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NF Fact of the Day May 8th

201 NF Canada SymposiumMany children with NF1 have larger than normal head circumference and are shorter than average.  Hydrocephalus, the abnormal buildup of fluid in the brain, is a possible complication of the disorder.  Headache and epilepsy are also more likely in individuals with NF1 than in the healthy population.  Cardiovascular complications associated with NF1 include congenital heart defects, high blood pressure (hypertension), and constricted, blocked, or damaged blood vessels (vasculopathy).  Children with NF1 may have poor language and visual-spatial skills, and perform less well on academic achievement tests, including those that measure reading, spelling, and math skills.  Learning disabilities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are common in children with NF1.  An estimated 3 to 5 percent of tumors may become cancerous, requiring aggressive treatment.  These tumors are called malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors.