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Reggie’s 45th birthday.

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26 thoughts on “Reggie’s 45th birthday.

  1. Aww Happy B-day, big daddy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Reggie!

  3. look kiddo, you better tell me where and when you want this cake. i could bring it up to the office one day next week.

  4. Happy belated birthday and stuff. Someone looks thrilled to death in the pictures.

  5. Reggie obviously thinks he is too good for my cake and is avoiding me at all cost.

  6. I got you one of those ladders off of the qvc channel for ur bday Reggie. I’ll bring it to you this weekend


  8. Happy birth day to you Reggie Kind regards Lucy and Francis

  9. I know where you live Reggie.
    ok, not really. but i know other things and I will start posting them in two hours so the WHOLE WORLD can know your secrets.
    Secret #1 -Reggie is black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. . . .and that is just a warm up!!!!!! You just wait Reggie, two hours, you JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  11. O…M…G… Reggie! You’re a negroid?! Well I’m afraid our friendship just can’t go on. I won’t stand for this kind of dishonesty! Had you been up front with it in the beginning things might have turned out different. Good day!

  12. #2. Last time I left Lou’s house, Reggie winked at Lou and blew him a kiss.

  13. HEY! Maybe we CAN still be friends!

  14. NOTE: Both Lou and Reggie have been kicked off the blog until further notice.

    that is the only possible reason they are not responding.

    #3. Reggie is a vegetarian. (aka pansy!)

  15. happy bday

  16. Reggie is NOT a vegetarian. However I definitely agree about the pansy statement.

  17. Lou, i have not invited you back onto the blog.
    #4 Reggie was once the president of the New Kids on the Block fan club. (and to my knowledge he has not yet given up his position)
    and yes, he is a pansy.

  18. Welcome back from Galveston! Boy, did we miss you!!!

  19. Galveston was a blast. Thanks for asking.
    #5. Reggie prefers to be called Regina, but only when he is wearing his purple dress and high heals.

  20. I am on a boycott against high heels and his tall (I’m assuming over 5’6) self is going around wearing heels?! Reggie Bibbs you are on my hit list! Right next to Wendy Williams!

  21. fine. reggie, you are no longer banned from the blog. WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU???????

  22. I’m here, and I will be on the other post as well I saw 21 comments, and I was happy. And then I thought hey, that is not my age. Oh well. 21 was a good year.

  23. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’s back! Hey Mr. Bibbs! How are you?

  24. Countdown begins; 3 weeks to camp.

  25. they will go fast. I’m ready for camp

  26. me too i hope this year is even better than last year.

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