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“Pimple” – Our newest ad to promote awareness of neurofibromatosis

Our new ad for the Just Ask World Tour campaign.
Our new ad for the Just Ask World Tour campaign.

In preparation for our Just Ask World Tour promoting awareness of neurofibromatosis, we are preparing special ads that we will send to the newspapers of the cities we are about to visit to see if they would run them as a Public Service Announcement (meaning for FREE!) while we are in town or afterward as a reminder or before as a teaser.

We have a bunch of really cool headlines but this is, by far, my favorite!

If anyone would like copies of the ads to try to get your local newspapers to run them, I would be happy to supply the files. Like Reggie says, Just Ask!


For more medical type definition of neurofibromatosis, I like the Mayo Clinic description best:








16 thoughts on ““Pimple” – Our newest ad to promote awareness of neurofibromatosis

  1. I love this ad, It’s strong, but still has a happiness to it.

    1. I agree:)

  2. What strikes me most about this ad is the confidence and warmth of the portrait. Bravo to the shooter and the shootie!

  3. I so love it ! I would love to try to get it in our paper.

  4. I love it ! Reggie you look so good.You were destined to be the person to spread the word.

  5. i love this AD. It’s touching – it’s joyful- it’s so important!!! I want to meet Reggie!

  6. I think this is the perfect ad! Puts everything into the proper perspective.

  7. I have nf1. Could you mail me some flyer about just ask? I don’t have a computer. I would like my newspaper to try to print it. My address is 7052 welcome church rd. Sneads, FL 32460 thanks

  8. great ad love it

  9. Hi
    I have nf1 so do many family members
    Are you coming any place close to duluth MN thanks

  10. Once we create more ads, we will create a download center where you can choose from all of the Just Ask Foundation as well as automatically download the correct size for your publication as each newspaper and magazines have slight differences in the sizes of ads they will accept. Thank you gor wanting to help! We can use all the help we can get!

  11. We have so many cities to visit on our schedule that it’s impossible to say when and where to any city. Right now we are traveling around Texas where the weather is a little less severe than the rest of the country, plus, we are still taking care of a few mechanical issues suvh as:
    No left turn signal, no dashboard light, a couple of leaks in roof, no interior, no locks on doors, but worst of all, no heat!!!

  12. My daughter has nf1 we live in shannon Hills Ark .we never see any awearness about NFL here trying to get her on disability

  13. I love the ad.We need to get more awareness out about NF, We hear about other medical issues.But Nothing about NF.

  14. Reggie! I’d love to go to some of the Just Ask World Tour events and share my side of NF1! Just let me know! Praying for you bro!

  15. hi am from south Africa and I was watching this program on TLC with I learned about the NF disease, then I saw you and I was so inspired to see such a positive mother prayed the whole time we were watching the program and I just wanted to say that may the lord be with you,may he make you strong. the lord has got great plans for you sir you just watch and see.

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