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#TBT to a Presidential Proclamation for NF Awareness

Remember that time Reggie used his political prowess to encourage a presidential proclamation for National Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month? We do!

#TBT to 1992, featuring future president George W. Bush, Dorothy, and Reggie Bibbs sharing in the preparation for the official proclamation for Texas NF Day. His father, the current president proclaimed November National NF Awareness Month shortly thereafter.

“National Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month, 1992. By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation: This week we pause to reaffirm our Nation’s commitment to the fight against neurofibromatosis, a common genetic disorder that affects the nervous systems of more than 100,000 Americans.”

Action is the first step to awareness .
Action is the first step to awareness .


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