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Reggie receives a ton of love at the Houston Art Car Parade today!

“It is an amazing feeling to know there are a lot of great people that are around us everyday. The acceptance I felt today is something that I wish every person with NF to receive the same feeling. No, it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it all.  If I stayed home. I never would have met the wonderful people I met today. Thank you for caring.”


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7 thoughts on “Reggie receives a ton of love at the Houston Art Car Parade today!

  1. Sei un grande

  2. Reg I m really happy fr u hope u will get more and more love and caring?

  3. Really reg u r really an inspiration fr us its really great to see u happy man?

  4. I just saw ur story on discovery Channel. I salute u for ur fight and have the courage.thats true that there are nice people around us. We all are with you take care. Have blessed days :). You mom nice never hurt her even if ur in frustration. I really appreciate ur decision of going out and face the world.

  5. Hi Reggi.
    We are anni and mayank right from India. We have really received an infinite ray of inspiration from you. I (anni) am a case of cleft palate but I was operated when I was 5years old and with god’s grace that operation was undoubtedly successful but still after 10years of this operationmy speech is 20% defective. This somewhat makes me quite and feel lonely when I am out of my house, especially when talking to someone who is unknown to me or the one who is not acquainted with my speech. In my home, my kin and those who are listening me since years are quite acquainted with my speech and, so they are habituated in listening to me and I am habituated in speaking in my own vague voice. But when I meet new people or want to make friends with someone when I go in a new surrounding, I come to know that my speech is not understandable. Those people just ignore me and sometimes makes fun of me. I feel very lonely, silent from within. This repels me to keep my thoughts, my views and my expressions in front of all. I feel rejected. This always shakens my pole of confidence. Sometimes, I as a good student can solve any solution asked by the teacher which none can answer, and stand up to represent my answer the teacher doesn’t understand what I have spoken and this really make me feel embarrassed. Due to this I cannot express my power of knowledge in front of all. I was gradually loosing hope and my confidence. I used to curse myself and think why god has given me such a problem.
    But after seeing your ailments, I came to realise that my problem is just a pity thorn in front of yours gigantic sufferings. You erased all my complaints that I had for my life. You gave me a bright hope of positiveness and possibilities. I have decided to start my regular speech therapy and would strive to improve myself to my best, no matter what other thinks of me or how others interprets me. Thanks a lot for your encouragement. You have proved that
    “When problems come don’t say Why me, just say Try Me” and so do I promise myself. A great salute to Reggie and Maurice, our Superman.

  6. Hi Reggie I’m Jennifer w I have nf1 I had it sence I was 22months old

  7. Good Morning Dear heart.
    Hi Reggie.
    My name is Marjorie.
    I reside in Rochester, NY. I saw your story and I was so moved to inspiration & to tears. You inspire me to be the best me in God that I can be. I want to thank you for your beautiful courage.
    On this day Monday 12/26/16
    God bless you and your family.

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