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Behind the scenes with Reggie and the Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Who says life isn’t always fair? Well, it is in this case. This morning when I was awakend by the alarm clock, I never expected that I would have the honor of having a photo op with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. The photo shoot was taken at VT2 Studios. The Cheerleaders took time to have a few photos taken with me. This really brightens my day. Stay tuned maybe you will see more photos added as we hope to take more. Remember to Support and Cheer for our home team.

GO Texans, You have my support!      SEE ALL THE PHOTOS


67 thoughts on “Behind the scenes with Reggie and the Houston Texans Cheerleaders

  1. Reggie, you suck!

  2. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Was that Steven Winwood that said, That’s just the way it is?

  3. don’t tell me you weren’t the guy holding the camera lou. . .

  4. I was the guy!!! That’s what hurts. I should of been the guy hugging on the cheerleaders, NOT Reggie!!!!!!!!

  5. Thats one of the down side of being a photographer…..

  6. Hey there Everybody whats going on Im enjoying Facebook

  7. did you get any of their phone numbers reggie?

  8. Lou was blocking me. I couldn’t do nothing.

  9. That’s really crappy grammar, Reggie.

  10. And? This is not a blog for proper grammar. Reggie you suck, that ant no better grammar then youren.

  11. I rest my case.

  12. The photos are pretty nice. They have over 1,000 views so far. Or is that just you, Reggie, drooling over them.

  13. Ok ok, it’s me. I’m the guilty one.

  14. #4. Lou you must be slow on your game right now. When have you ever been shy to jump in with the ladies?

  15. I think the girls took pity on Reggie because he’s…well, black!

  16. What does that has to do with the price of beans. Maybe they just know what side their bread is buttered on. And the fact that I’m well you know. How you call it? Well never mind.

  17. Dear Reggie
    I see you have always a great success with beautiful girl! Congratulation Kind regards Francis

  18. Thank you Francis, Lou just wish it was him.

  19. Dear Francis,
    The fact of the matter is that Lou paid an unspeakable amount of money to have them go up to his studio in order to. . .
    A. use reggie as an excuse to get lots of pics of hot chicks. (you know, help with the Just Ask campaign and all)
    B. give Lou something to do later that evening.

  20. What are you inferring, Miss Shana?

  21. Well Mr Lou, I edited this about 6 times, until i felt it was appropriate. Please, for the sake of Reggie, (such an innocent young man) don’t put me in an awkward position now.

  22. Just remember, Shana, “He who lives in glass houses gathers no moss.” Enough said.

  23. obviously it was enough said to be a conversation killer.
    good job THE LOU.

    and now it is time for me to sit back, have a few shots and come up with my roller derby name. next week i will focus on learning how to skate.

  24. gotta few derby names on my page. no shots needed, just an old friend from high school. i think “nut tu butt” is the clear winner.
    he says that’s what he calls it when 2 men right on a motorcycle together.

  25. i meant on my facebook page.

  26. Great name. Enough said.

  27. Blog stats are kind of low. Shana, you have any ideas how to get more traffic here.

  28. so i have to carry the weight because lou killed all conversation?

    time to change conversations for a new blog change. . .

    let me put my kid to bed and brainstorm.

  29. I been quite as well. I would like to promote camp. September 11 -13, near Burton, Texas. This is the 18th year of the Texas NF Camp. Seeing the kids on the 1st several camps, most of them are now grown, graduated from high school and going to college, maybe even out of college. Reggie and myself been around from the early days of the foundation, seen many changes (for the good) and also have lost many of our good friends. I hope to see some our friends here (from the blog) at camp this year.

  30. Hey John,
    So what do you guys do at camp. Tell me about it. I have seen both you and Reggie blog about it many times, but I have no idea what you do. Can I go to show support or help out or give Reggie a hard time?

  31. Yes I think you will enjoy yourself if you go. Activities are canoeing paddle boating, fishing, swimming, ropes, horseback riding. and lots more.

  32. Here is the link , our brochure:

    The Camp for All link:

    You can come to show support, help out and give Reggie a hard time.

  33. cool pics.
    and i see there are farm animals which is good because if lou goes he has a special place in his heart for farm animals.
    So how does it work? does someone sponsor it, or is it paid for by the individuals?

  34. Shana,

    individuals are expected to pay, in order to join in the fun. Camp For All is where the camp is, and in oder to go the foundation has to collect the money to pay for our spot the weekend. Is that how it Works John?

  35. Shana, it amazes me that, at one point, I actually liked you! Must have been the heroin talking.

  36. cool. so can we sign up to take the kids out there with us for a day? does the cash go to both benefit a specific NF organization and pay for the camp facitlities? are you in the process of making me a just ask tank top? can you bedazzle it for me and autograph it? can you come fix my ac?

    and as for lou, it sounds like you need a break. must be working too hard. go home and feed your goat. i am sure you will be able to return to work refreshed when you are done. or just grab your needle. whichever is easier.

  37. I think if you go to the camp web site it may have some information. They do have sponsors. They have fund raisers (just like when Texas NF does theirs). When we did the Dining Out in Dallas, part of the event, to sponsor a camper to camp. Carline and Red McCombs helps with us (NF) for camp. I think we put Lou to sleep with the farm animals.

  38. You can come up for the day (Saturday). I know in the past, there were some that did that. You just pay the day rate.

  39. thanks john. i am going to put it on my calendar. i like supporting the roller derby because i love the way they support NF. (and i like inviting myself to hang out with reggie and that other guy afterwords) So spending a day at the camp with the kids sounds like a great way to support the cause and educate my kiddos. i would love to meet you also.

    you may also want to know that it could be dangerous for the animals health to have lou in with them over night.

  40. Which reminds me of a line from one of my radio commercials:

    Mom: Johnny, get your knee out of that mustard, you don’t know where it’s been!

  41. Hey there Everybody whats up I have been enjoying facebook

  42. Hi Shelley! Hope you’re having a great day. Shelley, what is your favorite thing to do in the world? Well, other than commenting on this blog, of course!

  43. Lou,
    my favorite thing in the world is stinky cheese. Yeah, stinky cheese. And YourMom

  44. Who asked you, Phil?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. WATCH IT PHIL!!!!!

  46. YEH, PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

  47. ok, ok…you can still talk. it’s just an expression.

  48. Damn, I did it again!

  49. Where’s yourmom at? If she’s going to camp, I’m staying home.

  50. i am going. with my children. they will take over and make sure you don’t try to take all the camp attention and put it onto yourself. Lou this, Lou that.. . . .
    it’s never a party without yourmom.
    reggie are you going to sneak in a keg the way we did at catholic camp?

  51. ps. are you guys doing steak night tomorrow? if so i wanna go.

  52. really? I have been tagged for moderation again????? suk it!

  53. I’m not sure why I get a message that tells me to click here for moderation. I think it might have something to do with bulk mail or something. Ask Phil if he has an idea.

  54. Hey Lou My favorite thing to do is helping Reggie on harrassing YOU on here

  55. REGGIE,
    why don’t you ask phil?
    phil and i are not on a talking bases right now.

  56. Since this in July 2nd, tomorrow is the 3rd. Many may be taking off or be away so I will go ahead and say Happy July 4th to everyone. Have a safe weekend and keep cool.

  57. I’m going to PJ’s! It’s 8pm and I’m hungry!!!!!

  58. Your post didn’t show up until this morning. I kept checking to see if you guys were still going. bummer. i didn’t want to call and be that stalkerish.

  59. Now I’m going to Rie’s pool to go swimming!

  60. And then I’m going to go make new friends since nobody is responding to me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Hey Lou,

    That sound like a terrific idea. I figured you might do pooling today. Take some photos of the fun.

    I still have to lay low this weekend. My leg is really bothering me. I want to rest this weekend and be ready to start fresh Monday.

  62. Pooling at Rie’s.

  63. Well I gotta say, yall are a funny group. I enjoy reading these blog comments and what not. Mr. Bibbs is one funny dude.

    I remember my senior year I did my project on NF, got a good grade on it too. I remember wanting to do a web chat with you, Mr. Bibbs, for my class. That would have been pretty cool.

    None the less, I hope you are back to tip top shape come Monday. Have a nice fourth of July, Mr. Bibbs.

    Perhaps I will come again sometime for a chat.
    (Sorry about the Mr. Bibbs thing, just my upbringing. I can’t in good conscious use your first name without your permission.)

  64. With a name like pretty fox, you can, you can call me anything you heart desire. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Hope you visit often. You just got to watch out for HIM! What’s it’s name. Yea you got it Lou, are better know as The Lou.

    Please shoot me, not in as a capp, but as in an email. Thanks


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