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Reggie in L.A.

3387792827_c17ec5bcc8p1040770-1audrey-wells0759Just talked with Reggie and he had a phenomenal time at the book signing event last night thanks to Greg Gorman. Reggie  said he met a lot of great people and took a lot of photos. He’s  going to try to email me one or two to put on the site until he gets back. PHOTOS

In any event, if you were at the party on Wednesday, please leave a comment so we can live vicariously through Reggie’s amazing life!

Top photo: Me and photographer,

Middle: Me, Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon) and Scott Dickson

Lower: Me and Audrey Wells (Director: Under the Tuscan Sun).


22 thoughts on “Reggie in L.A.

  1. Looking good, Reggie! Well, for a black person, that is…

  2. I was waiting to hear, He-e-e-e-e-rs, Reggie! on the Tonite Show.

  3. I hope he’s out there having fun and meeting people. The more people who know of Reggie, the more that may be able to help. A t-shirt here. A donation there. Exposure to people who have the power and wherewithal to make a difference.

  4. Lou very nice comment on 3. But, don’t think you are getting off scott free the the other comment. We can make things right, by starting with a nice cup of Starbuck coffee when you pick me up at the Airport. Oh yes, back some cookies. What do you say? Yes?

  5. Right, Reggie, hold your breath.

  6. Does that mean yes?

  7. Oh, you bet, Reggie!!! The only question is, do you want a tall, grande or venti?

  8. Thanks Lou I will need it. Make it a grande. Things are going great. I have some pictures of some famous people that you see about now.

  9. Yes I’m back. I know you miss me.

  10. Los Angles was great! The weather was nice as well. I met a lot of nice people. I hope ypu enjoy the photos. I will write more about California in the morning.

  11. Welcome back Reggie

  12. Thank you Shelley, I had a great time. Did you see the photos?

  13. Mr. Reggie Hollywood is back or woould that be Hollywood Reggie? Which is better folks? Vote!

  14. I saw the pics wish I got to go too lol

  15. John, yes that will be fine. As long as you use both of them. lol It has a nice ring to it. Wouldn’t you say?

  16. Shelley, glad you saw the photos. Did you Christopher Atkins?

  17. I think I stay with Hollywood Reggie.

  18. Cool I like that. Do I lookHollywood right?

  19. What was Chris like Reggie

  20. Chris was very nice. You would like him as well.

  21. Did you ask Greg about Janis Joplin Reggie

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