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Psych Ward Sirens #1 in our Hearts!

Last night’s Houston Roller Derby championship bout between the Psych Ward Sirens and the Bayou City Bosses was one for the ages! I thought the Sirens just might pull it out in the end but with 45 seconds left in the bout, two Sirens were in the penalty box allowing Death by Chocolate to run out the clock.

Both teams rocked last night! Although the Sirens may not of won, they certainly came out as winners. I’ve never seen more heart and passion in a sport than what I saw last night.  I think Mistilla the Killa gave Holla-Pain-Yo a complex last night! Every time I looked up, Mistilla was introducing Holla-Pain-Yo to the floor. And Carmen Geddit was steady as a rock!!! All night long. Never giving up. Incredible performance! Jekyll & Heidi had an incredible jam in the first half helping to keep the score close. Congratulations to the Bosses! Both teams played their hearts out.


6 thoughts on “Psych Ward Sirens #1 in our Hearts!

  1. What a night of roller derby!!! Mistilla the Killa was a one-person wrecking crew! She mowed down everybody that was in her way! Poor Holla-Pain-Yo! Jeckyll & Heidi kicked butt. Carmen Geddit was her usual outstanding pivot/jammer. And how cool was it to see Dementia back on skates and getting back onto the flow! I love Houston Roller Derby!!!

  2. The Roller Derby last night was a blast! A tight game. Bayou City Bosses won the bout. I’m happy for them, they are my friends as well. Psych Ward Sirens Played a good game and they will be back next year.

  3. Reggie did you get my email? I didnt mean to blow you off on Friday, lol, I just totally zonked out and forgot! Want to try again one day this week? Let me know!

  4. Emily Sorry. I thought I missed your call. e will have to plan it again. They fixed our internet today.

  5. its about time everybody is back on the site I wish I could have been at the bout oh well Psych Ward Sirens rule

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