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Reggie wins big at Sam Houston Race Park!

3624102744_4707e3455c_b13 smackeroos!!!

See all the photos here!

Yes Lou and I went to Sam Houston Race Park yesterday. We had a lot of fun. My first time there and I met a lot of nice people. Yea it was  13 smackeroos. I think if it at 23 dollors. I laid down 10, and got back a $20 and 3 ones.  So it was $23.  Oh didn’t have to deal with the heat, we had a sweet. Nice and cool there. Enjoy the photos, I have 13 bucks, oh I mean $23 bucks to spent.

4 thoughts on “Reggie wins big at Sam Houston Race Park!

  1. Don’t forget to add that on your income taxes. If you donate it to NF, balance out to zero… ?

  2. Just to set the record straight, Reggie and I were invited by a mutual friend to be their guest at Sam Houston Race Track in Houston. Our friend, Tracey Shappro of VT2 Studios, had the “Director’s Suite” for the day which was incredible. FREE EVERYTHING!!! Food, drinks, $2 betting vouchers, 50 yard line seats, air conditioning, free concert afterward by America, etc, etc. Needless to say, we had a blast! Neither Reggie and I gamble so when presented with a free betting voucher we said, “What the heck!” and WON!!!Thank you, Tracey for a wonderful day!

  3. Yes we had a terrific time. The food was great. Oh and the bread pudding was soooooo good.

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