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I thought this would be a fun post. I would like to know if any of you had similar problems. I didn’t think about until a friend brought it to my attention. I drove over to a friends house just after dark. I found it like I was driving to where I live with my mom. No problem at all. So, guess what happen when I went to my friends house around noon? You guessed it. I couldn’t find it. I passed his house three times. It would have been four times, if he had not chased the car down yelling my name. Now how crazy is that? My friend and I laughed about it most of the day. I just did not see the house.

4 thoughts on “SIGHT LIKE A BAT

  1. They say the first thing to go are the eyes. But in your case, Reggie, it might be time to do that intervention thing your family has been discussing…oh, wait, I wasn’t supposed to say anything…oops.

  2. Hey are you hungry ? Just wondering…. I have a sandwich for you. What kind you may ask. A knuckle sandwich. Lou how creatively. nice bat. You are suppose to make me look good. You are bringing all the attention to yourself with all that talent. What about ME ME ME ?

  3. True enough that the eyesight starts to go first, but in progression next goes the memory……uh, where was I…. oh yea, memory…..uh, where was I going with this???…. oh yea, OLD AGE creeping in!!!! The best thing about loss of memory is that you can watch a movie 1 day and a couple of days later not remember it so when you watch it again it’s like watching it for the first time! It is great getting old, welcome to the club!

  4. Another good thing about that is . If you see a bad movie, you will have no memory about it, when it’s over. The only draw back on the is, you may end up going to see it again.

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