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“See Things Differently” – Our newest ad from the Just Ask Foundation

#3 in a series of ads from the Just Ask Foundation to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis.


In preparation for our Just Ask World Tour promoting awareness of neurofibromatosis, we are preparing special ads that we will send to the newspapers of the cities we are about to visit to see if they would run them as a Public Service Announcement while we are in town or afterward as a reminder or before as a teaser.

We have a bunch of really cool headlines but this is, by far, my favorite!

If anyone would like copies of the ads to try to get your local newspapers to run them, I would be happy to supply the files. Like Reggie says, Just Ask!

For more medical type definition of neurofibromatosis, I like the Mayo Clinic description best:

For more information about everything in regard to support, education, research and awareness, we like the Children’s Tumor Foundation!

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