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Psych Ward Siren Fundraiser

Lou and I went to the Psych Ward Siren Fundraiser. It was the perfect thing to do today. I had a terrific time with great friends.  What made it fun, was I had a chance to talk to the siren’s away from the ring. It was my  time to be there  supporting a team that have been there for me, Supporting my Just Ask campaign.  Also I met a few new friends. Jimmy Brewer, and his Brother. Jimmy’s brother introduce me to the band. If you like the bag pipes, you will love this band.  The music was great. They played Amazing Grace. That was  the best.  Houston Highlanders Pipe Band. I can get you in contact with them if you are needing a Bag Pipe Band.  Enjoy the photos, and yes I was playing the bag pipes  NOT!

22 thoughts on “Psych Ward Siren Fundraiser

  1. Good times! Had a blast. The Sirens, bagpippers, band and beer were great!

  2. I think Lou will be good on bag pipes, lot of hot air…

  3. Watch it, John, I know where you live!

  4. That was a real good one John. Very true. Don’t worry about Lou, Like you said, full of hot air.

  5. I really enjoyed the Houston Highlanders Pip Band. Lou Suggest I ask them to play Amazing Grace. They played it before I had a chance to Ask.

  6. Been pretty quite here.

  7. Hope all will have a good Memorial Day Weekend and remember of all who gave their lives for our country, including as far back as the Revolution War and Civil War. The Traveling Viet Nam Wall came to Dallas, I went there today, Friday. I have never seen the one in Washington DC., this may be the closest I will come in seeing it. There are photos on my flickr and facebook.

  8. On May 30, 2010, at 9:29 AM, from Shelly:

    Morning Reggie,
    Shelly well it sounds if you’re on the road again like that old Willie Nelson Song
    So Glad That You Had Fun With Lou An Friends When You Went To Hear The Sirens,
    No Wonder I Barely Hear From You As We Oust To Talk More When We First Met It Least
    I Know That Your Well, As I Have Been Worried About You As It Has Been So Long Since
    We Had A Nice Talk Not Just A Short Hi How Are You But A Real Talk.
    So Get In Touch As Soon As You Can My Busy Friend………………..

    Love Your,
    Friend Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi everybody,

    I love bag pipes too..On the 14th of March we had a St.Patricks Day Parade in Munich.

    I had planned to wear my “Just Ask” shirt, grab one of these men wearing kilts, and let somebody take a picture. And of course ask him, if its ok to place it on the internet. But the weather was way to cold for a T-Shirt or for flirting with men in kilts….
    I hope we will have nice weather for the Green Farm Festival. There ´ll be lots of Highlanders, Kilts and bag pipes, and lots of Guiness.
    But first of all I wish you all a good Memorial Day

  10. Hi Gaby,

    That is too bad the weather is was too cold. Some time If the weather is too cold and I want to wear my shirt, I will wear my just ask shirt over a long sleeves shirt. Yes I love the sound of the bag pipes.

    Tell me about the Green Farm Festival. Sounds fun.
    Thank you for wishing me a good Memorial Day. Also thank you for the visit to the blog. The more visits the better.


  11. Hi Shelley,

    All is well here. It has been a lot going on, and I always have to remind myself to not over due. I’m around today, on my blog, and facebook. The best way to keep up with my. It way take me a few days, but I’ll always reply. Hope you are having a good Monday. Stay in contact. Reggie

  12. Hi Reggie,

    I was thinking about wearing the shirt over a warm sweater- but St. Patricks Day was an ice cold, stormy and rainy day. Even today- almost June – we only have 43-48 °F… I hope the “Just-Ask-Shirt-Season” will begin soon.
    The Green Farm Festival is fun!! Its outside of Munich and lasts three days. You can buy tickets for all three days and spend the nights in your tent. This way you won´t miss anything of the program.
    There has been pretty much going on over here lately but I kept visiting your blog daily- to keep an eye on you all- and to be up to date.
    It´s sleeping time over here- have a nice evening, Gaby

  13. Gaby, That sound like a fun event. Maybe some if I ever get to your Country, I’ll get to go to that event. I’m going to check out the link. Also you can find me on facebook. Are you on facebook a well. You should visit there. Remember to email me direct if you ever want to talk me me there. I’ll be happy to hear from you anytime.

  14. Hi Reggie,

    I´m on facebook, but still haven´t written much about me. Lots of people I know are on facebook- guess I should go online more frequently.
    A few weeks ago I took inline-skating lessons. When I sent an email to the teacher I found out that she is on facebook too. Now that I mentioned skating: I don´t have any broken bones or torn clothes and I didn´t run into anybody/anything till now. (trees and fences don´t count- do they?)

    When you come over to Europe, you should prepared for a loooong journey. You´ve got so many friends over here..

  15. Hi Gaby,

    do you skate? Love ice skating? Of course I don’t skate, or never have I tried. Don’t think I can, because Of the shoes. Would be a problem it I fall. Easy to break a bone in my leg.

    I still enjoy your messages even with the large number of friends on facebook.

  16. Hi Reggie,
    I love to watch iceskating. Figure skating and speedskating as well. But since both has to do with cold, I prefer skating on rollerblades. Had a pair of skates standing around in the very back of my closet and finally mananged to visit two classes for beginners. Fortunately I know some places which are less crowded- it takes a lot of practice to be ready for the public 🙂

  17. Gaby,

    I think the music has a lot to do with it. The right kind of music make a difference.

  18. I went downhill ice skating one time. Went REALLY fast {;<)

  19. All you have to do, is give your body just a little turn to the right or left and you will come to a quick stop. Kicking up ice in your stop. Very easy. I see it all the time on TV. Surly you can do that. I bet Dr. Slopis can do it. I’ll ask him. Or maybe you can ask, you will see him before I will.

  20. Thanks for the good advice Reggie. Using that technique I expect I would come to a sliding stop while doing a perfect 10.0 faceplant on the ice.

  21. Just try it Bart. Let me know how it works. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll admit I was wrong. Fair enough? You can do it. Yes you can. 🙂 Wrest case you do the splits.

  22. It got to 100 today, but not break the record of 102. Hope all the heat will burn off by the time of camp in September.

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