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Reggie Meets Kevin and Susan Nealon in LA!


Reggie with Susan and Kevin Nealon and Scott Dickson in LA.

See more photos at Reggie’s Flickr account here!

3 thoughts on “Reggie Meets Kevin and Susan Nealon in LA!

  1. Reggie called and was all excited about meeting Kevin and his wife, Susan, at a comedy club that Kevin was appearing at. He said both of the Nealon’s were just wonderful and they talked for half an hour. I love hearing stuff like this! Way to go, Kevin and Susan!!!

  2. That is really Way cool Reggie. What’s he like? Next thing you know you’ll be hosting SNL !!

    Kevin’s birthday is next Tuesday, the 18th (I Google’d him and found out on Wikipedia).
    How long you in LA-LA land?

  3. Bart I was there for 5 days.

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