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It is that time of year again. The Texas NF Foundation, is making it possible for nearly 200 persons to have a great weekend at Camp For All. This weekend will be our yearly camp for persons with nf, along with family and friends. The one time most of us get to see each other. I’m looking forward to horse back riding, Zip line, which I hear is lots of fun. Fishing, petting zoo, and Lots of talking with new and old friends. Also looking forward to sharing with you photos to all who can’t make it to camp this year. Let’s talk about camp this week. What do you look forward to this weekend at Camp For All.


  1. 18th Annual NF Family Camp, September 11-13, 2009: This will be my 15th year at camp. When it first started, I suppose (I was not there) was just a hand full of campers, probably around 30. It had steadily increase each year. First 8 years of camp, it was known as C.A.M.P. Camp west of San Antonio. Then in 2000 we moved camp to CAMP FOR ALL and after that it really increased more and more each year. This will be our 10th year at this wonderful place. Yes, it could be hot, but everyone having a wonder, fun time we hardly notice. Those who are not coming this year, you can put September 10-12, 2010 on your calendar. I believe these will be the dates for next year. Those who are coming, will be good to see you. There are a number from Jusk Ask, Facebook, CTF and NF,Inc chat will be coming.

  2. I hope the weather is going to be nice. I think they are expecting rain for Saturday and Sunday for Houston.

  3. Highs 92 lows 40 with 30-40% chance of rain during the three days.
    The animal farm and the horse area is covered incase of rain so there will be that to do, and the area where we have the dance/ice cream is also covered so there still be activites for us to do. You know how they are when they predict the weather this far out. Just as long there is not a hurrican in the Gulf heading towards Texas, we should be alright.

  4. You have got to be kidding. Lows 40? I’m so thankful I know that. I will make sure I have a heavy blanket. Do you know what time is to early to arrive? I need to make sure I’m there before dark. Hard to drive in the dark for me.

  5. Opps Yes I am kidding!!!!!!!! Fat Finger me…should be 70

  6. You need to be there at 7PM, sunset is around 7:30pm. I think Cindy said they will open the gates at 6″45pm

  7. Ok, I hope we can get on our way early. That way we don’t have to rush.

  8. Hey there Everybody I wish I was going to camp

  9. I was planning to go until i got a flier saying Layne has his first Karate tournament. maybe when all my kids are 18 I will be able to go out and do stuff again. I hope you all have a blast.

  10. Come on, come on, you people did more talking about camp during the summer months than you are now. I don’t feel the hype! Talk it up! What do you do there? Will there be any new events? Who are you looking forward to meeting specifically? Who is going? Will there be marshmellows? Come on, pump it up!

  11. Well Came is going to be in Burton Texas. Most of us who are going only get to see each other one time a year. And ever year you meet someone new. What I will look forward to is the fishing and the tree house. but that is another story. The camp fire Friday night,is a lot of fun. Oh yeah, and most of all I get a lot of attention because people think I’m famous. Of course I don’t think so, but who am I to disagree.

  12. Sorry you won’t make it this year Shana. There will be other times.

  13. And what will you be bringing to camp?

  14. I’m bringing my daughter, Elena!

  15. quick drop in before bed. I’m bringing Mom and my sisters, plus a bunch of bay bay kids.

  16. Rainy Day. Hope it ends soon.

  17. Really, sunny and to be hot here. 58 hours to camp. I guess Dallas and Houston can be a world apart when it comes to weather.

  18. I’m not from Texas. I’m going to need you to translate that dirty south lingo aka “bay bay kids”.

  19. I’m sorry, it should be Bébé’s Kids. Look it up. It was a movie.

  20. Wtf man, I didn’t tell you to look up bbw! Sigh, FINE! -stomps off to google pouting-

  21. I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t even spell it, until I googeled it. It didn’t want to type what it said here. That’s all I was saying. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I’m sorry I offended you.

  22. Wow you’re taking what I say seriously these days. This could be a problem, my dear.

  23. Well sure, I always do. Any you really never heard of those kind of kids?

  24. Yesterday (Tuesday) I reported the temps at 92/70 with 30-40% chance of rain
    Today showing 86/69 with 40-50%chane of rain. I think this is a total guessing game, they do not know for sure, but may be closer to what they predicted yesterday. I like the 80s rather than the 90s.
    Regardless, we will have a good time at camp.

  25. Nope nope, can’t say that I have.

    We use formal language around here and just call them “bad ass kids”
    No references needed.


    My cousin braided my hair and added a crap load of fake hair and now my head itches like crazy! I’m snatching this crap out! I’m so serious! I was tugging at it in the car driving from uni and as soon as I walked through the door I grabbed the scissors and started hacking away.



  27. But weaves are great when they fall off in the middle of a basketball game.

  28. Hey Reggie are you gonna get Lou w/ a pie this year ?

  29. #27 My sister slaps herself in the head because she said that glue or when ever it is itch. I say don’t put that crap in your head.

    and 28. LOL that is a good one.

    29 Shelley, I wouldn’t wast good food on something like Lou’s face, but I will throw some cow chips at his face.

  30. Yeah the whole slapping thing looks a little insane. I got enough rumors going on about me, don’t need to add “self inflicting harm” to the list.

    I think weaves are even better when they’re snatched out during a fight. I saw a girl get all her hair snatched out to the point her scalp was bleeding. She had those tiny braids aka micros and the girl she was fighting took all them sh*ts out.

    But she wasn’t crying. I know I would be. I mean if my scalp is bleeding, thats some real stuff. I’m going to need some medical assistance…quickly.

  31. Yes, snatch.



    “I think weaves are even better when they’re PULLED out during a fight. I saw a girl get all her hair PULLED out to the point her scalp was bleeding. She had those tiny braids aka micros and the girl she was fighting took all them sh*ts out. ”

    Damn perverts…

  32. Did you say PULLED OUT?

  33. …’re just screwing with me now, aren’t you?

  34. Another good one. I can use that one too you know?

  35. No…no I don’t know…

  36. 27 hrs to go to Camp.
    Friday 82/69 with 60% chance of rain hopefully rain will end by the time we get there for the camp fire
    Sat 79/68 with 50% chance of rain lets hope we will be the 50% chance of no rain
    Sun 86/69 with 30% chance of rain -after 12 noon – who cares

  37. PRE-CAMP DINNER: The gang from the DFW area, some of those that flew in from out of state are gathering at a Cicis in Irving this evening. Thunder Storms are passing through the area as well.
    Will see you (Reggie and company), and everyone tomorrow evening.

  38. Not raining here now. I hope it stay that way.

  39. 12 hours to CAMP. Woke up to rain, little heavy at times. I hope it stop soons so when I walk to the van rental place- 1 mile to pick it up. Those all who be driving, drive safe and take little extra time. Had to repack. Instead of taking a small suit case and another case, decided to put all in one large suit case.

  40. Y’all have fun!

    I’ll try to keep the rain in Houston.

  41. Sounds like John and Reggie are pretty hyped up about camp. It is 8pm on Friday and they are there probably sitting around the campfire telling lies. My daughter and I are going tomorrow for the day. Will take lots of photos so that bloggers will have a good idea of what they are missing. It is an excellent camp with caring staff and wonderful facilities.

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