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cup8x10.jpgI’m proud to present to you the Reggie Bibbs online Just Ask! Store. We are now open. There are a wide range of new products available.


We can increase awareness of Neurofibromatosis on a wider range, at the same time raise money for neurofibromatosis.

All proceeds will go toward research and awareness. I know you will find a product that will meet your fashion needs. My original shirts can be ordered from my site. The new link will take you to the store.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

141 thoughts on “Reggie Bibbs JUST ASK! ONLINE STORE NOW OPEN

  1. I just bought 2 coffee mugs. It was relatively painless! Congratulations, Reggie, you have some darn fine looking things for sale.

  2. Thank you for your order. I’m happy about the products. I know I will have one of those coffee mugs will be on my desk soon.

  3. hey Reggie your online store is awesome I want to order a dog T shirt wen I get the money and also when I get the money I may order me a sweat shirt I think you are doing really great and like I said the store is just plain awesome you have a lot of neat and really nice things for sale now I think we will have NO PROBLEM getting the word out keep it up Reggie your doing great

  4. Hey Brian I’m glad you had a chance to see the new items. I’m not sure what I will get first. I will have to wait until after Christmas.

  5. Those mugs look good for hot tea too

  6. Reggie I like the new store

  7. The mugs can also double as shot glasses…probably.

  8. Yeah right Lou

  9. Lou those mugs are for coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate

  10. Sorry guys I wasn’t here today. My friend Jon form out of town came to visit. He also have NF. I will try to play catch up tomorrow. Between my cooking and drinking coffee I will be here. I need a just ask cup.

  11. whats up Reggie I need a few things from your store but I have to save and get some money first

  12. I also need a just ask cup for my coffee also

  13. Yo Brian What’s up? I have to order something too. I have to wait until I have the extra money. I’m not sure what I want first. Maybe a coffee mug.

  14. Hi Brian, Maybe I should have some martini glasses. I bet I know who will buy them all. lol

  15. I agree Reggie I think I would know who would buy them also I really want a dog shirt for my Boxer I think that is a really neat item then also when I get the extra money I might order a sweat shirt and also a coffee mug too but like you said I need to wait till I get the extra money

  16. Merry Christmas Everybody

  17. I want a sweat shirt clock and pillow for my bed.

  18. mugs are great for ice cream too.

  19. You are right. It keed the iceream cold longer.

  20. Lou can store alot of olives in those mugs

  21. Merry Christmas everybody Hope you all have a great one mine was great

  22. Mine is good too

  23. Thank you Brian and Shelley. Yes mine is going very well. I got a lot of starbucks stuff. It was a real surprise to me.

  24. Merry Christmas Reggie, and everyone else also!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!

  25. Thank you Emily. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I’m almost finish preparing our Christmas meal.

  26. Im not done yet I see my Dad’s family tomorrow

  27. Lou what you get OLIVES ?

  28. hey Shelley I got a starbucks gift card for christmas and Emily I hope you have a great holiday as well you to Shelley

  29. Thanx Brian I got Duckin Doughnuts coffee

  30. Wonder what Lou got I bet Starbucks

  31. I got a 500 gig hard drive for my computer! And a three dvd set of the Bourne Identity movies. I’m a happy man.

  32. adgiant 500gig. cool. Every where I read reviews of the movie. It is always a five star. I will make that my goal to see that movie in the next day or so.

  33. I got perfume, and a comedy cd/dvd dane cook

  34. I got a Starbuck basket Really nice and a Starbuck Gift card. More then I expected. I probably can go more then a few times.

    I will need that when I go see the doctor. I always like to get coffee after I see the doctor.

  35. hey Reggie I got 2 Starbucks gift cards I really like that but my favorite gift that I got for Christmas in my James Avery ring I really like it alot but my starbucks gift card I almost have one already used up I go there quite often and I really have to thank Shelley for talking about it and I guess getting me to go there oh well I cant complain at all

  36. Sounds like I am the only one that that did not get starbucks, I guess I just have to buy my own. I did get my daughter the girl teddy bear from starbucks. but I got nothing from starbucks

  37. Well Starbucks should be nice to all of us. Seems like it’s a main topic on everyone of our blogs. lol.

  38. I agree Reggie but I dont think Lou likes us talking about coffee

  39. Well what does Lou like us talking about? He does seem grumpy alot. I might have got nothing from Starbucks, but I got flavored coffee from Home Sweet Home in the Woodlands Mall, Spiced Buttered Rum, no alcohol was in it but it was very tasty.

  40. Hey Everybody Im home I had Christmas with my dad and his Family I got Starbucks too

  41. Lou likes to talk about martinis and olives

  42. I agree Shelley you are absolutely right there is no question about it

  43. Patricia I am really glad you had a good Christmas and you to Shelley

  44. Reggie and friends – here’s ANOTHER free Starbucks card!! You get the card for simply filling in the info, you dont have to recieve the free insurance quote. Yay!

  45. I haven’t gotten a card in the mail from the last one. I hope I didn’t miss it. I will try this one.

  46. Reggie – I know the last one had a limit on it for how many people could sign up and it wouldnt tell you if the limit was already reached or not, but it was supposed to take up to 6 weeks anyway. This one does not have a limit.

  47. Thanx Brian

  48. Emily,

    I will check it out.

  49. Brian I have drinking Starbucks for ya

  50. Thanks Selley, What Flavor are you drinking, my favorite is Toffee Nut

  51. Houseblend Patricia

  52. thanks Shelley you are really sweet thanks

  53. Hey yall my brother was here had Christmas w/ him he got me a m3player

  54. in response to #39…I AM NOT GRUMPY!!!! I’m just emotionally challenged.

  55. hey Shelley I am drinking Starbucks right now

  56. Brian I’m drinking starbucks. It really keeps you wired. Just what I need.

  57. Dont we all need a caffine fix

  58. whats up Reggie I usually stop at starbucks maybe sometimes 3 times a day it keeps me up all night

  59. AW Brian

  60. Nothing much Brian. I haven’t gone to Starbucks yes because I had the coffee here. I think I will go later today or tomorrow.

  61. I have Starbucks here too

  62. OOPs I think I might have gotton in Lou’s wrong side. I get grumpy too. I went to Houston today and drove past several I mean alot of Starbucks and I was not able to get my husband to stop at one Starbucs not one. I really wanted a Toffee Nut Lattee.
    We needed some Tool boxes so we stoped at the GreensPoint Mall, Wow that mall has really died I can remember when that the was the happening mall, back in the day, I may be telling my age, but man, we had no problem finding a place to park, we even got a place close to the door, very close to the door. Times has changed. If we would have gone to the Woodlands we would have probally have had to wait for someone to leave and then follow them just to find a place to park.

  63. yeah you are right Patricia the Pasadena Town Square mall by my house is dying to there used to be a lot more stores in there but now most of them are closing down and the mall is not really that busy but when I was a kid there used to be alot more in there

  64. I have to remember that. Toffee Nut Lattee. What is that like? Is that like coffee or something that is whipped with a foam topping?

  65. I just ordered a Just ASK hat. I hope it’s large enough for my big head.

  66. Reggie I thought Lou had the big head

  67. hey Reggie I want a just ask T-shirt for my dog so that when I walk her outside she can help support NF also

  68. I would like to get one for my dog. I wonder if he will try to take it off.

  69. That would look cute on the dog Brian

  70. Lou what kind of dog is Stanley

  71. I think so to Shelley i need to get a pic of my dog to Reggie so that you can see it Shelley

  72. Cool Brian Cool

  73. This is the first time I’ve visited your page, Reggie, and wow, what a wonderful job you’ve done! I’ll have to buy some T-shirts to give away in my contest I’m having in May for Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month.

    Thanks for doing all you do. :)))


  74. Hi Jacquie,

    Thank you for the visit. I remember you. You are on my friends list right? Let’s keep in contact. Come back anytime.

  75. Hi Jacquie, Do you like Starbucks????:-)

  76. If anyone wants to talk to me I’m in heaven. On earth that is. I’m having a large cup of coffee from Starbuck and a large Chocolate Muffin, that have cream cheese and chocolate chunks.

    Do I really need to say how wonderful it taste?

  77. I dont want to know Reggie

  78. Patricia, Stanley is a black lab and is without a doubt the friendliest dog I’ve ever known. He even likes Reggie!!! Go figure.

  79. Who wouldn’t like me. Did you tell everyone how Stanley ignores you when I’m around.

  80. to comment 78, I’m sure you have an idea.

  81. AW poor Lou

  82. Reggie how does Stanley ingores Lou

  83. He acts as though Lou is not in the room

  84. Stanley needs his treats lol

  85. my dog does not like the exterminator guy he tried to pet her and she went the other way I dont know why I told her its ok and she still dont like him

  86. Happy New Year Everybody

  87. Happy New Year to you too Shelley

  88. Anybody gonna go partying tomorrow night ?

  89. Happy New Year to you to Shelley

  90. Happy New Year to you to Reggie

  91. Happy New Year Brian.

  92. I was wondering if Reggie was eating his sweets

  93. Hey Yo HI

  94. I am going ridding my atv. It sis probally going to be cold, cold, cold!!!! My fried is bringing some boundin from Lousianna for a little cook-out on the trail for we take a break after riding hard we will probally be home thawing out vegging out and just relaxing in front of the good ole tv with some good blue ray while everyone else is dodge the police well Happy New Year to Yall and wish every a safe and fun New Year.

  95. Happy New Year Patricia

  96. Happy New Year 2008!!!!!

  97. Same to you John

  98. Hi Brian what are you drinking

  99. Wonder where is Everybody

  100. hey there Shelley I am drinking Starbucks right now and Happy New Year everybody Hope you all have a great one and be safe

  101. Reggie had to go to MD Anderson for a check up and I had to go buy some stuff for tonight. Hope everybody has a great and SAFE New Year’s! A word of caution…STAY AWAY FROM THE HEIGHTS!!! I WILL BE DRIVING!!!

  102. hey Lou I hope you have a great and safe New Year

  103. Hey there Yall dont do anything I cant do Im gonna be in a warm apt staying off the road

  104. smart choice Shelley I am doing the same thing staying in a warm house staying away from the crazy’s

  105. Hey Lou no blind folds while driving tonight. And remember turn your lights ON!

    Everything went just fine at the doctor today. Just watching TV and working on the computer. Lou doesn’t like the TV on when working on the computer. I’m going to eat some cake.

  106. well, I had a Happy New Year Year cant’ say if 4-wheeling is safe but noone got hurt but it got COLD COLD COLD last night, got home about 9:30, had a blast got really muddy. Washed up, almost stayed up to see the ball drop in New York but I think I fell asleep by the time my head hit the pillow, hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.

  107. hey Patricia I am glad you were safe and no one got hurt that is always a good thing glad you had a Happy New Year

  108. HAPPY NEW YEAR Im on a cup of coffee

  109. second cup today. Butternut something. Taste very good.

  110. I survived. Need food.

  111. Me too come take me to lunch.

  112. Ha-ha, that’s a good one!

  113. Yea I thought so too. Did you check the next write up?

  114. Yall make a cool comdey team

  115. How many olives you eat Lou

  116. in response to #115 who whould be the the puppet (dummy)???, Well we know Reggie is the star of this blog!!!! So, who does that leave?????

  117. Speaking of stand up commidians (spl), does anyone ever see commedy central??? Jeff Dunham is awesome he has several puppets you can go to you tube and watch for free, there is some funny stuff, another good one is terry fator, he sings, soungs just like the people he iminitates pretty good stuff.

  118. Lou thats the only person left I think I hope I am not wrong

  119. Lou would make a dummy (puppet) Have you heard the comedian that sing like George Straight. He wares a black hat. He is very funny. Wish I could remember his name.

  120. Hey Brian you drink your Starbucks today

  121. # 120 Terry Fator

  122. yeah as a matter of fact Shelley I think I did have my starbucks today

  123. as for comedians I like Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor but they both have potty mouths

  124. yes they do, but eddie murphuy is getting better in a lot of his movies with his mouth

  125. So does Lou and I listen to him everyday (;

  126. Patricia my favorite Eddie Murphy movies are Beverly Hills Cop I have the set

  127. and you are right Patricia he is getting better with his mouth in his movies but honstly I think its because he is getting alot older too

  128. He was really funny in Beverley Hills Cop. The first one.

  129. Beverley Hills Cop II was just on the other day, I still laugh every time I watch it even when I know what is comming.

  130. I often wonder what did I get myself into when I joined this bloq

  131. Hey Reggie!
    Great store you have there. I bought a mug and a couple of magnets. You have a great variety of products. Just wondering if you have sold any of the thongs, and to whom you sold them {;<)

  132. Hi Bart,

    Thanks for your support. I have to call you soon. You will have to go to the Beach one Sunday afternoon. You night see some there. 😉 I can think of a few others products but I better stop while I’m a head.

  133. I search, but can not find where I put the post several weeks ago. With NF, I have many internal tumors. Most do not present a problem at all, it just there. I have this tumor appeared little over two years ago. It is near the heart, and when I get a new tumor, at first it will hurt. I told my neurologist, and she sent me to a cardologist doctor, and I went through the tests and all, all came out fine, and the doctor said, it was a tumor pain that I experience. Less than a month ago, same thing happened, so from previous experiences, I treated it as such. My neurologist want me to see the cardoligist again, so I did today. Had the EKG, she did not like what it showed, then had another test, and it indicated that I had a heart attack. It may be serious. I did not have the usual sysmtons of a heart attack. Later told me that NF people may not have the same pain as such as a person with out NF. Learn something new each day. So I will be having more test soon. So, my spirits are — worried.

  134. John,

    I’m sorry to hear about that. I hope you are ok now and that they can help you get better soon. I will keep you in my prayers.

  135. Thursday and Friday (24&25) will be having tests done. Not sure what they will be, hope it does not hurt..(lol). I think there be 4-5 hours each. I wonder if they get upset if I order a pizza at the clinic with lots of cheese and beef, pork and bacon (the arttery clogging special).

  136. Hi John,

    I hope all goes ok for you. I will be praying for you. thank you for posting as often as you do. Your support means a lot. We are here to support you as well. Go a head order the pizza. It sounds good to me. If they get mad tell then to scratch where it itch.

  137. Today, went in to have Part 1 of my test. I asked the tech. whats the name of this proceddure. Said Nuclear Study. Before the injected me with this dye stuff. I am not radioactive. Hope it was not nuclear waste. Then I laid under this xray/mri type machine. Then I am wired with a heart monitor to wear for 24 hours. Will do part 2 tomorrow which will be the harder part of the test. Told me no food after midnight, gee….do not know if I can do that.

  138. Had Part 2 of the stress test. I did not know I was doing it, I had to affects of it. I did not get tired or short of breath, heat flashes and the other side effects they told me about I may get. I hope thats a good sign. Then I had another injection of some radioactive stuff for more puctures. I think I did see a green tint after I turn off the lights in bed. I do not know the results of the tests. I could not eat after midnight last night, but I went longer than that. When I left the clinic, I went out to get something to eat.

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