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Ok, Reggie, whose butt did you have to kiss for this?!!



Per our conversation on the phone, I would like to welcome you to the Honorary
Board of the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation. It is a privilege to have you on the board.
The foundation appreciates all you have done for Texas NF and NF awareness.

We look forward to working more with you in the Houston area.
Talk to you soon.

Cindy Hahn, M.Ed., Managing Director, Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation

Direct: 972-868-7942
Cell: 469-951-6145
Fax: 972-868-7949

Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation
1717 Main Street, Suite 1800
Dallas, Texas 75201

Committed to meeting the needs of people challenged with Neurofibromatosis
by providing care, comfort, support, information, education, funding, and
other resources for its treatment, prevention, and eventual cure

This is Lou, again. I just checked and Reggie is joining some very stellar people. Here’s a list of all the Honorary Board members:

Carolyn Farb
Richard “Racehorse” Haynes
Red McCombs
Scott Murray
Charlie Thomas
Robert K. Utley, III
Rosemary Haggar Vaughan
Mark Wagner
Harold Wiesenthal

Congratulations, Reggie! Notice I put this at the end where nobody will see it!

218 thoughts on “Ok, Reggie, whose butt did you have to kiss for this?!!

  1. OMG, That picture is going to cost you buddy. I mean big time.
    A stake dinner that you will arrange at my place of choice.

    I was waiting for you to give me a reason to make you take me to lunch. Thanks Buddy.

  2. Congrads Reggie !!

  3. You just keep stepping in it don’t you? Oh well it’s your money.

  4. congradulations Reggie, now how about those speakers for Reggie, Lou??????? 🙂

  5. congrats Reggie I am really proud of you keep it up buddy

  6. Thank you all. I will let you all know where Lou takes me to dinner and when he delivers the speakers. 🙂

  7. haha Nice picture Lou… is that a self portrait?

    Congrats Reggie!

  8. I’d watch it if I were you, buddy. Just remember, I have a staff of PhotoShop people here if you catch my drift!

  9. That’s not surprising, what took them so long?

  10. #7 Emily. Emily. Emily. What are we going to do with you? I expected just a little more out of you than this. Please do not drag yourself down to Reggie’s level. It is not pretty.

  11. hey Lou hows it going

  12. lol Dont expect too much from me – and dont be ashamed of that picture, its okay that you have a big ‘ole butt. Just keep those dirty photos to yourself next time LOL 😉

  13. Emily that was a good one. Lou thinks thats the only way up the corp latter.

  14. Hi David thank you for the comment. First time I have seen you here. Welcome to my Blog.

  15. lol Reggie, well maybe Lou will want to kiss this:

  16. HERE I AM

  17. WOW Reggie

  18. Lou thats a great pic of you

  19. Emily,
    You go girl, lol give em, Hell, rolf lmao

  20. Lou!! How DARE you use such a gesture with a lady! Thats not very gentlemanly, now is it? Well you are forcing me to come out shooting now..
    HEY EVERYONE! Want to see what Lou does on his Friday nights?

  21. LOL, too funny I am in stitches.

  22. LOL!!! And he thought now one knew about his tea parties.

  23. Hey Emily add the link about the guy singing about the pickup truck and his turtle getting run over.

  24. Now the secrets are comming out.

  25. Im praying for Lou

  26. Poor Lou, he needs help

  27. I never should have talked him out of that Lobotomy?

  28. Anybody want to provide the ice pick and rubbing alcohol?

  29. Keep that finger to yourself. lol Hey Lou, you so crazy.

  30. Hey, Reggie – your dork friend (and my wasband), Lou, directed me to this post. Hey, congrats!
    But what I really wanted to talk to you about, is, how about some sexier “Just ask” wear? I have a “Just ask” regular T (that I wear with pride), but it’s only appropriate for certain venues. Like, hanging around with my ex-husband. But, when I want to express my FEMININITY aka AVAILABILITY, gimme something a little sexier (like you). What do you think?

  31. You only have to ask me one time. I’m leaving on a jet plan to your house now. We do have some products that are not available on. 😉

  32. Hi, rie? Welcome to the blog. stop by and blog more often we would like to get to know you. Right Guyes?? 🙂

  33. Maybe we can get Rie to give us the dirt on Lou. Of course everyone already knows enough about the dude.

  34. My ex-wife is psychotic. Don’t listen to a word she says. We’re trying to get her back on her medication. Please pray for her!

  35. oh, is rie your ex-wife?

  36. who has Elena?

  37. Don’t listen to Lou! He offered to make this entry for me! I swear, I don’t need the medication!!!! Patricia, both Lou and Reggie say you’re a good person. HHHEEELLLPPP MMMEEEE!

  38. Listen to whos talking. A guy who gives himself his own Lobotomy because he doesn’t want to pay for it.

  39. I was just messing around. Rie is my ex-wife and best friend and mother of my daughter. She is a great yoga instructor, vegetarian and world saver! I’m the screwed up one!!!

  40. Lou and Reggie are ya joking again???? 😛

  41. We need Emily back, she is good at giving Lou Hell, pic sitting at tea parties

  42. Reggie, it’s a good thing Rie likes you because that’s the only reason I’d let your mother pay me to be your friend.

  43. Emily, that tea party photo is sick! Well done!

  44. It’s getting late for me, tomorrow is Friday woe hoe, I took my sleeping pill doc orders. hopefully no problems at work everything will be up and running, although I am on a special project now, developing a new form and database. oh well keep me busy will keep me out of trouble. later

  45. Rie is a wonderful lady. It’s true Rie is the wonderful person
    he described. I remember being at Lou’s wedding and the thing I will never forget. When the new couple ran out of the Church, Rie stopped and gave me a kiss.

  46. Lou the money is to keep you away.

  47. Morning ya, how is everyone?

  48. Geez I’m gone for the night and the chaos keeps going, lol.
    And oh Lou.. I have plenty more where that came from!

  49. Good morning! Where the helll is Emily? She says nasty thoings aboput me then goes and hides!

  50. *ahem* Lou, pay attention buddy, I’m right above you!

  51. Duh, yourself! We posted at the same time and yours just happened to appear first…probably because Reggie has the damn thing rigged. In any event,I would like to call a truce between you and I! And, to show you how sincere I am about this, I’d like to give you a gift that you’d be able to wear inside or out but particularly when you go on walks. However, you will have to let me know what size you wear!

  52. OH HAR HAR HAR! You’re so very funny!
    Well at least I dont sit around my house in YOUR choice of attire:

  53. I’m just getting on here. I see all hell has broke out. TGIF.

    You are in for it Lou. You just wait until Emily gets here. You may get just what Toby Keith sings about. It doesn’t look good for you buddy. Yous on yo own.

  54. lol Good morning Reggie!

  55. Oh, that is like so gross! Good job, I like it.

  56. Okay okay, I say we’re even for now, lol. I have to go run errands, dont bash me too hard while I’m gone…
    oh wait, that really didnt sound right… geez.

  57. LOL I was going to eat, but I think I better not right now. It might come back up. Thought of Lou in that. Yuck! Please give me the hot jaggers so I can gauge my eyes out, followed by shock treatment so I will never think about it again.

  58. #60 geez lol. I’m sure Lou will have something say about that one.

  59. I have to go out of town right now but I’ll be checking in from time to time. Emily, get some rest, you’re going to need it!!!

  60. No Martinis Lou. Although a Grey goose martini sounds good.

  61. HI Everybody Im going to Walmart

  62. Lou doesnt need a martini, he’s already a little loopy as it is.

  63. I don’t think we can blame martinis on him being loopy. 😉

  64. he must takes meds LOL, well I have been busy today, I guess it makes up for the times, I am not so busy, working on this stupid form, I never know when one of my forms might end up in a court of law, so I want them to look pretty damn good, I have not even touched the database. thank god I have never been supena but I know some ppl who have, about their work. I am so glad it is friday, and I have a 3 day weekend woe hoe, I am going to see the Jersey boys on sunday, I have never gone to a play before I am so excited. I got a “special haircut” (7inches off), a black dress, and a new pair of black pumps since my dogs ate my last pair of black pumps. oh yea and we are still going to galveston to see my mother in law, and I am going back to the cagun greek and getting more crabs I hope they have them those are really good if you like seafood., does anyone else have big plans for the weekend? 🙂

  65. I ment the kind of the crabs you eat, the other kind LOL, so no crude comment ok. 😛

  66. thats funny Patricia

  67. HI everybody

  68. whats up Shelley did you have fun at walmart

  69. YEP Brian

  70. Hey yall what are plans for weekend NO Lou we dont want to hear about your Reggie Voodoo dolls

  71. I have no plans for the weekend its to dang cold or I would be getting stuff done on my tractor I really need to work on it but Its to dang cold I am trying to get warm as we speak

  72. I am cleaning house and getting stuff ready for the baby all weekend.. I’m 32 weeks already so I figure I better get it done before he decides to pop out!

  73. thats funny Emily before he decides to pop out I like the way you put that thats funny

  74. lol Brian sometimes thats how I feel – he kicks around so much I think he’s trying to get out!

  75. Hey y’all I will try to get back on here. I’m working on something. Ok ok I know everyone here have clean mine. So don’t go there. 😉

  76. What is a clean mind Reggie

  77. Emily, maybe the reason why the kid wants to pop out is because he’s tired of hearing you whine all day.

  78. I only whine because I have to sit here and read your mindless blabber.

  79. AMEN Emily

  80. Hey yall Im going to Janis Joplin’s birthday party

  81. Tonight

  82. IF anyone wants to find me. Call Austin. My family will probably send me there if they keep hearing me laugh with being the only one in the room. Thanks. Remember we are here to have fun. Keep it up.

  83. Clean mine. Something none of us here have. I think.

  84. Reggie, I think maybe we should all be put away at some point, lol. We’re a crazy bunch here! Of course, when you have to be around Lou so much I’m sure it takes alot NOT to be crazy!

  85. Im allmost ready to go Gonna take piuctures too

  86. hey everybody whats going on I just had a cup of coffee it was good I like to drink it when its cold wheather

  87. If I drink coffee this late at then I’ll never get to sleep! I like to hot a mug of hot cocoa w/ marshmallows before bed though, that always relaxes me. Or a cup of Lemon Zinger tea w/ honey. Yum!

  88. hey Emily how is everything going I hope all is going well

  89. Yo! Sorry I have been slacking a bit today. I’m eating Ice cream now. Brian it’s never too late for me to drink coffee.

  90. Have y’all heard of Supper Man Ice Cream. My sister went to Kroger. I’m not sure if other stores have it.

  91. For all of you. You must believe this about yourself. It’s about you. Thank you. I love this video I hope you will

  92. Hey Brian, I’m doing good, just BURNING UP! Its 25 outside and my house feels like a furnace, lol. Hubby likes the heat cranked up I guess. How have you been?
    Reggie, I LOVE Super Man Ice Cream!

  93. Hey y’all. I was at BEDSIDE BAPTIST. I slept late and when I got up it was kind of late to make it to Church on time. Glad to see the both of you here. I’m on my second cup of coffee.

    It was 35 when I got up. That’s cold around here. The ice cream we are talking about. That is some good ice cream. Never heard of it until last night.

  94. Good morning everybody. I’m sitting in jacksonville airport waiting for my flight. I feel like crap, didn’t sleep well, drank too much last night and am extremely hungover, my neck is sore and I’m in need os aspirin and sleep. So why am I blogging instead of closing my eyes and nodding off? I have no clue but that sounds like a good idea.

  95. Hi Everybody Im home

  96. Im on a 2nd cup of coffee

  97. hey Emily I am fine just having some back aches Shelley whats up

  98. hey Reggie I have never heard of Super Man Ice cream

  99. Im ok Brian partyed last night

  100. Thought about Lou last night lol

  101. Welcome home Lou. Love that message. It tell it all. Glad you had fun. lol Lou You ready to Rock!

  102. Lou what was you doing in Jacksonville

  103. Dont know Reggie

  104. I’m home and going to bed.

  105. Lou stay up and keep us company. Can I call you and talk loud?

  106. LOL Reggie go for it

  107. I would talk loud too Lou

  108. Wonder where the rest of the gang is

  109. Maybe everybody is taking the night off

  110. Maybe so Reggie

  111. im here but fixing to lay down and read a tractor magazine my back is really hurting and I think it is realated to my NF my nuerosurgeon said I have to many tumors to count all in my back so I dont know he said the tumors are not growing but man my back hurts I will be ok though

  112. It’s good to be home. Great football games today. Bummer about the Packers but the Giants deserved to win, they were the better team. I have Elena with me tonight which always makes me happy.

  113. Glad to see your post Lou. I just logged back on. Everybody is probably gone to bed now. I will hang around for little while.

  114. Sorry I wasnt around much yesterday – wont be today either. Elijah is sick, not sure with what, but he hasnt been able to keep anything down since yesterday morning and he was up all night (as were we of course) so we will be taking him to the ER shortly to get checked. I think he will need fluids, they may admit him again, not sure. Please keep him in your thoughts, this poor lil guy has been through so much with doctors.

  115. Morning everyone I”m back! Had a wonderful surprise, Friday night my daughter surprised me and popped by so I spent my time with her before we left Sat. to Galveston I miss her so much, She only lives in Houston of little york but it seems her life is so busy we hardly ever see each other she still does not know what she is having yet. My husband went with me this weekend to visit his mother, I even cooked stew and cornbrend Sunday. then we saw the Jersey boys, AWESOME.

  116. had a few close calls, was showing brother in law and nephew some of our 4wheeling vidios and for some reasons the f bombs kept coming out of my mouth good thing my mother in law did not hear those.

  117. Emily Patricia glad to see y’all too. Let’s see how it goes today. Glad every one had a great weekend.

  118. Hey Brian how are you feeling ?

  119. Emily, I went to your Caringbridge site and read Elijah’s story. Sounds like you guys have been through a lot. Please know that Elijah and your family are in my thoughts.

  120. I am ok Shelley but really having back pain I have a hearniated disk in my back and it hurts really bad but doing ok I think my mom is making a Dr appt. to get a shot in my back to help get rid of the pain how are you doing Shelley

  121. Brian I hope you are not in too much pain. I’m sorry to hear about this. You take care of yourself.

  122. Im good here trying to keep warm

  123. Wondering if everybody was behaving or not

  124. I may drink some hot chocalate but i dont know my back is hurting and I may just go and go to bed i am freezing cold and can not get warm and I may go to bed and try and get warm

  125. this kind of weather sucks for aches, and bad bones, every bone that I have ever broken hurts and all of my surgery scars hurts. I hate this kind of weather.

  126. I like it cold Patricia but honestly I wish it would warm up I dropped a welding machine on my foot years ago and it never hurts till it gets cold then it aches really bad

  127. Morning Ya,
    How is everyone, I am ok, just frustrated, was going to renew my drivers license online, won’t let me have to go in person, guess have to some time, I don’t think I have gone in person in about 8 years or so, I think, not sure when the last time, I just know it has been a very long time. yak. I won’t be doing it today, the weather is horrible and I am having a bad hair day LOL.

  128. Hey yall Im on my 3rd cup of Starbucks was wondering if yall was behaving

  129. Hey I cust heard it was going to turn cold this evening here in Houston. Don’t feel it yet. I have my coffee ready.

  130. there is noone to mis behave with right now, so I have to be good!!!!!!! not my choice, I rather be bad LOL!!!!!

  131. TURN COLD, TURN COLD, IT IS COLD, HOW MUCH COLDER, do you want me to freeze, punch the weather man in the nose. I don’t like cold weather, I want warm weather, I don’t want it to get below 70, and above 85. Where would one go to live for that climite.

  132. Freezing cold please.

  133. Wondering if Lou is drinking coffee or eating olives

  134. Or working on yoga lol

  135. Everybody must be sleeping

  136. I just got out of a meeting. Brian, Patricia and Shelley, you guys are a bunch of wusses!!!! 50 degrees and you guys go into cardiac arrest. I’d hate to see how you’d act if it actually got cold down here!!! You need to drink more vodka, or something.

  137. hey lou sorry I dont drink I quit all my bad habbits that includes drinking and smoking I quit all together I dont mind the cold wheather just my body aches I dont mind it cold at all

  138. ok, ok, you’re off the hook but the other two have no excuse!

  139. Who you calling a wuss Lou

  140. Lou was talking to himself again.

  141. LOL Reggie

  142. Lou, Lou, Lou I am a girl I am allowed to be a little wus, at times, but in this kind of weather every bone that I have broken hurts and I have broken a few, cause being the wus that I am I play hard and end up falling and breaking bones, I have been in a few wrecks and ended up having to have major surgery on my neck so I would not be paralized. And if I drank vodka I would probally have a siezure. I get to have a drink. I would not do vodka I would do Crown Reserve instead.

  143. Yall are bad lol

  144. Hows Elena Lou

  145. hey where did Lou, run off to? Just like Lou to run his mouth and then leave. LOL 🙂

  146. hey people whats up do you mean me Lou that I am off the hook thanks whats up Shelley and Patricia all you need to be is just happy and thankful your alive

  147. Im very happy Brian

  148. I am and that I am not paralized, but I also like messing with Lou. He does take off quite a bit

  149. cool Shelley yeah Patricia I have been through a lot to I have had 6 brain surgeries I had one tumor on my brain stem so I am very very thankful I am alive and Shelley thinks I am a cutie pie so that makes me feel pretty good

  150. That is alot of surgries I have only had one major on my spinal neck and then about 6 other surgries else where on my body, a few broken bones stitches and this kind of weather plays havoc on my body, I bet it does on yours too, and by the way, you are a cutie pie, I bet you have a couple of girls eye balling you, how old are you?

    Dont get jealous Reggie, you are still the main man around here.

  151. Well I feel a lot better to know that. You know Brian is just as cool. 🙂

    I have stuff going on and it drives we away from the computer.
    I’m almost done with it. I have to read back on the comments to see what I missed. Oh it’s getting cooler out doors.

  152. that is why I am staying inside. I don’t care if Lou says I’m a wus or not. I am going to stay warm and cozy.

  153. 154 we all like messing with Lou. We can’t let him know he is missed when not around. We don’t have anyone to pick on. :>)

  154. Well, my husband changes the channel and then leaves the room, at least he leaves it on John Wayne

  155. #159 LOL

  156. whats up Reggie

  157. lol. I keep the remote with me at all times. No one messes with my remote.

    Hey y’all I talk to one of our friends. Remember Jerry T.? He called and we talk for 1 hour and 20 min. He get free calls to the USA. His job in Iraq is going well. He sends his hello to everyone.

  158. Yo! Brian just chilling, not drinking a bud.

  159. Warning! Warning! Be on the look out for him! He will strike anytime. I’m talking about Mr. Lou.

  160. I heard that.

    My internet was down and just came back up at home. I’m sitting here with a glass of wine and the door open because it’s so darn HOT!!!

    #151 Patricia, Patricia, Patricia…I just stayed away on purpose to give you time to come up with a witty retort. Have you thought of one yet?

    #145 Who do you think, Miss Shel-WUSS-ley?

  161. #166 just refer to #17 LOL

  162. PATRICIA!!!! You are such a damn potty mouth!!!! I expected a more refined response than that. I mean, you’re not as bad as Emily. But then who is?

  163. If I am not mistaken, I got that from YOU, so who is the real potty mouth. I am just repeating you.

  164. Oh, I see, so what you’re saying is you’re not even original enough to come up with your own potty mouth expression?!! Maybe you should consult with your fellow potty-mouth buddy, Emily! She seems to have a Ph.d in that area!

  165. Go pick on somebody in your same health. Like pick on somebody your same size.

  166. In case you did not get it, weather makes a differenc on people who have health issue.

  167. Ok, ok…you win. I love you, Patricia.

  168. Well, you know, in that friend sort of way! : > )

  169. I know what you mean, I love you too, in that frined sort of way 🙂

  170. Let’s talk about what a low-life Reggie is!

  171. That’s mean, I can’t do that.

  172. Reggie is a nice guy.

  173. Are we talking about the same Reggie? Reggie Bibbs?
    By the way, where the hell is he?

  174. Maybe he is eating some ice cream.

  175. Yeah, what was the brand…Super Man?

  176. I think so, something like,

  177. hey yall I am headed to bed my back is really killing me I have a herniated disc in my back caused by a tumor pushing on the disc anyway it really hurts so I am headed to bed and lay on my heating pad which is starting not to help much but it does for now I may take one of my pain pills if it gets to bad

  178. So Lou talk about me behind my back don’t you. I know where you live. I will get you my pretty, and your little dog too. lol

  179. Hey Brian, I feel your pain. I have mild back problems that are excrutiating so I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Pain pills are good, use ’em!

  180. Sorry to hear that Brian, have you had any of the steriod shots for your back, I had a couple herniated dics in my neck and finally had to have surgery, by the time I had surgery all the disc in my neck were messed up, they ended up replacing 2 of them and my bone did grow back. I was almost paralized I was on steroid for awhile. I was in a lot of pain, morphine did not even help me. which i hate morphine it gives me horrible bad dreams, i won’t take the shit anymore. I hope you get to feeling better I hope they can help you, I hate living in pain, it really does suck. Are you able to sleep, when I went thru all that crap I could not even sleep for more then 2 hours, I was in too much pain. I could not lay down, sit or stand, I was just miserable, I hope you find relief, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayes you take care.

  181. I’m gonna open up a can of you know what. Super man ice cream won’t help you.

  182. Brian You know I’m thinking about you. Please be careful when you get better. No heavy lifting.

  183. Has anybody heard from Emily lately? I’m wondering how her son is doing.

  184. Emily needs our support as well as Elijah. We are thinking about you and hope and pray the best out come for you all.

  185. yeah thanks Lou I sure tell you back pain is no fun ata all and yeah your right Patricia its hard to sleep I sleep on a heating pad and it helps a little but not to much I have had the steroid shot and it worked for about a year and its time for another one

  186. I had one shot and it worked for about a year, I went back for another one, I THOUGHT, I had to get another mri before I went back, I had not been sleeping they had to put me sleep for my shots, I was so looking forword for that sleep. so looking forword I had not slept longer then 2 hours at a time for about 3 or so months I was a bit grouchy, on the way back to the room my husband insisted speaking to the doc, so I did not get put to sleep that day, instead I had surgery a few days later, I was to messed up (I had 4 doc opions) poor nurse, I asked her refering to my husband, “what the hell is wrong with that son of bitch, I don’t want to talk to the damn doc, I just want ya to put me to sleep”, he really done the right thing, the shot would not have done any good. I did need the surgery the doctor who gave the shot even told me that, he even thought they could do emergency surgery on me it was so bad back then. I still have some problems and probally always will, but at least I am not paralized that is the main thing, cause I could of been from the neck down and that would suck big time. hope you get to feeling better, and don’t feel like I did.

  187. Good that it all worked out.

  188. and that is when I quit smokint too, I tried to smoke a cigerette about a week after my surgery it felt like some took a knife put in some coals then tried to slice the back of my neck, I must of coughed for about 5 min. I have not tried one in over 2 years and don’t even want to. now I cant stand the smell. yak yak yak,

  189. Im not a wuss Lou Im staying well if I get sick Lou is gonna look after me

  190. we may not like the cold, but I bet we can handle the heat better then Lou can

  191. where is Lou from anyway?

  192. I’m right here.

  193. How is Emily and Elijah? Are you out there Emily?

  194. No Lou, where are you FROM?, Not where are you?

  195. Hey guys – we’re back. Elijah did end up in the hospital again, and yet again nobody had any real answers for us. They still think that Elijah might have Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome but nobody in the area has any experience with it so they arent totally sure. They have consulted his GI and they didnt have an answer, but what bothers me is that nobody ever talked to his Neurologist about it to see if it could be a complication from his NF. So now I am going to try and get him in to see a doctor in Boston who is on the board with the CVSA and has experience with all of this. I emailed him about whats going on and he said it does sound like CVS and he will see Elijah, so we have to go through the formalities of getting a referral and all of that stuff. Hopefully this guy will be able to help us out – I did go over Elijah’s medical history with him and he did say that he recently published a paper that may show a link of NF to migraines, and migraines are a key factor in CVS, so we will have alot to go over. Okay, thats enough of my novel, lol. I missed ya’ll!

  196. so sorry to hear all of that. I will be keep Elijah in my prayer and you too, I think it is just as hard on us mothers as it is our little ones. we missed you, it is hard keeping lou in line LOL

  197. Emily I’m sorry to hear that Elijah is in the hospital. I wish they will find an answer for you. We miss you, but understand you have to take care of Elijah. I thinking and praying for you. Keep a smile on your face. Oh came over a few hours ago
    he brought speakers today. They are really nice and loud.

  198. lol Patricia I dont think the whole group of us could keep Lou in line!

  199. How is Elijah?

  200. Emily, welcome back! You won’t believe what everyone was saying about you behind your back!!! Luckily, I was there to defend you! You’re welcome.

    #195 Uh-huh. Right.

    #196 Like a famous idiot once said, Bring it on!”

    #197 Uniontown, PA, birthplace of General George C. Marshall, author of the Marshall Plan after WWII, and also the French & Indian War.

  201. LOMA, my best friend at work is from PA too, Pittsburg, he loves the Steelers. Do you?

  202. I can keep Lou in line

  203. Patricia, Elijah is doing great now, he is back to his old self thank goodness!

    Lou, you’re so full of it, lol.

  204. It is so funny how they bounce back, I don’t know how many times my kids got sick deafly sick and I was so scared and than before you knew it, it was like they was never sick. I was still recovering, and they was already bouncing off the walls again.

  205. Hi all,hope you had nice holidays and wishing you a late happy new year.Lots of health and prosperity.Reading your post patricia my kids are the same and i struggle with the flu for weeks sometimes.God that sucks,but its better me then them i say anyway.Hope your nf is tolerable and that all is well,sorry for not commming often lately but the kids and my fibro its been hard.I go day by day,its harder with seasonal depression.One day at a time.have a nice day all.

  206. I think I have the flu .. 🙁 I probably caught it at that stupid hospital.

  207. probally so, you go to the hospital to get well, and end up getting sick, but that is where all the sick people go. I hate hospitals.

  208. Sorry Emily. Everybody is getting it.

  209. Hey, Reggie I am very excited about you being nominated on the Honorary Board, congratulations. I am also very excited that you accepted to be our Host Chairman for Houston Highlights in April. I am excited about having this event in Houston and being able to work more with you.

    You have done a wonderful job on awareness for NF. THANK YOU

  210. Hey Cindy, great to see you on the blog! Now I know Reggie has hit the bigtime when the managing director of the Texas NF Foundation starts blogging. There will be no living with Reggie now!!!

  211. Hey Cindy,

    I’m jumping in with both feet. I will do everything I can to help the Texas NF Foundation any event I needed for. Thank you Cindy for your comment.

  212. Hey Reggie it’s great you’re helping out Texas NF but it sounds like some of your friends come from a planet way out of this world especially Lou.

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