, don’t even kid about stuff like that.

  7. Hey yall Im here

  8. Lou who is going to be at the Rodeo Tomorrow?

  9. Never mind. March 3rd. it the first one I think. You are looking forward to it just as much as I’am

  10. The rodeo ain’t fer another month, pardner.

  11. Every body be nice. One of the nice ladies at Starbucks near my house may pay us a visit. She is very nice to me. Really all of the are nice.

  12. Reggie Im nice Lou needs a babysitter is all

  13. Oh hey Lou

  14. Hello Shelley. Would you like to comment further about my needing a babysitter?

  15. Dallas will have their “Battle of the Chefs” on April 2.
    April 22, I may be dining in Hawaii somewhere

  16. One time in Dallas, I wanted to sponsor a table at TACO BELL but they would not go for it.

  17. Hey Shelley Lou doesn’t need a babysitter, He needs professional help. Don’t be surprised if you hear that he shaved his head.

  18. OKKKK Reggie

  19. Lou somebody needs to keep an eye on you

  20. Where is Brian

  21. He may be resting. I hope he is not in pain.

  22. New England is going to win tomorrow, 34 – 27.

  23. here’s a quarter tell someone who cares

  24. hey here I am just been laying low I am not in much pain but it hurts its there but not to bad

  25. #25 How about a little wager on the game to make things interesting.

  26. Is that legal? Brian are you going to watch the game?

  27. Lou, No way will I bet against New England. I learn my lesson long ago.

  28. Hey Brian Thinking about you Buddy. Enjoy the rest. The tractor will be waiting for you when you are better.

  29. true Reggie it aint going no where

  30. HI Everybody Im on my 2nd cup of coffee

  31. Go Texans!!!

  32. Anyone having a Super Bowl party tonight? I dont think we will even watch it, we’re not big NFL fans.
    Oh and by the way, I’m eating a piece of triple chocolate cheesecake. Be very jealous. LOL

  33. I was invited to on. Don’t know if I will make it. I’m eating Cake now. Chocolate.

  34. HI Everybody

  35. Well, I am back from Galveston, started out good, MIL taught me and my friend a new dice game we have played SO many games in the past, we love to play games, then we got her “99” year old neighbor, amazing woman to come over and sit with her, we went down to the Mardi Gras for a few hours to get “beads” every thing was fine, then that night things tood a turn for the worst, she got up to go to the rest room and fell down, she did not break any thing but she is back in the hospital. We think the meds are messing with her made her very in coherent, it was a very bad morning starting about 3 am, I am back home but my husband is at the hospital. Last week the little bil stayed this week my husband will stay. She was really do good sat. day, then she was’nt,.

  36. Hey Emily I would be a next door neighbor to Lou WE would have a BLAST harrassing Lou

  37. There goes the neighborhood.

  38. It went when you moved in Lou. lol

  39. lol I agree Reggie, Lou’s neighborhood was already ruined the day he moved in! How do you think YOUR neighbors feel, Lou?!

  40. Can you say HOA?!

  41. They don’t watch TV anymore, they just sit out on their front porch and watch what’s going in at my house. All night parties, drug busts, cops, drag queens, farm animals, etc.

  42. So, what are you saying about yourself, Lou?????? Are you???

  43. You like it don’t you?

  44. Hey there Everybody

  45. Hey, how about those Giant? WoW I am glad they won? Is anyone else glad they won? πŸ˜€

  46. Patricia I’m ok with it. Let’s ask Lou how he feel about the game πŸ™‚

  47. I am always going for the under dog!!!! Maybe it is because, I was picked on all the time. I just always go for the the under dog.

  48. That’s a good sign. Even though it look hopeless doesn’t mean that it is hopeless. Right Lou?

  49. I am suppose to find out today, if I am having a granddaughter or a grandson, I wished that the damn phone would hurry up and ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I am having a grandSON WOE HOE

  51. congrats Patricia

  52. Now I can start buying baby things, start on a baby blanket, she is pass that 3 month mark and we know what she is having she has a name. Robert something or other I am going to spoil that baby, I am not going to tell that baby NO like I told her no, than I will send him HOME. HA HA HA Granparents revenge is SWEET!!!!!

  53. Hey Yall Im here Congrats Patricia

  54. Hey there Brian whats up hope your ok

  55. Emily and Reggie on # 43 we would harrass Lou 24 7

  56. Patricia, were you asking if I’m gay? Just because a man hangs around drag queens and animals, it does not necessarily mean he’s gay. Extremely open-minded, perhaps, but not gay!!! Unless, of course, he looks like Antonio Banderas or something.

  57. I just wonder about you sometimes!!!!

  58. With Lou, you just never know whats in that head of his. Just know its something twisted

  59. He diffently keeps interesting!!!!!

  60. How was work today Lou

  61. Shelley I am good thanks for asking how are you doing

  62. Did Reggie harrass you at office

  63. Good here I have been working on my crafts

  64. Everybody ASLEEP

  65. cool Shelley I just drank a cup of Starbucks

  66. I just got home. Hey Shelley, what kinds of crafts are you working on?

  67. I’m here been working on Houston Highlights. Going for a warn up. Cup of coffee of course.

  68. Im crocheting afghana right now

  69. I like to cross stitch too

  70. Reggie just likes to cross his eyes.

  71. What do you like to cross, Lou? πŸ˜€

  72. I don’t want to say what Lou likes to cross.

  73. He likes to cross dress? πŸ˜›

  74. No When he sit down he crosses. πŸ˜‰

  75. Poor Lou, WE, always pick on him, but he picks on us too, so it is ok, Right???? πŸ˜€

  76. Yea we pick on him. But we love him.

  77. Amen Yall

  78. Ok, yes, we do love Lou, what would we do without Lou? πŸ˜€

  79. Oh yeah Lou I like taking pictures too

  80. hey everybody whats going on oh and Reggie and Shelley I am going to the Dr again this Thursday to get the shot in my back then I will be back in good shape

  81. Hope the shot goes well for you Brian, I hate living in pain

  82. Hi Brian,

    good to see you here. I have been kind of busy around and not been here as much as I want. Keep us updated on your doctor’s visit. I’m getting ready for nine next month. MRI and Doctor’s visit.

  83. Yo there Everybody

  84. thanks Patricia I will keep you posted and let you know how it all goes Reggie

  85. Brian thanks for being you. Sorry that you are in pain. I send my best.

  86. thanks Reggie it means a lot

  87. {{{{{{{{{{{Brian}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  88. What about me? I’ve been feeling kind of tired and rundown lately. But no, you’d rather pick on me. And I quote:

    “Poor Lou, WE, always pick on him, but he picks on us too, so it is ok, Right???? πŸ˜€

    Comment by Patricia | February 5, 2008 | Edit”

    When is it ever right to pick on your fellow man?!! Well, unless, of course, it’s Reggie then it’s ok.

  89. comment 90 you have always look run down since the day I met you. Don’t blame that on us.

  90. Why do Lou leave himself open for all these good one liners we hit him with.

  91. comment 88 You got it dude.

  92. thanks for the hug Shelley I really need it I am having alot of trouble sleeping it 12:44 and I can not sleep for anything

  93. Good morning everyone! Sorry I was MIA for the past couple of days, its been a little busy around here.
    So is anyone else getting crappy weather for the next week or is it just me?! Its a mix of rain/snow every day for almost the next 10 days in the forcast. Blah!

  94. Hi Emily
    Did you read Vanessa is having a boy too, I am so excited, I just had girls, I never had a boy, so I am very happy, boys have cooler toys, I can’t wait. she is going to domino sometime in June I still have not picked out a name for ME. She is going to name the little fellow aftet the babby’s daddy Robert something or other, which is fine but I need a name for me I do not want to be called “Gramma” that sounds too old which the way this tuesday the 12 I will be 44, omg I just can’t believe it. ugh

  95. Good Morning Emily. We did miss you. The sun is shining here buy still a little cold.

  96. Patricia – Boys are great, lol, I should know since I have 3 now! I always wanted a little girl though so I could dress her up and play Barbies with her. Maybe next time! As far as your name, my mom has my kids call her “Ninny”, she’s just a couple of years older than you so its not an old-type name.

  97. Ninny not bad, I use call my mother’s mother nana, she was a very special lady, she was not your typical granma, I remember when I was just 16 she got a 69 black stingray corvette wow it was awsome, she scared the shit out of me, she drove so fast and around other cars, she was a lot of fun I just don’t think I could ever measure up to her.

  98. Lets see.. I’ve got two grandmothers whom I call Nanny and Gran, and my great grandmother is Grandy, my kids call my husbands mom Mammaw. I think all of those are kinda dated, lol.

    For some reason my mom kept bugging me to let my kids call her “Babushka” and I kept saying “Um we are not Russian!!”

  99. We used to call my grandmother, Bill.

  100. ok, Lou what’s the story behind that one why did you call her bill?? I am not picking I really and truly want to know. πŸ™‚

  101. Yo Yall IM here

  102. hey how’s it going? I went home sick today.

  103. Nutting here

  104. are you working on your crafts?

  105. I wonder where everyone else is?

  106. I am here but going to the Dr in the morning to get the shot in my back I am ready to get it over with I hate the NO eating or drinking after midnight

  107. Not working on my crafts went on errands with mom today

  108. yea, that sucks, but they put you to sleep and you get to sleep and then after a couple of days the pain goes away, but the best thing you get to sleep or at least the was what the best thing I remembered when I got my I had got to where I could not sleep no more 2 hours at the most if I were lucky and the pain was preety bad to πŸ™

  109. Patricia my Dr gave me a pill to take till I get the shot and it makes me sleep like a baby

  110. wow, I should have your dr. my dr. did not give me that kind of pill, he gave some pills, but I still woke up even morphine would not keep me sleeping,

  111. #111 Brian, I can relate, I sleep like a baby, too! I cry all night then wet the bed.

  112. Lou Lou Lou, we don’t want to hear about your bed wetting.

  113. #102 We called my grandmother Bill because that was his name.

  114. Okay guys, I think my house is haunted. Dont laugh, I’m being serious. What should I do? I am freaking out, my husband is freaking out, my kids are scared. I contacted a paranormal researcher, but I dont want to spend another night in this house.

  115. Here’s another solution, have Reggie come over. He can empty a room faster than a busload of bad opera singers.

  116. Before I tell Lou off, here is what you should do. I heard the
    lady on the Montal show. She is on the show on Wednesdays. If you believe it’s a somebody you have to tell them to leave, you are dead. Sometime they don’t know that. Don’t laugh it’s true. Get some Holey water in the a glass leave it uncovered in your room over night while you sleep.

  117. comment 117 Emily it could be worse, Lou could be a guess at your house. That would be really messed up.

  118. Hey Im on 3rd cup of coffee Emily get Lou come stay w/ yall yall would be fine

  119. lol I’ll put Lou into the haunted room and let him stay overnight.. it might solve our problem!

  120. Why do you think it is haunted? What has been happening?

  121. Oh hello Lou

  122. comment 121 We just hope it won’t keep the Good ones away.

    But for real try the thing with the water. That is scary to think about.

  123. One of my aunt is a missionary, she goes down to Mexico, real deep into Mexico and she can tell some stuff that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

  124. Woooo! I’m sure it’s a lot of things happen that can’t be explained. We should have talked about this on October.

  125. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  126. #126 Yeah, like Reggie’s jokes.

  127. Emily what has been happening sometimes I think a Haunted house is cool like when you see stuff moving and no one is there but then on the other hand it can be very very scary

  128. hey everybody I got the shot in my back it hurts a little but it takes a day or 2 to work but I am relieved it does not hurrt that bad anymore

  129. Cool Brian. I’m happy you will be ok.

  130. Hi Brian, glad things went well, I went to a haunted hotel and did not see anything I was disappointed I had wanted to go there for a long time.

  131. comment 131 It can be cool if you don’t mind getting the you know what scared out of you. I never want to see that. We had a good friend that passed away, 3 years ago. He would come over our house every morning for coffee. One day in front of our eyes we saw the chair at the dinning table move from the table. It was the same chair he use to sit in everyday. No joke.

  132. Well, its too long to totally get into, but both my husband and Elijah have seen a little boy with dark hair, Elijah told me and I told my husband who got all freaked out and told me that he had seen the same thing. Now at 3am every single morning toys start going off in the playroom that my kids absolutely refuse to go into even in the daytime. And my husband always wakes up just a few minutes before it happens, every single night. And a few nights ago he said he heard what sounded like feet dragging along the carpet in our bedroom but there was nothing there. He is terrified and Elijah is scared so now I am scared. Oh when we went to bed last night the tv in the playroom was on, we always leave it on, it was on Cartoon Network. Well this morning it was off, and when we turned it on it was on the History Channel which is 14 channels away, and the volume was all the way up. Its been going on for a few weeks at least. We just went in there and closed and locked the door to the playroom, none of us want to go in there.

  133. Do you own or rent?

  134. That’s pretty darn spooky.

  135. Im coffeed out for the day

  136. whats up Shelley and I agree Lou thats pretty darn spooky I know I would freak out if I saw and heard the same thing

  137. oh and Shelley i just had a white chocalate mocha from Starbucks

  138. Cool Brian

  139. We rent – we live in military housing. I tried to get some information about the house from the housing office but they didnt have any. And the library didnt either. I just emailed 2 more paranormal groups in the area, I am going to get this figured out… I am so spooked right now πŸ™

  140. well if you are really spooked Emily just come here you have all of us to comfort you

  141. how much longer do you have to live there?

  142. Hang Lou’s photo. Problem solved. Oh then you have to sorry about looking at that.

  143. Patricia – Our lease is up at the end of March, so we could move as early as then. It just depends on if we can find a place off base that we can afford and if my husband can physically handle moving our stuff since he just had surgery a few months ago.
    Reggie – I agree, thats an awesome idea.. let me just print one out and see if it does the trick!

  144. Emily don’t you look at it. If you do the baby will stay in until collage time.

  145. I would move as soon as I could.

  146. Emily I just don’t know what to tell you. I know you don’t want to do anything to make things worse. What does your husband say about it? Do you still sleep with all the lights off?

  147. My husband is totally freaked out by it. We sleep with the light on in the bathroom that is attached to our bedroom and with the hall light on, but we’ve always kept the hall light on in case we need to get up at night or the boys get up. So far since we shut and locked the door nothing has happened, he hasnt woken up and we havnt heard anything. I am afraid to try to open the door though! lol

  148. Emily It’s funny I got to this comment today. I was just talking to my brother about all of this. He was freaked out. You really should talk to someone about this. There is a show called ghost hunters. I bet they will want to hear about this. Or That lady that is on the Montel Show. Silver Brown. Can tell you whats going on.

  149. Oh I LOVE that show!! That is actually one of the groups we are trying to contact, they are only half an hour away from us.

  150. Now that the writers strike might be over with soon, maybe they will contact you.

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