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Reggie Bibbs Just Ask! Presentation

94 thoughts on “Reggie Bibbs Just Ask! Presentation

  1. Hello! I’m from Brazil, live in Salvador-Bahia .. Assist the Programme in the discovery and was delighted with his will to live .. you are an example! You never give up, and you know that even across the world, there are people you want the best of luck and much happiness! God be with you

  2. Hi Maiza,

    Thank you for your post. I’m happy to watched the program. I enjoy meet new friends from every conner of the world. Thank you for being one of the many new friends in Brazil. I love it. Please write anytime.

  3. Dear Reggie

    My name es Vilma Rosa Saenz Roman, I live in Managua, Nicaragua. I knew about you, just last week from TV in History or Discovery Channel in which you went to visit another friend with NF. Thanks for showing that the Lord Jesus is in YOUR HEART, and also because you`re not hiding in your house, and accept yourself as you are, this make a great different. And help to other persons to have courage and love themselves. Cause the most important thing is what God thinks about us, and not the people around us. I am Catholic
    Riggie, Virgen Mary is holding you in her lap, like a baby and smile with love, cause you are her son too
    I would like to be your friend too, I will pray to the Lord Jesus, that you could find persons to help you and give the courage. Be Blessed in the Name of our Beloved Jesus Riggie. How can we find on facebook??? TAKE CARE

    1. Hi Vilma,

      Thank you for your kind words of support. Yes, I do feel blessed, and I’m happy to hear from you. You can write me direct, or on face book. Just look for Reggie Bibbs in Houston Texas. Again Vilma, thank you for taking time to write me.

  4. Reggie I think u are such a amazing guy and u really show me to never give up hope everting is going great GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. hey regie hows it going and my girl just saw you on the TLC channel for the 2nd time an wanted to say hello to you..keep up the good work reggie poeple out there need eduacted on this stuff,ok.we live in maryville,mo. have you ever been to missouri reggie?i’m going to send you a friends request on facebook an i hope you get it ok pal…keep up the good work man an a BIG HELLO from missouir…….curtis t.

  6. Hey Reggie! My husband and I were watching you show on TLC and we were inspried by youand maurice!
    I am glad you guys let us into your world to educate us. I am truely inspired by yall. I am glad you decided to
    Get back to living. you never had a reason to hide. I some what understand how you guys feel I have to two
    Sons that have disability’s. You guys have helped his selfeteem by going nation wide. He can be him no matter what! Thank you California Teashi and family.

  7. Hi Reggie! I’m just watching your show on TLC right now and i think you are extremely inspirational. Watching you and hearing your story just broke my heart. People can be so cruel when they are close minded, but i think you are so brave and inspiring for teaching the world about your condition. I agree with Teashi; you have NO reason to hide! Anyone who points at you are cruel and you should hold your head high and ignore them. You’re better than them 🙂 It brought tears to my eyes when you said you just wanted people to be your friend; i hope after watching this programme people will think twice before pointing and staring and actually talk to you and become even more educated. You are so brave Reggie! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story! 🙂

  8. Mr. Bibbs; I watched you on TLC and admire your strength and courage very much, I wish there were more people like you and Mr. Simpson who could teach the world that what’s in your heart is what matters! Thank you for letting us meet you!

  9. Reggie, you have truly inspired me. I have never been so touched by a story in my short lived life. I am only 16 and I find it very difficult to find a good rolemodel around anymore. Most people look up to movie stars and singers, or people whose heart is in the wrong place, but u sir are my inspiration and my rolemodel. I am blessed to have came upon the show on TLC which you were on. I have been very self concious for the smallest things until now. For you to have so much courage, you are my hero and are in my prayers, thank you so much for being a true hero and gift from God.

  10. hola reggie soy argentino y tengo NF,,saludos y paz,,

  11. hola como estas me pongo feliz pensar que avansas mas todos los dias que dios te guie el camino

    1. Hello Cielito,

      Tank you for your post. I’m well thank you. Write anytime, I will reply.

  12. Hi Reggie!! I’m from Guatemala, Central America… I saw u @discovery chanel let me tell u that people like u gave faith! Not because of ur condition cause that just make u more special but because of ur heart!! Never give up! Thank u!

    1. Thank you Ruby, I’m so happy you saw the program. I’m happy for your kind words. It feel great that someone from so far, would take time to write me. You blessed me. Please write anytime. I would be happy to hear from you anytime.

  13. Hi, Reggie. My name is Isabella, I’m from Brazil. I watched the program at Discovery Channel and I just have to say, you’re so brave! I don’t know if I would be as brave as you in this kind of conditions. God bless you every day of your life.

  14. Hey, Reggie. My name is Heaven, i am from Kentucky. I am right now watching you on TLC. I have to say your are very brave. And inspiring. I am olny 15 but I look at you as the best rolemodel. You are brave and you dont give up hope. I dont know anyone who is as brave as you. If there were more people kind brave and hopful like you this world would be a better place. Thank you! I hope everything gose great for you. God bless you. 🙂


  15. Reggie. We all have our crosses to bear in life. Yours is more noticeable. I do not find you
    Offensive or anything like that. I wish u didn’t have such an illness. But everyone has something.
    They just have to look inside themselves and they will see that they are not
    Any different to you. I included. If u get this looks, I say, just tell them to GFY. That
    Means, tell them to “go fuck yourself”. I may have a bad attitude but I’m sick of everyone who
    Thinks they are better than you. I am a white male without the pri lens u have but we are brothers In
    My eyes. I wish u every success life can offer u. I love u bother.

    1. Hi Frank,

      Thank you for writing. I’m always excited when someone take the time to write. Yes we all have our crosses to bear. I can say I’m thankful for everyday I can open my eyes and get out of bed. I’m blessed. I fell I’m a better person, because of my disorder. It has brought me closser to God, and I know others are growing, just as I am. Thank you, please feel free to write anytime. Reggie.

  16. Hey Reggie,
    I saw your show on TLC on the weekend.. I was left speechless by seeing you positive attitude and facing your fear of going out in public. Only if the world was full of more people like you Or the Gentlemen you met at the airport . Watching your show as inspired this 18 year old get more involved in getting your message out to people and making a difference and finding a cure for NF . God Bless You

    1. Hi D301,

      Thank you for watching, and thank you for offering kind words. I feel great to see all the kind comments. Reggie

  17. watched ur episode…u r very encouraging dude…god bless u…!!

    1. Hi Prateek,

      Thank you for taking time to write. I’m happy to know that so many people are supporting me. I do feel blessed. I’m here anytime you feel you may want to send me a note. I will be sure to reply. Thanks again. Reggie

  18. Hola! mi nombre es Lesly, soy de chile y el motivo de este mensaje es para felicitarte por la gran fuerza y vluntad que tienes. En estos momentos veo un documental tuyo en Discovery Channel y la verdad que no dude un minuto para escribirte y desear lo mejor!! eres digno de valorar. Sigue mirando hacia adelante muchos saludos y nuevamente me enorgullece la fuerza con que enfrentas la vida.

    1. Hi Lesly,

      Thank you for youe message, and encouragement. I feel great when someone take time to write me. Thank you for your time. Reggie

  19. Hi Reggie, My name is Silvia and I am from Honduras Central America . I watched the program yesterday! I am really impress. Just I want to say Go Reggie go!!! you are doing an amazing work. Sometimes we complaint about stupid things……but you appear and teaches us a great lesson. Courage, brave, and hope.God bless you!

    1. Hi Silvia,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m encouraged when I receive messages like yours. Thank you for your time. Write anytime. I will always reply. Reggie

  20. hey Reggie 🙂
    my name’s Judy and im a 19 year old girl from Taiwan. i was watching Discovery Channel earlier and heard about your story. and i just wanna tell you that i think youre a very brave man; everything youve done, like this website, being able to answer all the questions, facing the crowd has not only helped yourself but also a lot of people suffering from NF. believe it or not, i was crying when i was watching your story on Discovery. its soooo touching and beautiful. dont ever miss out on life again Reggie!! go out, have fun, and enjoy your life. youre amazing and everyone loves you. keep that in mind and keep moving on. please take care and stay awesome :)))

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thank you for your message, and encouragment. I’m happy to hear from you. What a great feeling to hear from someone from so far away, offering encouraging words. Thank you for making my day. Write anytime. I will reply. Reggie Bibbs

  21. Hola Reggie, soy de Trujillo – Perú…hoy miércoles vi el programa discovery channel y pude conocerte. Con sinceridad permíteme sacarme el sombrero ante tí, pues tus fuerza de voluntad es lo más grande y maravilloso que tienes…de veras que eres un ejemplo a seguir por muchas personas que se sienten agobiadas por problemas en esta vida…Que Dios bendiga a tu familia y a ti…sigue para adelante amigo Reggie.

    Saludos desde Trujillo..

    Un abrazo fuerte a la distancia..

  22. ola reggie,meu nome é michelle ,sou filha de uma pessoa com nf, e fiquei muito feliz por saber q existem pessoas como vç.admiro sua força e sua luta para concientizar as pessoas.fico muito triste quando alguem olha atravessado para minha mãe.como se ela fosse um bicho.moro no interior de sao paulo,brasil
    gostaria de ser sua amiga,saiba q vç é muito amado bjkkk

  23. i m from Pakistan.Reggie Well Reggie,i have no Words for You,You r One of Best person In This Word At This Moment.You r A Great Example For Those Peoples who r Fighting Against There Deases I Saw ur programme on discivery channe.Well Reggi You Gave Courage, brave, and hope other peoples that Watch Your programme on Tv Channel in Whole World.God bless you!

    1. Your words are encouraging Zahid, Thank you for taking time to write. Things are going well. Write soon. Reggie

  24. hi reggie
    this is Gunjan from India, I happen to watch your story on Discovery Channel today and i was really moved. you are an inspiration to many, your sincerity , dedication and positive spirit is truly amazing. you have inspired others to live their life to the fullest and that one needs no reason to enjoy life , fight all the adversities in life with a smile 🙂 . I want to thank you for putting your story out for all of us to see what it means to really live, rather than existing. you are truly an Inspiration!!!!!!! HAvE Fun!! 🙂

    1. Hi Gunjan,

      Thank you for writing. I’m happy you watch the program, just like so many others here. I’m happy to reply to your message. Write me anytime, it would be great to stay in contact. Reggie

  25. Hey Reggie

    Just been watching your film here in Australia. You re a legend mate. Stay strong and best of luck for the future. I hope we see more of you getting out there and enjoying life.


    1. Hi Calum,

      Thank you for the nice message. I’m happy you watch the program. I’m enjoying life. Very excited about getting a message from Australia, what I believe is a beautiful country. My dream to visit someday. Thank you and feel free to write anytime.

  26. hi Reggie’ how r u first time i watch ur show at discovery channel iam from pakistan and i like ur show very much what was the name of other person whos meet u i really really like u reggie i always pray for u inshallah u will be better hope u like my replt [email protected] is my email and 03344565449 is my mobile number contect me GOD bLess u reggie

    1. Hi Danlyal,

      Thank you for watching the discovery special on NF. I’m happy to get your message. I’m always encouraged when I recieve messages. Write anytime.


  27. Hi there Reggie! Another Brazilian here! Just watched your documentary on Discovery Channel! Just wanna congratulate you on encouraging people to live their lives to the fullest! Dont regret on your lost chances, there will always be new opportunities in life, as long as you go after it! Truly amazing!! T

    Take care!

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      That is great, another friend from Brazil, I’m happy to hear from you. I appreciate your time. Write anytime. I will reply. Reggie


    1. Hi Rubin,

      I’m happy to see your message. It’s feel great, gerring a message from a new friend who lives in India. Thank you for taking time to write. Your kind words mean a lot. Thank you. Reggie

  29. Hello Reggie

    I am from India…. you are inspiration for me i watched your show at discovery channel… you really taught us how to love life…..really no words for you ..saying something about you is just like a definition reggie and you are beyond any definition….sorry my english is too bad :))….God bless you…

    1. Thank you Simple, I happy you watch the program, and took time to write. I’m encouraged by the support I’m getting. Please feel free to write anytime. I would be happy to hear from you. Reggie

  30. Hi Reggies, saw ur show on Discovery
    U and the campaingn are both brilliant
    God gives all of us the inherent strenght and confidence to lead our lives with love and dignity
    but we should work towards it oursleves like you showed us 🙂
    your story was amazing
    all the very very best !

    1. Thank you Sugandha,

      I’m happy to recieve your kind message. Thank you for taking time to write me. It’s a good feeling when I look back where I was, and where I see myself today. I have a lot to be greatful for. Thank you for supporting me with your kind words. Reggie.

  31. hi reggi how r u bro nd whats new in ur life dear

    1. I’m doing well, Thank you. How are you?

  32. hey reggie,
    saw your program,this is the second time i am posting here.i would really like to help in any way possible.please let me know.

    1. Hi Divya, Sorry If I have not replied to your first message. Thank you for watching, and posting again. I’m happy to see your post. This weekend is our NF Camp in Burton Texas, I’m back at home Sunday. You can write me direct [email protected] There is a needs page on my site, Of you may want to order a just ask t-shirt. Thank you so much for your visit, and your will to want to help in some way. I thank you for your message. Write anytime. Reggie

  33. Hai man , how you do ???? last week i watched your program it was so awesome 🙂 i learned manythings for you . I hope will we meet in future . And i want to be friend with you, will you ?????

    1. Hi Aziz,

      Thank you for writing. I’m happy you watch the program. Yes, I will be your friend. I’m on facebook. Easy to find. Look for Reggie Bibbs. I will be happy to add you when you request friends. Thank you. Reggie

  34. Hi Reggie,

    Thanks man 🙂

  35. Hi Reggie ,
    Why your not replying me in facebook ?????

    1. Aziz,

      Have you recieved my reply?

  36. Hi reggie

    Yeah i recieved .thank you

  37. hi my name is hadiqa i am watch u in discovery chanelu r very brave

  38. i am from pakistan god bless u

    1. Hi hadiqa,
      Thank you, for your kind words. write anytime. I would be happy to hear from you. Reggie

  39. Hi Reggie my name is Alexa and I am ten years old, and I want to be your friendand i will never be afraid of you, you will be my best friend in the whole world and I was watching my brand new face and you were on there and you said I want everyone to be my friand and not be afraid of me.I will be your friend forever and always and I will never be afraid of you.:) i also have a facebook. My name is Alexa sommer and i can friend you if you want.


    1. Hi Alexa,

      Thank you for you nice message. I appreciate you taking time to write me I would be happy to be your friend. Please request to be friends on facebook. Write me anytime. Reggie

  40. its so nice that we finally talk well i did send u friend request so now we are best buddies:) and you can write me anytime also

  41. ohh yea i forgot to ask you, how have you been?????
    Hope u have been doing good


  42. hi Reggie good morning hope u have a nice day:) well i got to go have to go to school

    1. Hi Yesenia,

      Thank you for the message. I’m happy you saw the program, Your kind words are encouraging. It was very nice of you to take time to write me. Please feel free to write me anytime. Reggie

  43. I saw your show on the Discovery Channel late last night. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are amazing, courageous and brave! Luv Ya Reggie!!!!! New Jersey!

  44. hey reggie i am from india. i am a 14 yrs old boy and i am very much inspired by you. well you are really a brave man never feel alone boz we all r always there for u!!

  45. Hi reggie!!!!:)


  47. hello reggie

  48. Hi Reggie hope u have a fantastic christmas i wish i could spend it with u!!!:)

  49. Dudeee!! Dont be afraid to go outta town! f*ck all the people and enjoy life… its over before you know it!

    Peace and Good luck 😉

    1. Thank you Ryan, I’m happy you took time to write me. Feel free to write me anytime. Reggie

  50. Greetings from Amsterdam by the way!!!

    1. Hello Ryan from Amsterdam.

  51. Hi Reggie!!
    I’m just stop by because i’m think the your life are amazing your really amazing person and i have to tell you that i admire your courage and your life , I’m from Ecuador – Guayaquil here people just speak spanish but i try to comunicated with you in english so sorry about my grammar,lol , well i wish know more about you please BE HAPPY FOREVER AND god bless your life and your beautiful mom and dog !!!

  52. Hi Reggie! Just saw your discovery channel show in Colombia. Thank you for sharing your story! You are very inspiring! Congrats!!!

    1. Thank you Mishell,

      Your words are encouraging. I’m happy that I can make someone happy. Write anytime. I will reply.

    2. Hi Emma, Thank you for writing, and offering kind words. I appreciate your time.

  53. reggie hi my name is David I live in Costa Rica just wanted to thank you for existing in this world and you’re very valuable to me and you’re all a role model.antes de ver el programa tengo muchas dudas pero ahora soy una persona muy segura muchas gracias reggieare an example for many people. go ahead and remember you have a friend who loves you very much in Costa Rica God bless you and I would like to answer me. are important to me. 🙂

  54. Reggie, I am currently a nursing student in California. Im studying all types of diseases and cancers of the integumentary system. I believe your an amazing person, continue being proud for who you are.

    Best regards and may god be with you

  55. hi reggie. this is natasja from the and my husband just saw the youtube documentary about you and maurice simpson.i just wanna say that we have a great respect for you.just go out and have fun, there are always people who will talk about others .we think your great and its not about the outside its all about the inner you.thats what’s count.your great and just enjoy your regards from us all the way in the netherlands.

  56. hey reggie.. i am from india.. i saw your programme on the discovery channel..let me tell you that i was very glad,when i saw you enjoyin and making new friends..i feel truly inspired by are simply awesome..god bless you reggie..and keep up the goodwork..byee…

    1. Hello, Thank you for writning. I sorry for the delay in my reply. Thank you for yor words of support. Write anytim. Reggie

  57. Hi Reggie,

    “Greetings from the Hiamalayas”

    I am Sumit from the foothills of the Himalayas a small hill station in the northern part of India 🙂 I just come to about you through a programme on Discovery Channel I was watching few hrs back…You are really a very brave person and a wonderful human salute to you dude keep the spirits always high proud of you my dear friend….Just wanna give a short intro I am a fitnessfreak an adventerous guy who love challenges in life so I run marathons recently ran a 100km marathon and raised funds for the underprevilidged felt soo happy after that…I am doing freelancing and studying right now buddy just doing some of my experiments here but one day I will surely raise some funds for you as well and will try to donate some money from my end..You know there is a young guy like me in my town never spoken to him but this gentleman is also having the same symtoms in one of his legs whenever he passes v just smile looking at each other… He is harnd working,educated but from a poor family and so for his survival runs a small snacks”momo” joint. Now I really want to help him can he be also guided and helped by your org… Now I will also try to find out through my sources if these symtoms can be curable thru”Ayurveda” – himalayan herbs..whatever information I will get will share with you..

    My best wishes for you buddy…..God bless U always..

    Take Care
    🙂 “smile as big as rive nile”

    1. Hi Sumit, Thank you for writing. How are you. Things are good here.


  58. Hi Reggie,
    I have just watched ‘Beauty and the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice’ here in the UK and am inspired by all the work you do! I would like to know if the T-shirts can be made available here as well as the US?
    Kind Regards

  59. Hi! Im to México city you know o cant write and speak very weell but i triet i want to know jow do you feel?? I realy surprice. You are very strong and i like it becacause you are diferent you are special 🙂 Im proud of you….

    Hola! yo soy de la ciudad de México no se ni hablar ni escribir bien en ingles pero lo intentare yo quiero saber como te sientes? Estoy muy sorprendida porque eres muy fuerte y me agrada porque eres diferente eres especial estoy orgullosa de ti! 😉

  60. Hi reggie, this may be the third or fourth time i watched the discovery channel show, you, and maurice are such an inspiring guys, i wish many people should follow your examples, many times we just let down for such small issues, i’m glad there are strong people out there like you, god bless you. Geeetings from Celaya, mexico, near san miguel de allende!!!

  61. Hi Reggie, my name is Michele, I live in Lincoln, RI, the smallest state in the US. I just saw you for the first time on the Discovery channel and you really impressed me! You are an incredible person and I was just hoping I could be ever so lucky to be one of your friends. : ) I am not a user of Facebook, so I will have to stay in touch with you through this site. Please let me know how you are. Thank you!! Michele xo

  62. I heard your story on tv tonight! You are an amazing person with such a kind heart. You just radiate goodness. God bless you and your efforts to create awareness! Xoxo

  63. i just watch your documentry on tv. i live here in houston as well on the eastside. just wanted to tell you that god didnt make any mistakes with any of us he made. i want to invite you to our thanks giving dinner this thursday at my church. north shore community fellowship of faith. it would be a honor for you to be my personal guess at this dinner. feel free to send me a email for more info. may the angels of the lord continue to watch over you daily. be blessed hope to hear from you.

  64. [email protected] my name is herman

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