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reggieshorts31.jpgI have a new tripod, so I took this photo of myself working at my computer. I know it looks like I posing for the photo. Well, you’re right. I’m wearing shorts around the house. I wish I had the guts to go someplace wearing shorts.

People always ask for my advice and how do I handle things. Now I ask you, do you have advice me for?

I’m not that strong, but any encouragement or advice you can give me, I’m all ears or leg. : > ) You know living in Houston, you have to wear shorts in order to keep cool.

15 thoughts on “SHORTS IN HOUSTON

  1. You look good in shorts

  2. I bet you say that to all the guys. Well you know now that I think about it, maybe I do.

  3. Well, I will say one thing…your shirt matches your room very well! You are the undisputed fashion and style maven of South Houston! Us fashion peasants bow to your genius.

  4. I dont tell all the guys that lol

  5. I guess that really does make me special. :>

  6. I’m sorry that you feel you arent brave enough to wear shorts out in public but you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed or scared of. You are a human being, and nobody is perfect. I dont know why I am telling you this, you already know! You are a strong person, and I cant imagine something so small bothering you. You just keep your head up high and wear those shorts with pride Reggie! I’d rather be cool and comfortable in the summer heat than to try and hide behind long pants, and I’m sure you feel the same way. You’ve taken a big step by posting a photo online where millions of people can see you in shorts, so the people in your town are no big deal, they know you and they arent going to put you down.
    Sorry I havnt commented in awhile, its been very hectic! We just found out we’re pregnant again, the baby is due next March. And we’ve been thinking alot about will this baby have NF, because nobody is still 100% sure if Elijah’s was spontaneous or not. But we are trying not to worry too much about it.

  7. Wow! You know some time it takes someone other then your family member to tell you something, before you accept it. I just told mom I was going to go out side in my shorts and wash my car.

    Thank you for shareing your blessed news. We will have to pray that nf will not be an issue.

  8. I agree with Emily, Reggie. I’d be happy to accompany you and damn proud to be with you.

  9. Remember the train? I think I can? I’ll di it.

  10. AMEN Emily and Lou

  11. Thanks Shelley. Hit me on my email. It looks like I might get to go out and wash the car. The sun is going down.

  12. reggie,
    thank you so much for being brave enough to let everyone see how nf affects a person. I think you are the stongest person I have ever encounted. Here I was feeling sorry for myself, because I get questioned everyday. I hate it.
    I have a t-shirt that say keep starring I might do a trick.
    I dont think I would even be brave enough to were one that says just ask lol. But people ask anyway so I dont have too. I will now wear anything I want. even if it makes someone uncomfortable. because of your bravery, I am going to do my best not to let rude comments bother me anymore.

  13. Thank you Renee. Messages like this is what helps me do the things I do. I send my best to you, so that you will keep being strong. YOU CAN DO IT! Just keep smiling and they will smile with you.

  14. my heart goes out to you, but those people who look and stare and act a fool are not worth the time a day put your head up and keep walking, about 2 weeks a go me, my dauthter, and my mother went to the mall, and at macys this little minded woman%^^&&&**@# looked at mother put her nose in the air and walked away, I said loud enough for her to hear me and other people probally a lot she was rude and stuchk up, i then wrote maceys and told them of the incident, they called me about a week later and offered me a package I told them NO, that the best thing they could do was to educuate their staff, and hung up the phone, thank you for letting me vent

  15. Patricia It’s ok to Vent. So please vent! We can do that here. Yes I do get very angry when people do what they do. I thank God that I don’t act out on it. We know how it is and we are here to support one another. Thank you for being a big part of my blog. Have you met Lou yet!You will know him when write on the blog. Just look for the guy that talk like he is two cans short of a 6 pack

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