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NF Symposium, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 8/7/10

Today was a great day at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The Texas NF Foundation put on a symposium for NF patients detailing the latest treatment options, research, genetic testing, clinical trials, learning disabilities, and educational partnerships regarding neurofibromatosis. We had incredible presenters: Dr. John Slopis, Dr. Bartlett Moore, Dr. Ian McCutcheon, Dr. Shweta Dhar, Dr. Laura Klesse and Brenda Nelson.

Drs. John Slopis and Bart Moore, Reggie Bibbs and Dr. Ian McCutcheon of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


15 thoughts on “NF Symposium, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 8/7/10

  1. It was a great day! Thanks Lou for the picture of me eating!
    Thank you Reggie for being a part of a great day and to Lou for taping and photos.

  2. Cindy, it was my pleasure. I’m happy you ask, me to take part. The sandwiches are very good. Everyone is enjoying them. You don’t know how how much that is a help to all of us. Thank you. The picture of you eating, is fine. Doesn’t look bad.

  3. A great day. Will add the photos to my flickr or give the link to it when done

  4. Hope that this works since I am unable to add:

    These are the photos from the 2010 Symposium

  5. Thank you for the link John. Terrific photos.

  6. Cindy, only you can make eating a sandwich so cute!!!

  7. Hi Reggie, my dream is the treatment for NF …. when it becomes reality??
    my dear friend Reggie …. Your friend Peter Molcan from Slovakia

  8. Great symposium! Thanks TNFF. and it was great to see everyone and to meet new friends.

  9. It was really nice Bart. I met a lot of new friends. ask Dr. Slopis about our talk.

  10. Reggie, he said it went very well and complimented you. I’ll catche it when the video comes out.

  11. Bart, I’ve never felt as proud of my talks, as I did Saturday. Dr. Slopis was a very big part of the courage I felt that day. It was great with you on my left, and Dr. Slopis on my right. Dr. Slopis shared a funny story with the group. The story about our Dallas trip.

  12. Videos of the presentations coming soon.

  13. Looking forward to the presentations. I had a great feeling after Symposium.

  14. There were several people from Facebook, tha missed the symposium. Told them they will be dvd’s available sometime soon or may be online.

  15. You are always full of ‘ punch ‘ & the NF association. Thank’s a lot for that.
    Kind regards Lulu Francis

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