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Texans vs Saints, 11/18/07! WE WON!!!

2044702675_30b800811d.jpgLou and I went to the game today. We won although I don’t think Lou realized there was even a game being played. He was too busy checking out the cheerleaders!

Here is a link to all the photos.

38 thoughts on “Texans vs Saints, 11/18/07! WE WON!!!

  1. I would too, I be there with my longest lens getting close up on the cheerleaders.

  2. There was a football game?

  3. I’m more of a college football fan.. GO OHIO STATE!! We still have our shot at playing for the championship.. lets just hope LSU loses a game!!

  4. I’m originally from Youngstown, Ohio, and love those Buckeyes…well, after the Youngstown State Fighting Penguins!

  5. hey Lou how are you doing

  6. Doing fine, Brian. Congratulations on the new dog! I love animals but I’m never home long enough to have one of my own. Probably the reason why I never remarried. :> )

  7. Just wait Lou the right one will find you

  8. thanks Lou I am happy with her she is really a good dog I could not ask for a better dog she is great you will find one soon it takes time to find a dog trust me

  9. comment on number 6. Lou, And not to mention the dog most likely won’t like you like most people. congratulations Brian.

  10. WB Reggie

  11. Reggie I am glad your back and Shelley I stopped by the Starbucks buy my house yesterday and today its pretty good but it was 3.22 for a cup and if you ask me thats plain rediculous

  12. You are right. I heard they now have stuff for kids.

  13. I buy coffee beans and have at my place

  14. I went to starbucks this morning Shelley and drank some for you

  15. Thank you Brian

  16. no problem Shelley just as long as you dont forget about me oh and also Shelley happy thanksgiving hope you had a good one

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

  18. Yes I did Brian havent finished with the partying lol

  19. Hi Everybody

  20. Hi Shelley How was your Thanksgiving?

  21. My Thanksgiving was nice thanx

  22. (___)? (___)? (_____)? (_____)? Fresh Starbucks

  23. Thanks for the hug. Yes I had a great one too. Now I’m just finishing lunch and the sweet potato pie is going to get hit hard.

  24. I love pecan pie

  25. hey Shelley I am drinking Starbucks right now

  26. Okay so in case anyone is interested.. I have a link to a hotel’s website.. its a new hotel opening in Vegas, if you sign up to recieve information about the hotel they send you a FREE $10 gift card to Starbucks.. I know some of you might like that 😉

  27. Hey Emily send the link to my email address. I can get one cup of coffee with that. Maybe a hunk of banana bread.

  28. Cool Brian on the Starbucks

  29. Reggie did you and Lou go hula dancing over the weekend ?

  30. Reggie – I emailed it to you.

  31. Got it. waiting for the coffee now.

  32. hey Reggie can you send me the link that Emily sent you for the 10 dollar gift card to Starbucks I would appreciate it thanks

  33. Yes Brian. I will send it to you from my email box.

  34. This coming Thursday, 11.27.2007 will be the Dallas Cowboys with 10-1 win be playing with the Greenbay Packers also a 10-1 win. Of course being from Dallas, want the boys to win and hope that Houston will like to see us win also.

  35. I meant 11.29.2007, I was looking at the December Calendar. I guess we can not edit out post after we hit enter.

  36. Everyone should have heard COWBOYS WON !!!!!!!!!!!

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