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Justin Barton from Dallas

3945060435_308f531930_b(4)Meet Justin Barton, a devoted golfer. I recently met Justin and his family in Dallas at the Denise Terrill Golf Classic. This is an annual event hosted by Minerva and Bob Terrill to raise awareness and research funds for neurofibromatosis research. The golf tournament really gives hope to those who are affected by NF.  A big thank you to the Terrills for their hard work

It was at that event that I met Justin and his family. Thank you Justin for your visit and the lunch today. Mom and I had a great time.  You will be in our prayers, as well as your friend you will visit today.  Stay strong and know that you have our support.

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Reggie’s Presentation from Grand Rapids Visit

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/reggieInMI.flv 480 320]

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Tax Deductible Donations Now Being Accepted by the Just Ask Foundation

donate_onlineThank you for your interest in helping raise awareness for NF. With your help,  I hope to spread the word about neurofibromatosis through web, viral,  web-related resources, and personal appearances at events throughout the country

Unfortunately due to my not being rich, i.e. poor, I don’t have the financial resources to underwrite all the funding we need to meet my objectives. Thanks to Lou, I have been able to attend all of the functions you see in these photos courtesy of Lou.

I want to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis so that people affected as severely as myself can be accepted into society and lead a “normal” life. That’s why Lou and I and Matt and Geo and William and Shana go out together. When people see other people acting normal around something they don’t understand, they feel ok about it and figure there’s nothing wierd happening and they’re fine. Continue reading Tax Deductible Donations Now Being Accepted by the Just Ask Foundation