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Our founder, Reggie Bibbs

Our founder, Reggie Bibbs

One thought on “Our founder, Reggie Bibbs

  1. hello , I love jaber seen last night the Discovery Channel , where he spoke on the topic of neurofibromatosis . Of which did not have any idea , I saw your case and your friend who successfully operated and turned over his physical life because his mental life was super … because no defeat I leave and knew about getting in and out in front with his family , joyful me to see how you were able to confront and overcome your fears crowd .
    You’re admiring , I extend my respect , I apresio even that only since last night THROUGH the program knew you existed .
    Keep going great you are among the giants .

    A friend here in Medellin Colombia more .
    PS: I’m using google translator of English that talk is nothing …. a hug from heart

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