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Tax Deductible Donations Now Being Accepted by the Just Ask Foundation

donate_onlineThank you for your interest in helping raise awareness for NF. With your help, I hope to spread the word about neurofibromatosis through web, viral, web-related resources, and personal appearances at events throughout the country

Unfortunately due to my not being rich, i.e. poor, I don’t have the financial resources to underwrite all the funding we need to meet my objectives. Thanks to Lou, I have been able to attend all of the functions you see in these photos courtesy of Lou.

I want to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis so that people affected as severely as myself can be accepted into society and lead a “normal” life. That’s why Lou and I and Matt and Geo and William and Shana go out together. When people see other people acting normal around something they don’t understand, they feel ok about it and figure there’s nothing wierd happening and they’re fine.

I want to create public service advertising that can run on YouTube, Google Video, TV stations throughout America and more.

I want to make neurofibromatosis a part of everybody’s vocabulary.

I want to show the world that NF people may look different than others on the outside but we’re all the same on the inside.

With the help of many dear friends who are much smarter than me and very creative, we have created an incredible website and blog and have linked to Flickr online photo sharing, YouTube videos, and MySpace. And that’s just the beginning.

We want to become the one-stop source for people who have NF, want to know more about NF or just want to belong to a community of like-minded NF people.

And we could use your help.

I hope you will join us in making and all our internet resources the place to go for education, compassion, awareness, understanding, information, and fun!

Currently, we have some pressing needs that we need to move forward on but cannot without a little help. We need to have “Just Ask!” t-shirts printed to sell online and at community events. These are great because not only do they encourage people to ask about neurofibromatosis, they also serve as our sole means of financial support other than donations. No funds are allowed to be used for attending events or entertainment. Those costs will continue to be paid with personal funds.

Also, we have a dire need to update our computer equipment (i.e., scanner, software, printer, IMAC and internet connection), audio/visual equipment (i.e., digital camera and video camera, etc) and office supplies (i.e., stationary, business cards and mailing materials).

All donors will receive a dated letter or receipt on Just Ask Foundation letterhead showing the donor’s name, amount of donation and signature. A copy of our 501c3 certificate will be included as well.

Below is a link to PayPal if you would like to make a small donation. It’s pretty easy to do and would be very much appreciated. Or, if you prefer, you can also send a check via snail mail made out to:

Just Ask Foundation
c/o Reggie Bibbs
4918 Heatherbloom
Houston, TX 77096

Thank you for caring!


Have a tremendous day!


2 thoughts on “Tax Deductible Donations Now Being Accepted by the Just Ask Foundation

  1. Hi there Reggi!
    I’m a med student from Japan, sorry for the totally random email but I just watched your video online on youtube by coincidence! I was studying for the boards and I didn’t know much about NF (it’s not as common in Japan as in the US), and I wanted to learn more about it—- and I just happened to find your video uploaded by someone.^^
    I just wanted to congratulate you for your achievements and taking all that you’ve got to making this world positive for EVERYONE!
    If you hadn’t been brave and bold enough to expose yourself to the world, then someone totally random like me may not have known about this disease! You’ve already started making a difference on the other side of the globe, you know!
    I pray that you continue with your endeaors, and please realize how much power you have to inspire others! Thank you so much for your bravery, it inspires not only NF patients, but patients of all diseases, and the general public. GO REGGIE! Thank you so much!
    Fivea writing from Japan.

  2. Dear Reggie,
    I just wanted to say how inspiring you are! I do not suffer from NF. I am healthy, over all..I am overweight and struggle with what people think of me. I have missed out on a lot of things in my life because I was and am afraid of what people will say about my size. You have shown me how to be grateful for who I am. I thankyou for that. May God continue to bless you.

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