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Sugar Ray Leonard Sporting A “Just Ask” T-shirt.

I got the surprise of my life today. Well it shouldn’t have surprised me. Sugar Ray has always been a supporter of my work in JUST ASK.  Sugar Ray wrote me.  He said, he needs a new Just Ask t-shirt, so he can continue to wear my shirt and help spread awareness of neurofibromatosis when he travels to other countries.  This is great to have someone as famous as Sugar Ray Leonard to be involved with making a difference in the  JUST ASK! campaign.  Sugar Ray always ends his notes by calling me the Champ. Sugar Ray is the real Champ!

Thank you Sugar Ray.

13 thoughts on “Sugar Ray Leonard Sporting A “Just Ask” T-shirt.

  1. Sugar Ray has been a great friend of Reggie’s and neurofibromatosis for many years. He “doodles for NF,” he wears his JustAsk shirts everywhere, he sends photos of himself in the shirts to make a public endorsement, and he’s just a super cool individual! However, I think I can take him out in three rounds!

  2. I will sure deliver the message. And you know I will. I know how to get in contact with him. Hay, that would be a great fun raiser idea. Raise money and awareness of nf, and another plus. We get to watch Lou get the snot knocked out of him. Man I love it. On my top of to do list.

  3. Reggie you make me laugh my starbucks almost came out my nose! Ouch

    So, maybe there should be a three-way match to find out who the real champ is.

    Actually, you are all champs outside of the ring, but in the ring I doubt Lou and Reggie would stand a chance, even 2 on 1 and with Sugar Ray being real nice on you.

  4. Plus I’m sure Reggie and Lou could never even agree on a fight plan.

    You hit him first…No YOU hit him first……wait I really gotta take this call…

    I would love to meet Sugar Ray, he’s great in and out of the ring.

  5. Bart, I just call them, like I see them. That was Lou, who talking all the smack. I’m saying nothing to make Sugar Ray hit me. I’ll break his ear drum, with all that screaming. That is the only way I will win. Have you seen the way Lou takes a swing at people? Good….it’s not pretty. The silliest thing you ever laid your eyes on. Not including his mugshots.

  6. Reggie why dont you send Sugar Ray 100 shirts He would like that

  7. One for each day of the year…no, wait, uh,just forget I said anything.

  8. Good Morning to all.

    Wow!, Because of Sugar Ray Leonard I have 4 t-shirt orders to send out today. Pretty cool. We have a few Celebrities, wearing a just ask t-shirt. Would be nice to get a large group of celebrities together in a group shoot.

  9. On comment 8 if Sugar Ray had 100 shirts he could give them as gifts

  10. Where can I get a tea shirt about nf1. I was borne with this. Would love to were it will out on bike events. Thank you.

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