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Some People

Yesterday, I took my nephew to the bus stop. We stopped at a traffic light. You know that feeling you get when someone is looking at you? I felt that. When I look to my left, I saw a car with four people looking at me laughing.

I was bewildered. Why is someone’s outward appearance funny? I can understand a person being afraid to look at me, but to think I am funny? I do not understand.

Has this ever happened to you? If it has, I am really sorry. Please write and tell me about it. Believe me; I will sympathize with how you feel.

This Web site will be good because we can encourage people not to look at our outward appearances, but at our hearts.

6 thoughts on “Some People

  1. That is sad that people are so ignorant….. now that’s something to feel sad about.

  2. Thank you Jorge. But it’s OK. I have been getting lots of support on my blog. Stay tuned to my site for Great things to come.


  3. Hello Reggie
    I saw you on Fox 26. Thanks for your courage. I can identify with you somewhat. I lost my left eye at age 22 and I am always thinking they are looking at my artificial eye. After all these years, I am still self conscious of the eye . Have a tremendous day.

    Gerald Bluhm

  4. I hope you have been helped as much as I have been helped. When I see all the post and the personal emails, Its like extra energy for me. Thank you. You are helping me more then you know. Your friend and of Course.

    Make it a tremendous day!

    Reggie Bibbs

  5. Hello Reggie
    It’s been five months since I first sent you a note of encouragement. How are you doing? Have you done anything interesting lately? I just work and come home. I hope to go on vacation to Tennessee in November. I am looking forward to football season. Do you like football?

    Have a tremendous day


  6. Gerald thank you. I’m happy you are here again. A lot have been added just in the last two months. I bet you could use the vacation. I hope you get have a good vacation. Lets just speak it. You will get to go. Go Dallas Cowboys.

    I made it a tremendous day!


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