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NF Fact of the Day May 11th

Reggie at the Houston Roller DerbyScientists don’t know how to prevent neurofibromas from growing.  Surgery is often recommended to remove tumors that become symptomatic and may become cancerous, as well as for tumors that cause significant cosmetic disfigurement.  Several surgical options exist, but there is no general agreement among doctors about when surgery should be performed or which surgical option is best.  Individuals considering surgery should carefully weigh the risks and benefits of all their options to determine which treatment is right for them.  Treatment for neurofibromas that become malignant may include surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.  Surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy may also be used to control or reduce the size of optic nerve gliomas when vision is threatened.  Some bone malformations, such as scoliosis, can be corrected surgically.