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It takes Reggie 25 minutes a day…

Reggie sewing on his pants.
Reggie sewing on his pants.

…just to put on his pants!

I was chatting with Reggie this morning and asked him what he was doing. He said, “I’m sewing my pants.” Of course, I asked, “Why?” He said that the tumors in his leg have grown so much that he has to sew his pants on as his leg is too large to put his leg through.

Reggie sewing his pants on.
Reggie sewing his pants on.

Which is understandable for anyone who has seen Reggie’s leg But here’s the part you didn’t know…when Reggie buys pants, he needs to buy two pair so that he can cut the left left off from the second pair and sew it onto the first pair so that he has a left pant leg that is double in size.

Can you imagine having to do this every day just to put on your pants?  I sure can’t! If anyone has any solutions to this problem, we’d love to hear them. I’m afraid Reggie’s leg is going to continue to grow and grow until surgery, medicine or life catches up.

Whenever Reggie needs new pants, we head down to the neighborhood Fiesta Store because it’s close by and they sell the brand of pants that fit Reggie the best, Dickey’s work pants.

Never bought clothes in a grocery store before but, in this case, it works well for all.

Thanks to Reggie’s experience working for Goodwill, he learned a lot of skills including upholstery repair where he quickly learned how to work a needle and thread.

Never once have I heard Reggie complain about living with neurofibromatosis and all the challenges that it presents. Never. I’ll tell you right now to the entire world, Reggie is a much better person than I am, that is without a doubt!

8 thoughts on “It takes Reggie 25 minutes a day…

  1. Do not know if this would work with Reggie. Back in 2001 when I broke my left leg above the ankle, broke the tibia and fibula multiple breaks each. With the pins sticking out with a bar of some type. It happen towards the end of summer, no I wore shorts. But when it got cooler or when I need to wear long pants, my mom was here and she split the pants leg then place velco strips. Also had to do this when I was wearing a boot. Since you are using two pants legs – just do not know. Did not know that you had to go through this each day.

  2. Its hard, but manageable. I would say today would be counted as a good day. I finished stitching jeans today, for tomorrow.

  3. What about some strechy eleastic and a zipper so he can just zip it closed not sure it will work…

  4. Sometime I’m lucky enough to find some that will work, put its a very tight fit. And my foot which is not in the pans swells. It just depends on how the swelling is for that day.

  5. You are my biggest hero Reggie. You have given me confidence to hold my head high with my tumors on my face & arms. I also talk to people I see in my city & when I see them with NF I let them know their not alone.

  6. Use velcro and scretchable fabrics..its gonna be a lot cheaper over time..
    Hope it helps..
    God speed and more power! 🙂

  7. I just watched the program on Discovery Chanel and it brings me here right this moment.. I have nothing to say but only an admiration from my bottom heart to You.. I often complained myself that why today I have a tiny little pimple on my face or it takes too long to do the makeup but still look “not okay” in the mirror.. How bad am I?! I am not a NF patient, I am just a normal little girl and thank you for being my hero 🙂
    I wish you will always be healthy, enjoy this life and leave all the sadness behind your back..
    A Vietnamese/Chinese’s passenger

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    Plz tel me same medician name those stope nf…sar plz help…
    I can not speck english csrefully …you understsnd me..
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