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4045403638_2142700701_bYou may have noticed my absence recently.  I was a speaker at the Neurofibromatosis Society of Ontario in Canada. Their annual meeting was this past weekend and I was honored that I was invited to speak.  I met new friends, and was able to share with the group about JUST ASK and what we are doing here in the United States, as far as awareness of NF. It was a great meeting. We may have video posted soon, so stay tuned.



  1. Ooo a video! Nifty.
    I saw your pics when you put them up, Canada looks gorgeous. All the pretty collors, looks very vibrant. I’m glad you’re having a good time. Represent the U.S. Whoo! You go boi!

  2. Beverly, thank you. Canada was great.

  3. Of course he was gone! There was a big chunk of my soul missing in his absence! It was like a dark desolant…ok my poetic side ran out so to sum it up, it just wasn’t the same without good ol’ Reggie.

  4. I’m still around. Fear not.

  5. Welcome back Reggie. Sounds like you had a good time and that it was a productive trip also. I would love to see the video. Is it showing your talk? How many people were in attendance?

    I checked out their website just to make sure you were telling the truth {;>)


  6. Thanks Bart, I think it was 30 or 40 in attendance. I believe it was a productive meeting, and everyone seemed happy.

  7. Welcome back. I would like to hear to stories that Lou tells about you when you are away. But then, you have some on him.

  8. Don’t listen to Lou. Oh sorry I forgot no one ever does.

  9. I was referring to when he enlisted Brady to join the ambassador. Anyway….must been good and she like what she heard. Hope to see some activity on chat now that you are back.

  10. Great Canada pics.
    I am dressing up as Lou this year for Halloween. . .

  11. I may have a few more photos, I’ll check. You gonna shave your head?

  12. What are you trying to say, Mr. Bibbs?

  13. Oh, just some people like doing different things on Halloween. Not saying anything bad about you of course.

  14. This is the evening (Oct. 31) that most of us here in the USA will need to reset our clocks back one hour. I thought I would beat the game, and did that this morning… so I been confused on what time it is…. oh well. Reggie, I sent you a email article of the kicker of the Dallas Cowboys… He had a nephew with NF, for each point he scores, he is donating $25.00 to the CTF.

  15. I hope one day you will be invited in France to talk your neuroifibromatosis.

  16. Hi Francis, I hope one day I will get to visit as well.

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