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Reggie Bibbs and Just Ask Fight for Prop 1 – Houston Equal Rights Ordinance!

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For an additional $1,000, Lou will shave his head for Neurofibromatosis awareness!

For a measly little donation, you can make all this go away! Well, except for me, I'm staying!
For a measly little donation, you can make all this go away! Well, except for me, I’m staying!

Only $315 to go! I honestly don’t want to cut my beard but if it raises money and attention for Neurofibromatosis awareness, I’m all for it….for the right price, that is! $500 is all it will take to see my face bare-ass naked! Five people have already ponied up. How about the rest of you? For an additional $1,000, I will shave my head. That is definitely something I do not want to do! Go to to make a difference!

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We made it!!! Just Ask drops in on the CTF NF Forum

imageIt wasn’t easy. It wasn’t pretty. But, it worked!

The Just Ask Tour traveled over 1,300 miles – from Houston, TX to Scottsdale, AZ – to attend the annual CTF NF Forum! Over mountains, through deserts, eating more fast food than we’ve ever eaten in our life, Reggie and I made it and lived to talk about it.

It’s been non-stop meetings and presentations packed with news on the latest clinical trials for Neurofibromatosis patients, the latest research and the latest facts about this disorder that affects 1 in 3,000 people!

I’ll write more after the conference is over but this is what the CTF website had to say:

April 17-19, 2015: Scottsdale, AZ
The Children’s Tumor Foundation’s NF Forum is a national patient and family gathering hosted annually in different cities across the United States.

The NF Forum allows those living with NF, and their families, to connect, support, and learn from each other while attending seminars on relevant topics pertaining to neurofibromatosis.

The 2015 NF Forum features: NF clinical and research updates, sessions on the personal and social challenges of living with NF, interactive Q & A sessions with NF specialists, fun activities, meals, social time with friends and family, and much more!

The Children’s Tumor Foundation, mindful of the high cost of transportation and family expenses, has underwritten a significant portion of the registration in order to keep the registration costs as low as possible.




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Video from Just Ask Mobile during Houston Art Car Parade!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.45.11 PMCheck out our video from INSIDE the Just Ask Bus! Lot’s of fun!

2015 Houston Art Car Parade Video

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New Design for Back of Bus!

We decided to simplify the graphics on the back of the bus to make it easier for fellow road hogs to connect with us on the road, particularly our Twitter brethren. I like it a lot. Much cleaner and easier to read. We also added a photo and quote from Reggie and hashtags for our social media geeks.