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Last night’s Houston Roller Derby action was the best I have ever seen. Lou and I were close to the action on the floor and almost had a couple ladies land in our lap. Maybe we’ll be luckier next time!

All of the teams did a terrific job. I had no idea how much talent and physical strength you need to be a skater until we sat up close. You can see all the action that’s going on, not just what the jammer is doing.


I saw Beverly Kills throw a block on one skater that I felt this morning!

What I really like about Houston Roller Derby is that the skaters will come up to you and talk to you and thank you for coming! The famous skaters Dementia, Mistilla the killa and Jekyl & Heidi (they’re all famous in my head) were very nice to me and took lots of photos with me. The roller derby ladies make me feel like they are my fan, just as much as I am a fan to them. If you want to feel like you have a fan, all you have to do is go to one game. You will be hooked. Believe me you will enjoy the game. I always enjoy myself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Colonel is crazy!!!


  1. Last night was incredible! Congratulations to the Psych Ward Sirens for moving on to the Championship next month! Also a big thank you to everyone who made it so much fun for us including DeMentia 13, Mistilla the Killa, The Colonel, Jeckyl and Heidi, Flame and Rage, Beverly Kills, Tawdry Hepburn, Agent Belligerent, Atomic Blonde, Carmen Geddit, and Fro-Rocious! You ladies and guy (Colonel) are the best!

  2. What a cool night. I’m telling you all, you have got to see one of the bouts. You will love it.

  3. Sounds like you two need a babysitter to keep yall out of trouble

  4. Lou does. Not me. I’m the good one. 🙂

  5. I’d like to mention how nice it was to spend time with Atomic Blonde. What a truly wonderful and caring person! I have no idea why she liked Reggie so much?!!

  6. Well I can answer that. Say I’m a eagle maniac, but its all true. I’m just a lovable guy. Thats why. Just ask Eleanor, Shelley, Rie, Elena and Emily. 🙂 Everyone’s knows but you. Than again it’s ok. No one listens to you. 🙂

  7. Thats ok Lou we love you too lol

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  9. Carla, Welcome to the site! Don’t worry about your english, my spanish is much worse. There are many people who come to this site to share information or just to take a break from it. In any event, we’re glad to have you and look forward to talking with you. Lou

    PS – Mi casa es azul y una mas cerveza, por favor!

  10. Hi Carla,

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  11. Rie & Elena here to say Reggie IS the good one, just like he says. And no babysitter can ever keep Lou out of trouble.
    (That sounded pretty good, huh Reggie?)

  12. Nice to see a Houston derby fan online. I used to go to bout in Atlanta, and since we just relocated here Sunday was my first game.

    Loaded question… any favorite teams or players?

  13. Oh yea you got that right.

  14. Robert,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m hooked. I love the game, but still learning all the rules. It’s hard to pick a favorite team. I love them all.

  15. DeMentia of the Psych Ward Sirens rules!!!

  16. Reggie, I just found your website today while researching some more about NF. I have known I have had it for a while now but never showed to many symptoms, but as I grow older I am showing more signs of it (now 28). I look forward to reading your site more and reading the links. Also, FYI I added you as a friend on MySpace.

  17. Thank you. I’m happy you found my site. I’m hope you can connect with other here as they are in the same fight. We can support one another on my blog. You will see that you are not alone. I have had the same problem as you had. As I grew my tumors grew. Only thing with my tumors, you could see that I had two tumors at birth. Nothing was done at that time. Mom just didn’t know about NF 43 years ago. She found out when I was 8 months old. You can ready that story on my site. Thank you for the visit. I hope you will be here often.


  18. HI Reggie

  19. Hey Shelley, WHAT TIME IS IT!!! Coffee time! 🙂

  20. NOPE its CHOCOLATE time

  21. Yumm! I’m going to make brownies now.

  22. OOO are you gonna share ?

  23. Hey, we’re talking roller derby here! If you wanna talk about food, I’m sure has an excellent blog you two can talk about this crap at. Geez…

  24. Give me a break for crying out loud. Did you see the other link I left for all to see. Of course its all about me. here is the link.

    Listen to the music Lou! ME ME ME!

  25. What are the plans for the weekend everybody

  26. I’m going to sit around the house and think of ways to anomie Lou.

  27. Reggie Im sure he would be ballet dancing this weekend

  28. Lou might need you to keep him out of trouble lol

  29. I could never get him out of the trouble he gets in to. lol

  30. I’m going to practice on my Reggie Voodoo doll.

  31. What is a Reggie Voodoo doll?

  32. What in the world are you talking about Louis? Practice what? All I can say is BRING IT ON!!! 🙂

  33. Shelley, it’s a doll that looks just like Reggie only much better looking and you stick pins in it. The goal is to make Reggie feel the pain that is inflicted on the doll. It’s a lot of fun!

  34. Lou you are not only sick, but twisted.

  35. AW poor Reggie

  36. Reggie Do you have a Lou voodoo doll? You stick pins in it and Lou would feel it

  37. Dont worry Lou Im working on baby bibs for YOU to wear

  38. Reggie doesn’t need a Lou Voodoo doll. Every time he calls me, it’s like sticking pins in me!

  39. Good! then my curse is working.

  40. Lou doesn’t really need a bib, he catches all the food and drink in his beard.

  41. Something better. Phone calls.

  42. I just got finished stitching 12 bibs all for Lou

  43. AW poor Lou

  44. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t feel sorry for Lou.

  45. Make string kind of too short. I will make it fit. I will just tie it real tight.

  46. OK what color you want me to make the strings pink or blue

  47. Lou why do you need a Reggie voodoo doll Hes a cool guy

  48. Lou is a wild and crazy guy.

  49. Reggie I think you need to call Lou up so that he can feel the pain like he said that when you call its like sticking a pin in him so you need to call him because he is being mean to you

  50. I agree Brian Lou needs it lol

  51. How are you Brian ?

  52. lol. Like I said. I think Lou is getting in way over his head. 🙂

  53. Hey Reggie maybe you could get a pic of Lou wearing a bib while your talking to him on phone lol

  54. Are you all having fun?

  55. Giving you a hard time is a lot of fun.

  56. Im having fun Reggie

  57. Shelley I’m having the time of my life, giving Lou a hard time.

  58. Ok, the foot’s on the other shoe now!

    Can anybody guess where Reggie went last Friday? Hints: Music. Food. Galleria.

  59. Let’s not talk about the pass.

  60. Oh, I forgot, dancing was involved.

  61. Shelly I am good thank you for asking man I cant believe that Lou is so mean to Reggie I really think Reggie needs to call Lou to give him the pain LOL

  62. I love the Galleria why didnt yall invite me lol

  63. Brian when Lou is giving Reggie a hard time just tell him that Shelley has his bibs ready lol

  64. Lou what do you do for fun {besides harrassing Reggie}

  65. Hey Brian, Shelley Can you imagine how board Lou would be, if I wasn’t around for him to pick on. I’m the only one who will be his friend for free. lol Well I will have to admit I do make him take me to lunch every so often.

  66. Hey Reggie I started this blog so i wouldnt be bored and meet new people lol

  67. Are we still stuck at comment 69? Lou would be board because who else would put up with him? lol

  68. Brian and Reggie just wait till Lou’s daughter starts DATING lol

  69. I think Brian has been commenting and we are not sure if its being added here. We will have to see. This is mu second one today on this one. I see it’s being posted. You are here too. I hope to see Brian on number 72.

  70. Reggie, I’m just humoring you! I don’t need to pay you to be a friend, I have all the friends money can buy and then some!!! One more hint about Reggie’s Friday sojourn: women were involved…of the opposite sex!!!

  71. Lou i was humoring you too lol

  72. Yall behaving

  73. Reggie this is a test

  74. Guess what Brian? Got it.

  75. now that I can make comments and now that they are getting added IM BACK

  76. WB Brian

  77. He yall, I just finish. You may say finish what. Let say Lou doll and pens.

  78. thank you shelly its good to be back

  79. Reggie you dont need a Lou doll all you need to do is call Lou and its like sticking a pen in him LOL

  80. Yea Brian we need you here. Check out some of the comments Lou made. I’am not sure what blog he left them on.

  81. Yea, I will call him every 15 minuets. That should bug him enough. lol

  82. right on Reggie thats funny

  83. Reggie, I have left instructions with the receptionist to put you through to our hold music where you can listen to “The Best of Donny Osmond”. Or, she could scrape your gums for you!

  84. Hey hey I love Donny Osmond

  85. Yes gums scraped and at the same time being attacked by pack wolves.

  86. Reggie I have your bibs ready for you to wear lol

  87. Okay…wait! Reply to 73…women of the opposite sex???? is that like trannies??? Just what are you suggesting here Lou?

  88. Don’t listen to him. Now do you really believe Me (Reggie) would do anything like what Lou is suggesting? Come on we are talking about Lou. He has no c readability. He plays with dolls and he rags on the only friend he has. His Dog Stanley even loves me best.

  89. In reply to #91, Eleanor, I’m shocked and disturbed that you would know anything about “trannies”! What are they teaching you in El Paso? Have you guessed where Reggie went for his birthday? One more hint: a couch was used. Twice.

  90. Ok Ok Lou we get it. So I had a talk with a head doctor.

  91. women of the opposite sex…couches, twice…head doctors..and lunch….sounds like a real wild time..whatever it was.

  92. I’m not going to say where he went but I will say that it was one lunch he will never, ever forget.

  93. Eleanor is too smart. But I think I got her off tract. Thank goodness. That’s enough Adgiant. I mean shut up!!:|

  94. Aw Reggie

  95. Yall crack me up

  96. Yall are funny

  97. this is a blast it really helps to take my mind off of things thanx guyes yall are great

  98. Patricia its terrific that you are having a good time here. Its early to talk about now, but You will have just as much fun at camp next year.

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