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Steak Nite at PJ’s, 8/12/10

Tonight, Matt, Geo and I went to PJ’s for Steak Nite. We wanted Reggie to go but he wasn’t feeling up to it. It’s been a while since the gang has been here but we decided to start the tradition back up again. Hopefully, next tine Willian, John Person, John Aucoin, and John Cassius will be able to join us. It was great seeing PJ and some of the regulars although missing were some of our favorites: Dawn, Ovie, Jenny, Erica and the rest of the dudes. But hey, what the hell, you gotta start somewhere! Next Thursday will be even better! We’ll drag Reggie here if we have to!

7 thoughts on “Steak Nite at PJ’s, 8/12/10

  1. Had a fun nite, Reggie, you were missed!

  2. I know I missed a good time. I was happy to know that PJ, ask about me. Missed Geo, and Matt. Ok I missed you to Lou.

  3. If our symposium was this weekend, I might have tried to come down earlier to attend.

  4. We missed you too Reggie!!! Not nearly as many chicks swarming around us as when you are there. You are the chick magnet. Lou, on the other hand, tends to have the opposite effect on women!!

  5. I just wasn’t trying.

  6. Chicks?!?! It looks like you had your hands full with ladyboys, Matt…

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