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Just Ask Launches World Tour at 2015 Houston Art Car Parade, April 11!

Come to the Houston Art Car Parade on Saturday, April 11, as Reggie W. Bibbs and I officially launch the Just Ask World Tour and Bus to over 300,000+ parade goers! It’s the largest Art Car Parade in the world and we are honored to be chosen as one of its participants!

Houston Art Car Paradeimage

Immediately after the parade, we will be driving to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the Children’s┬áTumor Foundation Neurofibromatosis Forum April 17 – 19! We look forward to seeing all of our old friends from CTF as well making a bunch of new ones!!!

Also, along the way, we will be spreading love and awareness of neurofibromatosis on behalf of the Just Ask Foundation and everyone challenged by NF throughout the world.