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Reggie’s First Ever PSA for Neurofibromatosis, 1989!

7 thoughts on “Reggie’s First Ever PSA for Neurofibromatosis, 1989!

  1. I’ll never forget this commercial. This is when I first met Reggie. Bob Hopkins, Executive Director of the Texas NF Foundation, asked me if I would write a public service announcement for Texas NF. I said, “Sure.” And he said, “But before you write anything, you might want to talk to Reggie Bibbs first. He’s pretty severely affected and I’m sure has a different point about NF than others less affected.”

    So I did and and we’ve been friends ever since!

  2. I have to say I have a lot of issues within the workplace with regards to Neurofibromatosis my friends have a good understanding and they care but others especially management really do not understand how NF affects me on a daily basis where some days I really struggle. I get no encouragement as you are just seen as a number and not a person. I have to say I follow Reggies blogs and appreciate the way that he responds to people in a caring and understanding way while giving hope and encouragement and this helps me and many others, so Reggie you are a shining star and I want to thank you for giving others with NF hope.

  3. Thank you Haggis,

    That mean a lot to me. I’m just happy that I can be of help. It doesn’t cost a thing to encourage anyone. It’s easy to offer words on encouragment. We all need it. Your blog post is a encouragment to me. Thank you for folllowing me on my blog.

  4. Is it Dave or Haggis? Either way, well said!

  5. Hi:

    I saw last nigth a program about NF where you appear and told your history.I am from Argentine and this is the first time that I see a men with a lot of desire to enjoy the live !! Here in my country we have a lot of problem, a lot of people that think all is lost and do not have the strentgh to go forward and after see the program I understood that when a man think that he can all doors will be open. So I very appreciate your help to the world!! Still continue because this kind of things be us more human.


  6. Hi Rino, thank you for the visit to my blog. I’m happy to get your post. I have received a lot of messages from new friends in Argentine, I’m happy about that. Thank you, and thanks to all my new friends in your country.

  7. Hi, im from Puerto Rico. I have 32 years old, married, two kids and im biologyst. Im christian and i see your story by discovery channel. I just want to say you that God is all that the human needs. You have a big heart and thats is so beutifull. I really hope that all for you be ok and now you have a new friend and i hope to know about you soon. BLESS YOU… 🙂

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